How our turmeric is harvested | Pukka Herbs

So this turmeric has been in the ground since
about May, and we plant it just before
the rainy season. Now all the tops have died off which is why it’s not looking very pretty
actually. And it’s now ready, after we put in about a 100 gram little root, back in May.
Let’s see what we’ve got here. And you can see out fo the dust comes gold, as they say.
And you get these fingers of turmeric which the inside of is this beautiful golden colour.
Turmeric actually in Ayruveda, one of the names is the golden goddess. It’s called the golden goddess
because turmeric brings so much benefit to life. This turmeric is brimming with curcumin
and essentials oils, and it’s good for you to take it everyday.

2 thoughts on “How our turmeric is harvested | Pukka Herbs

  • I bought some Pukka herbal tea with Manuka Honey. Look closer at the label and the ingredients list it as 'manuka honey flavour*'. All respect lost.

  • Got Pukka Turmeric gold tea, very nice, smells a bit like lemon sherbet, can't find it in major supermarkets though?

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