Homeopathy & Placebo – Mani Norland BA(Hons) DSH RSHom

I often get asked you know what what’s it like to learn homeopathy and one of the students once said to me that learning homeopathy is a little bit like going to a university all about you and I really loved that because it kind of hit the nail on the head what amazes me about working in education is the types of people that we see coming through the door coming to train as homeopathy they’re usually much older in their 30s or 40s and highly educated people quite often they have a degree or they’ve had worked in another profession they could have been a teacher or a lawyer or a pharmacist doctor nurse we get a lot of mums coming to us who have given up professional careers to look after the family and then in through looking after the health of their kids get into homeopathy and see the results of homeopathy through home prescribing and then want to come and learn more I grew up with homeopathy all around me and my father’s are homeopathy so I was treated with homeopathy all the time I mean I hardly ever went to see my GP I used to have incredibly bad eczema all over my body which was treated homeopathic ly and I don’t I haven’t had it since you know I used to get hay fever I took one remedy I don’t get hay fever anymore you know this is the the power and the beauty of homeopathy really and I experienced it firsthand as a child and we know that homeopathy works beyond placebo because we see it working in babies you know we see it working in very young children we see it working on the unconscious and on animals and we see it working on people that don’t believe homeopathy works so there’s plenty of evidence including randomized controlled trials you know clinical double-blind trials to date there’s been 142 in homeopathy and of those that are conclusive 85% show that homeopathy works above and beyond the placebo effect and we know that homeopathy works because it’s been going for 250 years and there are thousands of homeopaths all over the world practicing seeing millions of patients every day homeopathy is the second largest system of medicine in the world and so millions of people are testifying that it works every single day so my vision for homeopathy and the future of homeopathy is really an integrated medical vision it’s about homeopathy and other alternative medicines being available in one clinic along with conventional medicine so that people and patients are given the choice so that they can get the best possible health care

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