Holistic marking for AS and A-level Psychology

Welcome to this webinar on holistic marking for AS & A-level Psychology. My name is Katie Lightfoot It will be 1 hour long and I’d like to confirm that all the materials used relate to content outlined in the specification I’m sure you all have copies but you can get them from our website if not. I will not refer to future question papers. The plan for the session today We’ll start with an overview of the AS & A-level assessment. This will clarify the requirements We’ll look at the structure of the assessment, the assessment objectives and their weighting for AO1, 2 & 3… We’ll look at different question styles that may appear in the exam papers, and we’ll talk about the mark schemes. Next we’ll move on to holistic
marking, specifically looking at the level- based marking process. The differences between each level, on the levels-based approach and the difference between AS & A-level . We’ll look at responses the frequently asked questions we receive. It’s important to mention that we haven’t marked any real scripts on this spec yet, so we’ll talk about how we envisage the marking to happen. You may have done an AQA CPD webinar before This is one hour long
rather than two hours it’s not going to be as interactive as you may have
experienced before. However you can still ask questions. Uses the text function to ask them on your screen If I don’t get to answer them during the presentation they will be
collated and answered afterwards. We’ll email to tell you when the FAQs document is complete. We’re going to start with an assessment overview. If you’re already teaching the new AS & A-level you’ll already be familiar with this. AS level has 2 papers. Each paper has 3 sections worth 24 marks. The first paper has memory attachment and social influence. The second paper has research methods, psychopathology and then approaches for biopsychology are fused together.
Approaches in biopsychology may not be equally weighted at 12 and 12 but both
will appear in that particular section on paper 2. At A-level, a third paper is introduced to allow students to demonstrate a more in depth understanding Paper 1 now has 4 sections for A-level. These are:
memory attachment, social influence and psychopathology. Paper 2 has 3 sections, 2 of which are 24 marks – this is for biopsychology and the approaches which are now their own sections unlike in paper 2 for AS. The 48 mark section is all research methods. Paper 3 has 4 sections worth 24 marks. 1 is compulsory (issues and debates), the 3 further sections are optional. Each question in each section is going to be marked independently. Performance on the previous question will not impact performance on the next question.
question movin on That’s a brief overview. Assessment objectives and weightings have 3 assessment objectives. AO1=knowledge and understanding including theories they’ve learnt, scientific
ideas, processes, techniques, procedures and so on. They just need to have an awareness of them for AO1. AO2=a higher level skill. This is an application of those theories
procedures and so on. Being able to apply some information to a theory, Being able to apply research methods in a
practical context, being able to apply a technique that’s been learnt. using qualitative data quantitative date. In AO3, it’s all about evaluation. Being able to analyse and interpret as well as evaluate. this is the scientist information, theories learnt, techniques, procedures… For AS & A-level, just having an awareness of strengths and weaknesses of a particular
theory or procedure source is not AO3. That’s AO1. You have to be able to do something with the information – develop an argument, refine it, talk about implications. That would then be classed as AO3. Just knowing strengths and limitations isn’t AO3. There is more AO1 in the AS-level. There is also less AO3 in the AS-level. Both the AS & A-level have similar amounts of AO2. For A-level, the majority of the assessment is AO3. This reflects the level of demand and skills required at A-level. We use a holistic levels of response marking scheme We take that into account when allocating marks. As well as AO1,2 and 3, there are research methods requirements. The AS includes 36 research methods marks. 24 will definitely be in the research methods section in paper 2. The other twelve could be placed
anywhere across the other sections on paper 1 or paper 2. It’s really important your students can embed the research methods skills they’ve learnt within any of those topic areas. That’s where the application skills come in. The emphasis of research methods is students applying the skills they’ve learnt. The majority of those marks will be AO2. At A-level, 72 marks will be allocated to research methods. 48 will be in paper 2 The remaining 24 will be placed anywhere across paper 1 or 2. Ultimately, 25% – 30% of the assessment will be on research methods. It’s important you dedicate enough time to teaching this area. Maths skills are
also it’s very important because they make up 10% of the overall assessment at
AS and A-level. These maths skills will be at level 2 or above. There are approximately 15 maths marks overall at A-level These could be embedded in the research methods section, they
