Hidden secrets behind the vegetarian food | Veg vs Non-Veg food |

Hi Friends Welcome To 123 Telugu Facts. To survive in our life we must need food. It is also Dear to us. If the thing is any but many people prefer to eat different kind of foods. So many tasty foods are available in the market. But the thing is some people are pure vegetarians. They like to eat pure veg food. So many veg food items are also available. Some look like veg so we eat them a lot. Do you most of those items are made from non-veg? Let us learn about them & how non-veg mixes in them. 1 : Natural Red food color. They are using this red food color to make food we eat very colorful. As record substances are increased in more amount. These food colors are made with chemicals. They are damaging our health. As people got aware of these colors,they are avoiding to use them. They are trying to use natural red food colors. If we get to know how natural red food color is made,every person will vomit for sure. Because this color is made from Cochineal insect. By that way natural red food color is fully non-veg. 2 : Cake Mix. On birthday or any occasion we first remember cake. For some cake preparation they use egg. But veg people eat cakes that are without egg. But mostly the cakes which are available in the market are made with non-veg. For cake to be smooth they also use pig fat. In foreign countries they use cow fat. 3 : Salads. Some people eat mostly salads to decrees weight or for some other reasons. But than home made salads,the outside salads are more colorful. Even they will be tasty. So many people show interest to eat salads from outside. But many people don’t know that they use eggs & pig fat for taste. 4 : Packed Orange Juice. Juices are very good for our health. So,many like to drink them. The home made juices will be fresh but. If it is not possible we buy different juices available in the market. Orange juices have great demand in the market. If you are drinking this packed orange juices. Then you are also drinking fish oil too. For taste & preservation they mix omega 3 fat acids in it. This omega 3 fat acid is extracted from fish. 5 : Non. When we go to hotels we order non & eat it with tasty curries. These are actually made with Mydah. So vegetarian people eat them. If you think in that way then you are wrong. To make non soft in all hotels they add eggs to the dough. 6 : Chewing Gum. Many people eat chewing gum to keep mouth fresh or for mouth exercise. To make them soft & stretchy they use cow or pig skin,bone flesh & some parts in muscle. 7 : Cheese. The dishes made with cheese will have great taste. Some kind of cheese are eaten directly. So this have great craze all over the world. So many companies for cheese to be tasty they mix Rennet enzyme. This Rennet Enzyme is made from some parts taken from stomach of goat,cow & pig. 8 : Donout. They look like Garalu an Indian breakfast. But there taste is different. They look so smooth & Attractive if we eat once we will want to eat them again. Many people think they are pure veg. It is our mistake if we think so. They use Listen Chemical for Donuts to be soft. This chemical is made from bird features & legs 9 : Chocolate. The chocolate is liked by all ages people on the earth. Every 1 fall in love for their taste. As there is such craze,they have great demand. Based on craze many companies are making different kind of chocolates. They use Rennet Enzyme to make chocolates more smooth & tasty. This Enzyme is made from Stomach parts of pig & cows. 10 : White Sugar. From morning coffee to all sweet things that we eat in a day are made with White Sugar. This sugar is made from Sugar Cane juice. If you get to know how it is made to be white,then we will not touch it again. In the time of making it white in bleaching process. They use different animals bones powder. To make money from food which people like. In corporate companies illusion we are eating non veg in such ways. So vegetarians be careful. Subscribe 123 Telugu Facts , Like , Share.

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