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  • Awesome video, Mind-body practices work but a person needs to find what works for them. Evidence based data might be tricky to get #health3.0

  • My parents took me to a homeo pathic doctor before I went in to have my colon removed they just wanted to be sure that they had covered all their bases before doing something so incredibly drastic. I don't have a colon now but that's OK because I know we did everything we could including looking at quack science to get an answer thank you Z dogg

  • I was very stressed out (and maybe a little burned out). I tried acupuncture and that was not for me! Surprisingly enough dance classes helped my stress levels more than anything!

  • I really like you but I don't understand something. Are you mocking hippies and "alternative" medicine or pharmacists? Or you support it? Please help ^_^

  • I love this guy! He is always spot on. I am a healthcare entrepreneur, and I once watched 2 hours (at least) of his videos non-stop. This is the fastest way to learn about our healthcare system – the real world scenario!

  • Dr. ZDogg….  I'm surprised your videos don't have more following, and more likes.  I'm a doc (1996).  This stuff is AWESOME, especially your Doc Vader stuff, as well as, well, the rest.
    Just a thought.  You might do modern medicine more of a favor by taking this live/viral/public.  I'd support you financially.

  • Will continue to say that "alternative" or "complimentary" medicine is not meant to replace traditional medicine. As long as it's not contraindicated with treatment, though, totally all about integrative care. Mind you, I live in hippy central. Saw some really interesting things involving ischemic strokes and acupuncture during med/surg clinical. Still need large trial studies on it, sure, but I'm not going to dismiss what I saw or dismiss people seeking out other methods when desperate.

  • I love that you threw in EBP! Lol, your name just popped up in my scholarly discussion thread this week by another student in the FNP program. Educational and entertaining, keep it up!!!

  • It's very reassuring to see such an intelligent and influential MD with such an open mind. Much love from this hippie nurse!

  • my wife and i LOOVE you. we're both in the medical field and it's kind of a stress reliver to watch your viedos and have a good laugh 😁

  • Remember all…never hold your farts in cause they will travel up your spine and to your brain and thats where shitty ideas come from.

  • I absolutely LOVE that yoga can help me relax a little bit and keep at least some of my range of motion and flexibility and get some sort of exercise (no more CrossFit for me, but I can still do splits like I could at 12) other than my neck and my upper body. Meditation can sometimes take my mind off the pain enough so that I didn't have to take as much of my breakthrough meds – I hate being on 8 different meds including a narcotic, but I'd be completely bedridden without it so I'm stuck with them for now and likely destined for surgery; which is nice because I'd love to get off all these meds someday and finish school so I can possibly open my own Veteran's center. Reiki can provide (despite the criticism) at the very least a more relaxed state of mind or a placebo effect; I've practiced it since my teens and if the problem's mild enough it can relax you and focus your attention somewhere other than the pain or anxiety. I'd never let a chiropractor near me though, my neck is shot and I don't need them sneezing and snapping my discs and vertebra the rest of the way into my spinal cord. Music can also help focus your attention elsewhere and soothe you (go ahead, blast that metal when you're mad or Adele after a breakup or that Pharrell song when you're happy – sing your feelings out aggressively – it'll help, trust me) and focus you. I saw a few studies on music and my grandmother loves it when I play cello music for her like she used to listen to – she's got severe dementia and is non-verbal, so she can get pretty agitated; and she really seems to calm down a lot if you play her music if she hasn't gotten too agitated yet – now the staff lets her listen to music as part of her therapy after my aunt and I suggested it. Just don't deafen the neighbors 😉
    At extreme least, trying complementary medicine at least means you tried less extreme measures before moving on to more invasive treatment. I feel so long as you're not delaying care and what you're trying isn't dangerous (homeopathy or chiro) or illegal (marijuana until it's federally legalized for medical use), it's at least worth a shot so you can say you tried everything.

  • I don't know how you do it, but every video from you is so intelligent and moving and true yet dope at the same time. Keep on rockin', you're awesome!

  • Placebos work great on some people, many things a psychological conditions youre not allowed to give people sugar pills anymore. Homeopathic remedies work to some extent, after all many current medications and treatments are based off the chemicals found in plants and fungus. It can't fix everything but can handle somethings without pharmaceutical intervention. (ex. Tea tree oil/ Melaleuca alternifolia https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1360273/). Yoga and tai chi have been proven to strengthen the body/ reduce arthritis pain and prolong activity.

