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HELLO FRIENDS, i AM PRIYA WELCOME TO MY CHANNEL todays video is higly requested video this video is – How to color your hair at home naturally If your hair color is brown or black & you want to color your hair & want to add some tint in your hair color so how you will color your hair at home so I am sharing very easy method of hair coloring & also add maroon / burgundy shine to your hair this type of shine looks beautiful & visible in sunlight or in high lights I am also using this method of hair coloring I am very happy with this & people also asking me always Are you using hair color & my answer is no, because I am always using this method & this method gives burgundy shine to my hair so thats why I am sharing with you but onething is that when sometimes we want to change our boring hair color & we used chemical rich color or dyes these hair color or dyes damaged your hair because of chemicals & also this happend with most of people that we use color first time on our hair & our whole hair becames white this is not good my many friends tried hair color & damaged their hair & also they are using good branded color so beware of this dnt use chemical colors or dye these colors makes your hair white if you want to color your hair, use natural things I am already share many natural remedies & these are also effective now dnt waste time, let start.. but before watching this video please subscribe to my channel also dnt forget to click bell icon to get latest video notifications we are going to make henna pack first take henna powder, I am using 120gm Nupur henna now add 2 tbsp indian goose berry powder/ amla powder mix it well now take 250 gm beetroot now cut it into small peices & make paste in grinder now strain the juice now beetroot juice is ready Add this beetroot juice in henna powder & mix it well beetroot juice gives maroon/reddish/burgundy color to our hair & also add shine to our hair & also prevent hair fall dnt use water in it, use only beetroot juice to make a paste use henna & beetroot according to your hair lenght now cover this & leave it for overnight thats means make this paste at night time & leave it for overnight next morning… henna paste look like this & also smell so good now I am going to add 1 egg this is optional, if you want add egg or skip it egg add shine to my hair egg is rich source of protein & it makes our hair silky soft smooth or shiner mix it well now your paste is ready now apply henna pack on your hair with the help of brush apply all over your hair, root to tip cover your hair lenght than it color your all hair follow the video and by parting your hair apply henna pack after applying henna , make bun of your hair and leave it minimum 2 hrs after 2 hrs, wash your hair & remove henna with normal water do not shampoo your hair same day because shampoo fade out the henna color now you can see my hair this pack color my hair like this, becuase my hair is so black thats why my hair not look so much burgundy this method gives good result in 2-3 use not in first use use this method twice in a month do deep hair oiling & massage on the same day after applying henna pack than next day you can use shampoo so friends this is very easy & safe method of coloring hair if you already tried than comment below if you like this method thn hit the like button & also share this video with your friends follow me on INSTAGRAM- FACEBOOK PLEASE DO SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL TO STAY CONNECTED WITH ME 🙂

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