How to Blend & Use Aromatherapy Oils : Aromatherapy Carrier Oils for Blending: Jojoba & Calendula

Another good carrier oil used for blending
and diluting an essential oil is jojoba oil. Remember all of these carrier oils you can
find in your health food store. Jojoba is a liquid wax rather than an in-combination
used in combination with other oils. It penetrates the skin rapidly making it a very good massage
oil. It is also excellent for nourishing the skin, healing inflamed areas. It is good for
psoriasis and eczema, so you may want to try it for that. Any of these carrier oils you
can use alone for moisturizing the skin as well as blending and diluting essential oils
into them. Another good one is calendula. Calendula has anti-inflammatory properties,
it is anti-spasmodic, it is antiseptic and regenerating. In addition, it aids in healing
of wounds and you can use for acne, eczema. It can also alleviate rashes, dry chapped
or cracked skin. Calendula oil can be used on children and babies alone. It is an excellent
carrier oil

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