How to Cook Filipino Food / Vegetarian+Vegan friendly

Let’s go to Mesina and buy Pulutan! I love lumpia! Gusto ko ang lumpia. I love lumpia! Ronnie, go and get a job! Now clean up after yourself! How many times
do I have to tell you, huh?! You’re not even paying rent! Go! I don’t want to! Oh my goodness! MAYA: Can you believe this one?!
JACKIE: You always do this to me! This one here! You know she’s not paying
rent?! She’s not cleaning up after herself! I have to cook, and she’s just like, you know, lying there. Anyway, good evening. I’m Chef, Shameless and today we are
going to be cooking the lumpia, okay? This is my favorite one! The lumpia, (I love) lumpia,
okay?! That is it, no more is said! That is how I feel for the lumpia! Now this is a specialty that requires a lot of prep work.
So you have to make sure to set aside time. This is a good one for special occasions, okay? It’s… (you know) a lot of work! You have to cut and chop
finely all the ingredients that will be going into this one, you know, the wrapping. So, I recommend doing this one for the holidays, family parties,
debut, special occasions, okay? It’s a lot of work. It is a good one to give to a friend or
family member because this is a lot, you know? And I’m by myself–I have to do this all by myself! But I have you! So it’s not so bad, you know? Let us get cooking! First, you’ll need cabbage. Then, you’ll need onions. Oh, then you’ll need a sprout, it’s so good! Then you will need a carrot. Stop being so dirty. It is not a required one, but I love
it anyways. It is my favorite: potato, potato. Then you will need the most important ingredient. It’s the roll. But, in the Philippines call it lumpia. You might call it
spring roll, but for us, we call it lumpia. Now we are going to fry. You need to
get oil, organic oil if you have to. I’m going to be making this one for the vegetarians
because there are a lot of vegetarian viewers. But if you like meat, you know, the pork, the
beef, you can go ahead and add that. But I am a disgrace to my culture! I don’t even eat beef or pork! I don’t know!
Am I Pinoy anymore? I don’t know. I’m Pinoy, I just do not eat beef or pork! Okay! Now we are going to get to work. come on! This is everything! You have to make sure everything is clean! So you have to wash. I am using a vegetable wash, okay? You have to clean your fruits and vegetables because it’s dirty. And then you chop, chop, chop very finely, you know, because you
don’t want to distort your spring roll with big things. This is a lot of work. This is how we stay in shape. Chop everything so finely with the those nimble filipino fingers. Do not cut yourself, you have to be very careful! So you don’t want them to be big and distort the wrapping paper. You have to make it small. That is everything all chopped! You know you have to add a little flavor with the garlic. Then you mix it around and add some soy sauce because I love it! The potato must be boiled first so it’s soft, then
you put the potato into everything, like that. Sprout is last! Put anything you like: salt,
sesame oil, sweet and sour, your favorite. And then you have to get your rice paper. And be very delicate, okay? Use two tablespoons, and then you put water on the
edges. This is acting like a glue, okay? Like an envelope, like you are mailing to a penpal back home! But you are using water instead of glue, because the water is the glue. Make sure it is wrapped tightly! Because you don’t want
it to undo when you are frying it! That is it! Like that! Ta-dah! You have your chopstick, okay? And this is the lumpia. I have to make sure this is hot. Okay, to
check, I will put a piece of carrot. That is boiling, so that is how I
know it is ready. Okay, dunking time! You can do two at a time, okay? So the trick here is to make sure the
oil is hot, but not too hot. Make sure it is a brown color. And you’re using
chopsticks because you don’t want to break the wrapper. And it comes out everywhere, you don’t want that! That’s the one. Then you have to have paper towels, because it is
oily, you know? So the paper towel will absorb the oil. This is cooked, uncooked, cooking. But look! come take a closer look! That is making a cute sound, so cute!
The bubbling of the oil is cute. Rice, crackle pop. Kellogs Rice Krispies! That one, rice?! You know we love rice. Download this song. This is by my Pinoy brother,
Jay Ellyiot, okay?! You download and support. Support the Filipino movement! Jay Ellyiot is Pinoy. This is a good video for us to do because we
are loving our Pinoy culture and our Pinoy pride. That is it! Practice makes perfect. Or close to it. Because nobody’s perfect, right? Although my lumpia is pretty darn perfect if you
ask me. It is pretty darn perfect! But, look at that! Look at that golden brown! All that oil! That is going right to my
belly! I have to work out now! I don’t like working out, but I will have
to work out if I’m eating like this! Oh my God! It’s coming out! No! Don’t blow up in my kitchen! No! Oh my goodness! It blew up! Oh my goodness! World War! Look! Oh no! My goodness! It blew up! I…it’s… My plate… You see what I mean? You have to make sure you seal it
tightly before you put it in here because now look at that. This is hard work! Hard work. For Pete’s sake! It’s okay, I saved the day, you know? You make due with the cards that life is handing you. I saved the day! And I have one lumpia roll. That is it! Cooking with Chef Shameless! I want you to try cooking this one at home, okay? For a family get together. And I want you to
tag me on Instagram, hashtag Chef Shameless, okay? JACKIE: I’m hungry! Chef Shameless. I know I’m saying ‘shep’, but I mean Chef Shameless, okay? Tag me; I want to see how you make the lumpia, okay? Make sure to do you, be you, stay true! Be shameless! Do you boo! I will see you soon! So that is it! Make sure you subscribe. Make sure
you like this video, if you like food. If you like to eat food, might as well,
why don’t you just like this video? And I remember growing up as a little one. When I was in school, the kids–the white kids–they were making fun
of me because I am eating a different food, you know? They’re saying, ‘what is that?! What is that, that smells different!’ You’re so different! Why do you have to eat like that?! And I was so sad because they all had the sandwich, you know, they had the wonder
bread with the cold cut and lettuce and mustard and ketchup and I have my rice. My Pinoy food–I don’t want to eat it anymore. So I go home and I tell my mom, ‘mommy, I don’t want this, I don’t like it! It’s, you
know, the kids at school are making fun of me and I don’t want to eat it anymore! And then my mom, you know what she said to me?! She says, ‘hey! What’s going on with you?! What do you
care about what those kids are saying to you?!’ ‘This is a good one! This is a good food for you!’ But I told my mom that they’re mean to me! They’re making fun of
me! I don’t want to eat any more–I’m not eating at school anymore! I want wonder bread! My mom, you know what she said to me? Maya, they don’t know any better. Their mothers are not telling them
that they shouldn’t be making fun of you and other people. So you have to be strong, okay?! Embrace your food! This is your favorite! Don’t change who you are
because they are making fun of you! Don’t change! Do you, boo! That is you know, what she said to me. Not really, that’s not what she said to me. But you know what I
mean. Like that, almost like that one! Like she said, like that. So then she said, ‘Maya, pray for them. Pray for them!’ So I said, ‘okay mom, I’ll pray for them.’ I’ll pray for them! Baby Jesus, I don’t want
them to be making fun of me. They are hurting my feelings, maybe because their feelings are hurt. I pray that they’ll be happy, Baby Jesus. Because if they are happy, they would not be making fun of
me. But because they’re making fun of me, they’re not happy! Okay, that is it. I don’t even like wonder bread anyway! It’s so… blah! And the cold cuts–it’s not bad actually, the cold cuts are very good–anyway!

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