  • BBAAAHAHAHHAHAA "Homeopathy's still BS though.." Hilarious, with truth mixed in. Need a nurse on your crew? 😀

  • A year ago my girlfriend made me do yoga, it messed my back up and I couldn't do ward rounds for a week, RESULT!

  • This really made me LOL 😀 Unfortunately I have yet to meet the first doctor to help me with any problem. I have been sent away from doctors and hospitals with a miscarriage, broken arm, heartattack, things I do not know the name of in English,… At least the tinfoil head doesn't hurt me, those experimental drugs do 😉

  • Man you are the funniest, while keeping it real, person I have come across in a long long time. I can sit and watch your videos al day long. You are incredibly talented. I just don't know why you haven't blown up yet. weird al yankovic got nothing on you. Thank you so very much. I have not laughed this hard in a while.

  • Absolutely love it! My go-to song/video after a long day. Love the line on the coffee enema, after just having a friend use one (fail, btw). Zdogg you're the best!

  • I was a clerk with the VP of the AMA in Mass and one morning he played a ZDoggMD video for me and colleague. I was hooked. Hilarious! You’re an influential and talented voice in a sea of nay saying close mindedness. Healthcare 3.0! Let’s get louder.

  • Just an FYI – mindfulness and breathing solved my anxiety. Anxiety that was so bad I'd been to the emergency room four times convinced I was having a heart-attack. Is it gone entirely? No, but I can handle it almost all the time. Did it happen overnight? No, I had to practice. The breathing has faster and more noticeable effects (I do the four in, hold for seven, exhale for eight, in sets of four) but the mindfulness is training yourself to think differently and will take longer. If you're suffering from anxiety, don't immediately throw out your meds. Let them be a tool alongside learning to do mindfulness and breathing exercises and you will – I promise, I swear – you will get to the point where you only need the meds rarely, if at all. It honestly, truly works. It teaches your body to react to stress in a different and far more productive way, and if you practice it long enough it literally becomes second nature. A lot of hippie stuff is crap (crystals, etc) but science and medicine are acknowledging that some of it is actually amazingly good for you. Good luck. Anxiety is a motherfucker.

  • I love your videos they are so funny! If my doctor was half as smart or creative as you maybe I wouldn’t be sitting here with a lung that has collapsed for the 4th time now! Seriously your a genius

  • I love this song so much. @[email protected] Like I'm a bit a of hippie, but I vaccinate the crap out of myself and go to the doctor when my teas don't fix me. Ginger tea is really good for the throat. ^_^ My soul is rainbows and tie dyed unicorns in space.

  • I'm glad I continued watching all the way through! Pharmaceutical drugs are the problem with modern-day America!

  • lol Xanax helped me a lot in college when I was breaking down. The biggest thing we need to learn is how to ask for help. Xanax works when you're at the breaking point and let things go way too far, other things help to keep you from going down that path, so both ways of treatment are valuable depending on how bad things are and what you need. Xanax gave me the space I needed, I'm not on it anymore and stopped as soon as I could wake up not feel like I was going to vomit, but both ways need to be known and used. (A person I loved died (cancer) and I didn't know if I would even graduate because the college I was at had to still accept my disability that I just found out that I had… So I had that worry too, added with a lot of depression. Not a good mix, so when you need help ask for it. Everyone is human. (They did and I graduated, the drug helped me to be able to get out of bed. There's no shame in that. It fogged my brain a bit too, so I was off it as soon as I was able to be. lol But that drug saved me when I was in a really bad place.)) I love this song though, we need to have all the tools available for us.

  • My great-grandfather was a homeopathic doctor, but I don’t think they had evidence against it back in the 1800’s. A lot of old medicine was bs.

  • everytime heathens comes on the radio, I mix these lyrics in and I eventually just switch it to bluetooth and play this parody lol

  • Fantastic video, but in part are you confusing "hippies" for "new agers?", Hippies listen to the Great ful Dead, New Agers like Easy Listening. But once, again great video!

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