could be standalone…. At A-level there will be 30 marks for maths questions This is around 10% of the overall assessment. There’s a document that takes you to the AQA website that explains the maths requirements for AS and A-level. You’ll recognise it if you went to the ‘Getting started with AS’ meeting. It’s important to mention that the documents for the course
were developed by Ofqual, so it’s Ofqual that add the 10% maths requirement. The exemplifications in the right hand column are only suggestions. They’re not guaranteed to be in the exam. For example the document
says ‘calculate the standard deviation’ You can ignore that, it’s just an exemplification. Students won’t be asked to calculate the standard deviation. That’s important to bear in mind. So, that’s the objectives for the research methods
requirement Now let’s move on to marking. We use different approaches. We use auto- marking when there’s only one
correct answer to a question. This means it can be done by a computer That type of marking was used in the previous specification too. Mark allocation mark schemes are another technique used. They tell you what content is required for each of the marks available This type of approach is used in the new specification for questions worth 1 – 3 marks. So only a small proportion of questions can use it. Alternatively it might be used when there’s a limited number of answers that could be
given by students for a particular question. Questions that use mark allocation marks schemes, the content is
really important because certain answers need to be given
in order to give the marks that have been allocated. Level of response mark schemes are a new type of mark scheme that’s being used for the new
AS and A-levels. They’re slightly different to how we
used to mark extended response questions. Previously you would see AO1 and AO2 marks allocated separately but that’s not the case now. Levels of response marking is supposed to be a holistic type of marking. This considers the
entire response as a whole and awarding
marks according to that rather than focusing on one small thing that may
then bring an answer down because it’s absent or not very effective. Research has been
done using level of response mark schemes and it has been found that using them as
response increases the reliability and validity of assessment. That’s
why it’s been used. These types of mark schemes
that will be used when a question is are used when a question is worth four marks. Anything from 4 marks – 12 marks for AS and 4 – 16 marks for A-level. This is an example levels of response mark scheme. This is a typical one for a 12 mark
AS question. There are 4 levels to this particular levels of response mark scheme. Sometimes there may
be 2 or 3 levels but this has 4 levels (determined by the number of marks available). This show that knowledge and understanding
are AO1 are considered within each of these levels For example, knowledge of
X is well detailed or evidence that there are occasional accuracies and so on. evidence that there are occasional
active season so on evaluation is also Evaluation is also considered. That’s an AO3 element. Application skills
also appear in each of these levels if relevant to a particular question. As well as the specialist terminology . These are the main areas considered Considering all those areas give the overall holistic level of response mark. A number of teachers have asked for a breakdown of the criteria for each level mark This slide shows an analysis of the descriptors These are the things we can see for an overall AS answer The bits highlighted in yellow are the extra elements required at A-level. For a level 4, if the answer is clear and coherent that’s enough for AS-level For A-level, the answer needs to be clear, coherent and focused. We also have an expansion of arguments as an important factor for A-level Expansion of argument doesn’t appear in the AS level. Knowledge is similar to AS and A-level because there are similar amounts
for both, extra marks are around getting to AO2 and AO3 Evaluation skill requirements are different at AS and A-level For level 3, for AS there is some effective
evaluation and for A-level evaluation discussion is mostly effective. Some people have asked what the difference is between evaluation at AS level 3, where there’s ‘some’ effective evaluation and level 2 where evaluation is of ‘limited’ effectiveness ‘Some’ effective evaluation means some valid points have been made and elaborated on, with supported evidence. However, not ALL points have been expanded upon. For a level 2, any evaluation is of limited effectiveness means that points have been made, but none have been elaborated on. that extra liberation for another is put
is any evaluation of limited limited Sometimes, they may just be lists. Sometimes a point may have been elaborated on but it may be irrelevant or inconsequential to the question. Hopefully that clarifies the difference between the two. On the next slide we can see there are
very slight differences to the special terminology that’s required. At A-level ‘application of terminology’ needs to be effective rather than appropriate Hopefully this will distinguish the differences required between AS and A-level. underneath the table, you get a list of content that may appear in the answers students give. The list is far from exhaustive, but it gives you an idea of common answers The final point about level descriptors is that they must be marked holistically So that’s the approaches we take to marking for AS and A-level assessment. Now we’re looking at the question styles that could be used. Firstly, multiple choice. These will be used for AS and A-level. Typically these questions allow for one correct answer. It may involve selecting a correct answer, matching definitions to certain answers. It might be labelling a diagram, it could be putting a process in the correct order. This allows us to test knowledge and understanding of certain concepts. Particularly AO1. something features in correct order and
