Homeopathic Dilution explained by Richard Dawkins

homeopaths claimed that the more you dilute an active ingredient in water the stronger medicine it becomes most homeopathic remedies are marked 30 see what does that mean it means one part medicine to a hundred to the power of 30 parts water how much a drop in a fish tank no a fish tank is nowhere near big enough the swimming pool doesn’t provide enough dilution not even a lake what about a drop in the ocean but it turns out that even the sea isn’t big enough for the really approved homeopathic recipes in order to get one molecule of the active substance you need to imbibe all the atoms in the solar system to science just doesn’t make sense even homeopaths acknowledged that there is not a single molecule of active ingredient in the bottle they sell you it’s just water so how can it possibly work in an attempt to resolve the paradox homeopathy boldly paddles further up the creek of pseudoscience claiming that water somehow has a memory of them are completely absent active ingredient but wouldn’t water also have memory of other more common impurities it’s come into contact with salt you’re in scientists have calculated that in each glass of water we drink at least one molecule has passed through the bladder of Oliver Cromwell you

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