Home Remedies for Laryngitis – Part 1 II कर्कश / बैठे गले का घरेलू उपचार – भाग 1 II

Welcome to Health Care at Home One of our viewer Mr. Rohit he has emailed us and wrote us that he is suffering from Laryjgitis and asking for Home Remedy First of all let me explain you that what is Laryngitis You must have heard some people while talking to them , that their voice is very sweet nice and they speak soft and some of people has very bad voice and also its irritating to listen them So, those people who have bad & heavy voice They are the sufferer of Laryngitis along with this , one more thing is noticed that people who have this problem, simultaneous they have problem of sour throat also they often have the problem of dry cough its not necessary that every one has the same problem But those who have Laryngitis they are often seen with both the symptoms Let me share the reason for Laryngitis See, the main reason is the inflammation in the vocal cord due to this Laryngitis happens along with this excess stress on Vocal Cord that is the reason, that you talk a lot or giving stress to your vocal cord, due to this also this problem happens so it is necessary that you hydrate your vocal cord and throat and do not let it dehyerate so the best way to hydrate is , which i am keep telling drink at least 3 Liters of Water, but to drink … do not drink in one go take 1/2 glass of water in the interval of every half n hour drink whole day and sip by sip do not drink in one go drink the way so that you could feel the wetness in your throat so this way you have to drink the water and yes, do not consume those items which dehyderte the throat and Cold drink is one of the major item you need not to consume any type of cold drink this will dehydrate your throat adn will increase the problem Apart from that Coffee or Caffeine, those products which contain Caffeine either they are cold drink or coffee do not consume therm also as they also dehydrate your throat. Don’t Consume the strong tea which is made by putting lot of tea leaves by bloiling them for long period do not consume as this will also dehydrate your throat. Avoid Tobacco that may of any kind of … Tobacco majorly dehydrate your throat and vocal cord and increases your problem if your are smoker then quit smoking if you can’t quit this you must decrease the intake minimize their comsumption as doing this will help you improvise more And now one more thing you have to do if you are Alcoholic and consume Alcohol that also you have to take in limit as the alcohol also dehydrate your throat. if you are consuming alcohol , so must drink 1 glass of water during the consumption of alcohol so that the dehydrate may get control and start getting hydrate. Apart form this what you have to do, talk less and listen more Avoid on talking in access. some people has habit specially those who have problem of Laryngitis oftenly seen that they talk to much what happen that this problem get worst so talk less and talk if it is required only speak softly try as much as you can remind yourself that whenever you are about to talk loud remind yourself.. with this also you will get releif But make sure one thing, do not whisper is you will do whispering then it may casue more on your vocal cord Now let us talk about home remedy so how to get rid of it that let me tell you what you have to do, take 2 onions and put them into the grinder and make its paste once the paste is ready, then you have to boil it into 4 cups of water let it boil on the medium flame for 10 minutes let it boil till the time it is reduced to 1 cup once its 1 cup, strain it and after that let it cool down and once is Luke warm (You can touch by putting your finger ) then you have to add 4 spoon of Honey mix it after adding 4 spoon of Honey after that squeeze 1/2 of lemon and mix it wisely and you have to drink this water by sip by sip this 1 cup of water must be consumed within 8-10 minutes and you will notice that you are getting relief in Laryngitis problem Apart from this one more remedy you can do, take 1 glass of hot water take as hot as you throat can tolerate, don’t take too much of hot water add 1-1/2 spoon of Rock Salt if you don’t have rock salt then you can add normal white salt which is available in market and you have to gargles with this water 2-3 times in a day gargle with this water what will happen doing this, the bacteria who are causing Laryngitis they get killed and slowly slowly you will get relief in this problem and yes do take care of one thing do not put too much of Salt as too much of Salt also dehydrate your throat So, add the limited amount of Salt n gargle and you will find that you will get relief Apart from that one more remedy you can do if you could add 1 spoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in a 1 glass of Water and may mix it and even then gargle with that water so what happens with this your mouth gets acidic the environment of your mouth will be acidic and due to this acid also all the internal bacteria would be killed and you will get relief in Laryngitis Although there are so many home remedies but i won’t be able to share in this episode so, will tell many more and multiple home remedies to you in the n ext episode Rest our wish is only that you stay healthy,busy,carefree and be with us. 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