again there would be only one correct We can change the demand of the question by changing the options available. At AS, the options will be very different to to each other to make it easier to get the right answer. At A-level, the answers may be very similar which will demand a more in depth knowledge. That’s how the demand of the question can be changed. We also have short answer questions. And these assess a range of skills. They also allow us to assess a broad range of content. They might ask students to explain ‘one limitation of’ or ‘one strength of’ They have to select what they think the most appropriate answer to use is themselves. They might have to refer to a particular theory or study…which they can elaborate on further to gain more marks. That means a broad range of material can be covered. When there’s a small number of alternative answers, you can present an answer using a number of points In terms of marking, short answer questions use mark allocation and levels of response depending on the demand of the question. Let’s look at some examples… The attachment header at the top of your screen, above the presentation if you open this document, you can see an example of a short answer question this one explains the procedures of desensitisation this is only worth 4 marks It’s application, so students answers won’t vary much because it’s a fixed procedure. It makes sense for this question mark allocation not to vary much. It’s quite clear where the marks come from. Look at the A-level question beneath and this one is a 6 mark short answer question. It uses a level of response mark scheme. which is 3 levels. Because it will be considered there will be a broader range of answers. They will need to develop these answers too. We consider the type of answer, along with the best marking approach for the question. This next question regards a prison study Students are asked to identify and discuss
2 reasons why people have criticised the study. This forces the student to select the most appropriate material because it asks them to choose reasons why. Students need to select the best material to elaborate on for the most amount of marks. We’re also looking at application questions. Also called scenario questions. These mainly assess AO2, which is the application. Weighting for AO2 is far greater than it was for the previous specification. There will be more
application questions in this specification because of how application is weighted, especially at A-level. AO2 can be tested in short answer questions, or in extended writing questions. It could involve a small or large amount of marks. It’s important to consider the difference between AS and A-level AS level application questions will have shorter scenario questions There will be some cues within scenarios but they will be more structured They will be less cues than in an A-level question. This provides more structure to the AS students. Scroll down the document to see the application question You’ll see the AS paper 2 question about Rita and Holly being identical twins Using your knowledge of genotypes explain the difference in their personalities This is a simple, short scenario, requiring an explanation of genotype and phenotypes in the context of Rita and Holly. There’s very few cues within the scenario. The question is quite focused and allows the student to see quite clearly what they need to do. At A-level, a seemingly simple
scenario can be presented to the student but there are actually many more cues within these than AS level. This is because
students need to be able to select themselves the most relevant cues. The ones they feel are most relevant from the scenario and use them to answer the question. For this particular there’s some information about
Bradley and then the question of social learning theories referring to the role of mediation processes in learning for referring to Bradley’s experiences
to explain the role of mediation in learning. So there was a large number of cues there which students need to link to the concept of mediation but it’s up to them recognise them. So that’s the main difference between how application can be used at A-level compared to AS. You can close the document with sample questions now. We’re going to look at extended writing questions now. They test knowledge and evaluation, sometimes they include application too. Students need to plan and structure their response appropriately because they need longer to answer these questions. At AS, the maximum mark possible for an extended response question is 12 marks The skills balance will always be
equal amounts of AO1 and AO2/3 So if there’s 6 marks for AO1, there will be 6 marks shared between AO2 and AO3 or they might exclusively be for AO2 or exclusively be fro AO3. course the questions were clearly c12
multi markets and mark questions you might get an eight more question because
you’re six mark incentivizing questions I have an extended response questions
