Holiday Spa: Herbal Remedies and Gifts : How to Make Natural Moth Balls

Hi. Nili Nathan here with Great Living T.V.
Here’s another great holistic tip for you. Those moth balls that stink and we don’t want
to use them? Here’s a natural one that you won?t mind the pleasant scent. What you do
is you get a cotton ball. And then you can use either essential oil of cedar or rosemary,
100% pure essential oil. Put a few drops on the cotton ball like so. And that’s it. Then
you take your pouch. Your little muslin bag here and put it in there. Seal this up nice
and tight and drop it in your drawers, your clothing drawers that is. Another alternative,
if you can’t find the essential oils, is you can use cedar wood chips. And let me show
you what cedar wood chips look like. Just like that. And you can put this right in the
pouch. Or you can do a combination. If you really want to make sure you get rid of those
moths. Put some cedar woods in the bag and a couple of drops of your cedar oil or your
rosemary oil and that will surely solve your problem. There we go. Thanks for watching.
I’m Nili Nathan.

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