Homeopathic Essentials for Spring V2

hi I’m Joey Calabrese I’m a homeopathic
practitioner and educator and a mom after long winters I love when the
Robins have come back to my front yard their presence and the start of spring
used to usher in the worst of my allergy everything in my life changed however
when I began to take homeopathy seriously it was a path to discovery if
you lead an active life in the spring then you certainly don’t want to take
anything that will interfere with your normal everyday functioning this is
where homeopathic medicines can help with allergies and other seasonal
ailments a good all-purpose homeopathic medicine that addresses a wide variety
of allergies is histamine them hydrochloric em histamine them is
especially good for hay fever alien Seba is made from the onion which can help us
remember what symptoms it relieves just as cutting an onion makes your eyes and
nose burn and water this medicine can be used for watery burning discharge that’s
improved by cold experiencing an itchy nose then gal Samia glauca is the one
you’ll need to relieve spasmodic sneezing caused by hay fever if you have
a runny nose with burning nasal discharge then Kelly iodine will help
provide relief especially if there’s a feeling of constriction at the base of
the nose finding yourself more active in the garden or spending more time
outdoors Arnica Montana made from a type of mountain Daisy can help ease the
aches and pains of renewed activity not to mention help reduce discoloration
from bruising after live half anytime strain ligaments and tendons need some
relief look to Rue de greffi Oland both arnica and rue de are ideal for
repetitive injuries such as golfers or tennis elbow
Ruth toxicodendron can relieve muscular and articular pains at the beginning of
motion and then improved by slow motion it’s perfect for physical therapy or
when starting a new sport homeopathy is unique because it looks at the entire
person with so totality of the symptoms and offers an intelligent medicine that
gets to the root of health problems this means that five people with hay
fever could receive five different medicines depending upon each person’s
symptoms or how each illness presents not all illnesses can be handled without
the aid of a homeopathic practitioner but simple methods for at-home use are
within reach of all

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