will obviously be longer and because it’s at a higher level crucification so
they have a maximum sixteen the skills balance is a ratio of approximately one
to two so on sixteen mark questions a oh one is worth six marks and
strike threes with these ten marks that will all be changed if you have a rate
mark questions PLoS ONE produce three months and the
alt stroke through response month if you have a six mark questions so it was an
extended writing question area one for the two marks for leniency straight
through for us so there’s always really a ratio of one
to see very very less description and more applications and revaluation skills
that need to be shown RNA level students and in order to sample this education
effectively is not always possible course to have maximum are questions for
or it’s only response questions to some of the topics in some of the sections
and so the sections new topics are actually really starts a question is all
very serious difference and exam papers but also the different topic is on
topics if it’s not question of the maximum risk which is rather
specifically not question we do this beautiful it’s amazing what information
and that fits will quality content strategies go to recertification and as
the first exams to get really tough questions of you
okay so that’s the extent 14 questions and the information the report is now
looking at and business details please holistic never the response lasting you
may have been told already all have awareness of teaching many different
subjects and how to use these smart see that this is a real capitulated you ask
you are I’m sure they could be the way that they work is a three-step process
so you prefer that I just expect is to read through the students response and
annotate the response as you usually would the next step of course is telling
the level of response that mistake the arm surface innocence you’ve already
said that there will be up to four levels in the levels of response masky
we need to focus on the response of all of the physicists holistic marketing
you’re not just looking at terminology and smarting something damaging is not
significant in absolutely everything what we do is start enforcing them a lot
need to look at what the level descriptor for level zero days if that
doesn’t fit we’ve been exposed to lead up to level one and read what that
descriptive say it’s the students responses that we that we need ups 11c
until we find we never descriptor that best fits the change from there it’s
very might be that there will be perfect fit but we have to affect the approach
we either saw the level that which is some best fifty once we decided the
level that best match the response we need to then decide on the action
lasting in that level so now we’ve narrowed down to maybe sixteen different
marks over twelve or sixteen so how do we do that once we need to first you
consider again the overall response so if for example a student is in level
three we need to consider how much of their art such as potentially level four
if there’s a service it’s the most of three much smart from as the tops of
locust trees it’s some of their ultras level cities but most observable three
remote esophagus in the market perception is level three so it really
demonstrates overall where they are expected the other thing is it’s
important to point out that we do need to verify the relative weightings of
assessing objects is that voice considerably on certain areas on a level
answer is really important we mustn’t under credit or over credit certain
setting objectives when we’re giving an overall mark so for example if there’s
an equal balance and is they won in iOS 3 3 then knowledge and
evaluation should be considered equally when we’re deciding the over mark for a
particular answer if its main level question a a 3 has much greater wasting
the mayor 1 then the a of 3 parts at siculus expense writing questions sneaks
is much more influential from emphasizing on the overall bias and
that’s really really important and that allows us to be more likely scarce as
web marketing practical so what they’ll do is have a look at some examples of
holistic marketing practice so other next I’m going to show you an example a
response to and I have a question which is outlining regulate behavioral
approaches three phases which is 12 months you see the responses it’s a
question living in the setting of paper and I just like this points instead it
probably says nice atmosphere Ozarks or available features on the website and if
anyone needs to access those and really advantageous responses to each of these
responses to be listen x-ray of webinar okay thanks students a AF level response
to the level T response to the answer so what I like to do in attachments
header you open the area several student response are markstein’s attachments
that will give you the mark scheme for this particular question just really
takes reading response at lower floors you’ll also find it on the attachments
well underneath the master if you can’t see this type of same column and just
really thinking about why is level two and also perhaps surprising or that mark
you might give it between four and six which those realities and
based on what we’ve said about placing a natural mark on the response you don’t
need to type your and prediction of mark and where is just think about that
