Home Remedies to Treat Chikungunya | Dengue Cure Home Remedies

home remedies to treat chikungunya
number one cold compress the most painful symptom of this viral infection
is inflammation and joint pain this is why cold compress is a great way to
reduce the pain number two massage massage is a very useful and simple way
to treat with joint pain found in shaken ganya massaging the area of pain reduces
the stiffness of the muscles and increases blood circulation number 3
Epsom salt silk it is a great source of magnesium sulfate which can instantly
reduce pain swelling and inflammation when you use epsom salts in warm water
it will relax the adjoining muscles and promote blood circulation number 4
turmeric turmeric has been used in our video for centuries it has earned the
oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which fight a lot of viral and bacterial
infections similarly it is tremendously helpful in case of chikungunya number 5
ginger ginger also contains anti-inflammatory and analgesic
properties that help combat the pain a patient suffers from chikungunya it
contains ginger which is a potent anti-inflammatory agent so is often
considered as a one of the best home remedy for chikungunya joint pain

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