yourself we did you maybe two three three and then I’ll give you the column
three system okay so hopefully everyone has a chance
to read the response either have a look at the last easy to complete your Notes
level city sports and mental if we look at the response eight rules there seems
to be a limited knowledge of every behavioral approach to treating phobias
and basically the bone phrase from systematic desensitization loans and the
question asks behavioral therapies also how you approach treating phobias so
therefore haven’t really answered our questions the description shows
knowledge of process systematics and student relations reutlitz reference to
the key element of exposure of graduates exposure the job placement must work
through each stage which is a little bit same there also isn’t an attempt to
outline how the process links of behaviour conflict successful
conditioning and actually there is opportunity here happens to mention
reciprocal inhibition so using the haze return to sit in a very complex because
actually what the questions asking and in mixing the student is doing that the
outline is mostly clear it lacks some of the specialist terminology as we’ve
already said related to classical conditioning and that there are two
evaluation points to be fair and they are relevant but they’re very limited in
their range and their effectiveness because they haven’t been elaborated
upon so these match to the actual level for this question is actually quite good
for level two it works quite well with you with – fitted weave level – if the
clinic matches quite well and this one would achieve a 5 for 5 at 12 because it
seems to fit right in the middle River over level 2 bands that were in the
cheese five hours 12 okay there’s a second response that is a better
response and this is a level 4 response you’ll see it on your slides now and
it’s also on the document which is looking at where the martinis so if you
haven’t see you mark scheme again and think about potentially why this one’s
better have a read through it and think about what mark this main thought in
level 4 okay so that’s slow enough six have a
quick read through that response and to consider where and therefore you may
face these equalizer so from frieza’s through it you can
really see that it’s may develop science there’s more information there’s a
greater France evaluations well absolutely sixty as a salient a balance
between areas one area space rather than just two bits and valuation process on
the other three response and the description is safety accurate and
generally well details we do have to take into account for the limited time
is genius through twelve are questions which will be 15 minutes and it’s not
entry very long to turn those the right answers visit citizen-soldiers for that
reason there is detail of two therapies unlocks a lot of fun which was just
written systematic desensitization and this one bits of those sliding and
systematic desensitization and they’ve been set in the context of the Havel
approach they have mentioned sounds minimal classical conditioning terms for
Haley’s in terms that the other one that and there is some effective evaluation
through sign areas of the difference between that and evaluations limited
effectiveness some point maybe have reached and that’s having an average
foreign has news evidence so they’re brought the evaluations vestiges of
limited effectiveness and evidence has been used from outcome studies sometimes
expansion is lacking as it says and otherwise it is reasonably effective
they are learning stronger than evaluation but of course they both have
each awaiting is every three adjectives that one allocation last so to that
reason because the outlines a bit stronger it’s through level for thought
and we will just give it a mark of the bottom the very bottom is level four
which is 10 so this was achieved 10 hours 12 are pretty good response
thank you and you see it you can see what happens to take
most if certain bosses assign yourself just while we’re on the subject of
outcome studies isn’t really moving any research other than following questions
that somebody does say is that when we place and States and researchers to
certain studies please for call studies it will become so ingrained in students
seems result is carried out as a very strange situation or the Rileys prison
study but through other research assistant remember all the next remains
on very necessary a small vase that they can be very useful organization provide
extra value six points trial if you know when a piece of research done when you
can consider the implications of that what was going on at the time when the
sale is carried out whether there’s been any recent them a piece of that fifty
two services so it can be really helpful for those reasons but of course and
students are not going to be marked on this phase Kotlin entities so now using
the date of assessment study system of yet I’m not an axe with lots of studies
to and extra okay so that’s um two examples QAS that we’re supposed to geez
really lovely assistant Watsky so there are some concerns from teachers in some
questions that we arranged about these new math students and for example what
is the key difference between a s level and a level assessment in terms of what
two five or sixty master face as opposed to Telemachus a fairly assessment
objectives were these different but does that mean that you little more
evaluation system are questions well yes because these ratings are different
ten marks for areas very sick and but hopefully from the level scriptures
organized into six climate Satterly can see that there are
differences in field effects slowly specs evaluation cinematographer a
levels because the illness – it’s straight between further on this next
slide and a response which is just read which was the level for response to the
AAS level question I want us to consider this question now as though it isn’t a
level answer so it’s the same question but this subject outline evaluate for
homes approach students ages that instead of being worth twelve nights is
now rustic serious so you just read it through that if you need to reach you
again CC but like if you have a look at it is eleven three response now
available and in the attachments header at the top if you open up see a level
smart scheme use that marks Keys sighs why for itself or this one so long as in
level three stands and what mark limited might achieve within level three so will
it achieve nine ten eleven as well when you’re open the might see that
particular attachment so now with nor the answers it’s underneath the Marquis
was about the different on something going to refer to you moment just the
answer refer to CIF seven volumes just attack so this distance is authority to
much locally and I’ll give your own to do that just one you’re looking through it or
just stress again got a reminder son that she would have had 20 minutes to
7/16 to write your answer because it’s a 16-month question and we need to
consider the writing stick a 1 in ternary 3 rather than 6 and 6 the
evaluation needs to contribute more to the decision you made about the marks of
this particular answer will get four elements compared to ASL okay so thanks everybody’s had long
enough see our cover of reread assisted necessary exercise and we’re level three
may place this particular answers considering that religious think that
the areas we have more basically when it comes to sizing bar okay
if you look at the response offense the description as I said before is accurate
and generally well yourself so you could answer just as an description and the
elements of that in the memory response marks piece that was just getting to
level four the description and the evaluations we can play etcetera from
just evaluation of limited effectiveness which would be level three but it’s not
it’s not really mostly effective okay there’s made a series of relevant points
with some reason effective use of evidence from outcome study as I said
before sparks weakens all of you it’s a little bit lives like Allison Schmitt so
if you’re together as an argument and it’s not all always very thorough so its
expansion sometimes lacking again as we said before and because the aa3 weight
is greater now because it’s a level the quality evaluation needs to influence
mark more morning outline so therefore we suggest a mark near the bottom four
levels rather than closer to the top because the evaluations need a bit more
expansion as I said even with our learning strategies we need to consider
the evaluation more than we’re giving the mark the overall mass for this
particular essay so that therefore this fits at every level my answer same
questions would be worth nine marks no I’m not sad sixteen because evaluation
would needed small development since the answer to the question what this
reverance is really really expecting between Asma level is that we expect the
evaluation to be much more solar and effective in terms of development of our
community conclusions linking all the points
together where possibly of course it always just you know to achieve a higher
market a level so spacing the over here in Sicily response needs to be much
better than it is the AFM because if this a little bit distort students
evaluations that a little bit is very good phrase level and and although
confidence in the use of special terminology is really shocking in the
expectancy at any other its life that’s that’s really this and in relation to
the response that you can see our nice relaxing and that you’re just looking at
which is the a level that’s you’ll get you get this document after the webinar
you’ll be able to have a little today that was some says that we’ve provided
is a 60 mark answer see this same question so you’ll be able to see there
how this one students together the evaluation further makes it more Cyrus
more effective it uses research vector and local here in generally so that’s a
fixed in my pants that you can use as a comparison and the one which is looked
at okay so I just want to move on now to another frequently asked question since
if we did somebody is off today about only been able to be given another three
or four if you’ve achieved for evaluation marks and very very non
versus on how many masks you get for evaluation with pretty certain level
because we’re not marking giving sort of point amount with it judging those rules
and this what the listings judging Lancer overall
and then deciding based on the wasting which three importance because obviously
in the plant put a figure on how many evaluation Ralph who needs to get into
that level because each question is worth different amount overall so it’s
the open judgment of the evaluation how effective is the quality of it that will
make exercise where it’s long regardless of how much evaluation is or how
different evaluations very safe and answer questions
then they set mark for how many markings are getting let’s put it in level three
or four it start the overall quality of it and enable policy at least the answer
to generals which will help you decide the final level at the final mask
okay so another frequent real question actually health review resolve this
question today as well is what happens what to do with a level of response
marks keys where the students are done a good outline the drugs outline something
when their photo out my own evaluations and I’m haven’t evaluated tools or if
some fantastic evaluations at the helm are coming out and what to review very
closest to really consider these exceptional sets of workers and you know
what’s what you’re doing with content we’re going to do is pick an outlier
your response and evaluation any response and just think about and well
we might buy season mark see okay so these are a level responses again we
consider this is an a-level reform and again we are using the answer that was
just looks at Freya and a level thing if you read this you’ll be familiar with it
now this particular response we’ve read a couple times already
I try to again we’re considering this is an a-level response and clearly this is
the outline only bit the end of the answer there appears to be no evaluation
so what we receive because this is not as
only and we would out of course that the knowledge of accurate and well details
so what we would do is replace this in level four of these a level marks cream
pretty young for the after together up again sees follow one’s own and starts
the evaluations absence we can see in number one it says evaluation is absent
so therefore the vivacious ever once that where do we go well using the
guidelines for the level based marketing we need to consider that the a1 is
anywhere six marks certainly a a3 is worth ten marks so we need to consider
the evaluation rule when we’re going to put final mark on this particular on its
main level ice so therefore this suggests that recently
the answer should be in level two we can’t force it lightly top result
effective actually you need conserve evaluation we’re always marketing
advanced test given the quality description is just getting for level
two of course and it is topper level two which is six months it would make sense
between do it means accelerated the wealthy was obese its frail once the
proposed lease descriptions businesses gets six marks in the level two and
level descriptive and variously that makes sense
although evaluation welcomes every once we have the facility reliance and
placing it in this tree so what happens friends we have a valuation any response
again this is the evaluation process of the signatory start with solicited apps
for areas and a levels again we are considering this as an a-level response
the fifth underline your text actually shows some knowledge available therapies
and for the reason why is because when this announcers evaluation only is much
more tricky it’s really hard to think of any good or excellent evaluation that
doesn’t actually show some knowledge of these evaluations it’s actually harder
than you ate something without disclosing little bit about what you’re
evaluating that’s what is tricular so if the students responses consists of these
paragraphs that you can see on the screen there which is evaluation only
you need to ask yourself what knowledge as a behavioral therapist taught to
students show and we need to try and find some knowledge this is trying to
give the student the best months possible for such a fair smart
considering the entire answers culprits allistic as I said the bits and the
lines in the text are obviously knowledge regarding systematic
desensitization I’m suffering that that aspirin in order to evaluate ecstasy so
if we compare this to the Lebanese descriptors that we have one about stiff
skin this answer is the top of level falls in all for accuracy detail and
organization that the outlines provided approach to therapy for phobia but given
the area three ways to get a feel response which should be more
influential in the yellow one this my arguments be awarded amarka the bottom
of level four why because yes there’s only a few knowledge swings on the lines
so actually we should be considering the evaluation mark more when we’re giving
our marks to the students at once so that for its ease given a fairly good
start which would be around 30 marks at 16 even those links to valuations that
sorry outlines because the evaluation is to be taken to count all son and AFF
question if it was just a less level and if it was just a outline response then
it was probably given a level one for three marks if we were just considering
the noise on the tape okay so that brings us to the end of our
presentation today so it’s that so it’s locally through that six the ends and
but hopefully that’s been helpful in outlining some of the issues of holistic
marketing and we had before any questions advances for us today with the
ants that Alan bellows gets more during sessions and you’ll be informed by email
when and where the document is available for frequently asked questions and then
you’ll be able to access that to help service you also get sleep script
yesterday and an tasters asked event and so it’s very useful as using a cartridge
okay thank you for listening

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