How To Make Cold Pressed Black Seed Oil At Home And Health Benefits

hello everybody welcome to my video so
today I’m going to do a DIY black seed oil so one of my subscribers she asked
me to DIY a black seed oil so I also went not to do my research to see the
main property benefit of this seed so guys really I saw this you can do a lot
a lot a lot of miracle for our body so first of all I’m going to do the oil so
I will also be talking how and what this oil really really does many as the
benefits it has and what it can do for your health
this seed is to in Morocco miraculous siege so first let me just show you how
it looks like so this is how it looks is a little bit very very tiny like sesame
seed you can’t even notice is his seed but me why is a scenic looks like Joseon
breaking choco beds is a seed when you break its you are going to find some
whitish let me see something inside so first I’m going to pour it into my
blender to just blend it or become a powder me what I will be doing through
ways but today I will be doing the ones I will be drinking for your heads so why
the second one I will be doing it tomorrow I’ll pause the video to know
stateroom guys I’ll pull the video tomorrow
or how you can use to grow your hair your age some because I’ve started using
it up begin to see how it come my flower mission because it’s also ants
inflammation so now guys I blend everything so because I’m not going to
juice everything for does the oil to drink I’m going to just separate it so
this is the blended one I’m going to add the ones I’ll be needed for drinking you
know to take inside that maintain their little blender mixer so they’re many one
we pour it into this jar because from there each time wants is useful and it’s
you can even eat it like that and drink one cup of water so now I’m
going to the one I put inside his blender to mix now to do my coat press
form so I’m going to pour my own leaf or a I wanted to reuse grapeseed Oberon
have it’s some music olive oil now are you able to put oil to cover you know
the own blended seat so it’s not good I don’t I didn’t measure it anyway so now
I’m going to water our we explained here nice dance I will blend for five good
minutes then I will step and live it through seeds for 30 minutes so each
every 30 minutes and we come back I will stand I will blend again for five
minutes and we leave it to sit for so I did this for one hour 30 minutes so now
I’ve come to the end because I’ll be doing it as I said every 30 minutes I
will blend I will let you two seats every 30 minutes I’ll come back so I did
it three times many one hour 30 minutes so now I’ve come to the final are
blending so guys you are going to just find a great a great a great a great
resource from this form which I it eats so now I’m going to just see
feeds by you know zoning code is easy the the filter I’m having right now the
other one I use it for something else so I’m just going to press note on the
water and the oil sorry so after toning everything to calm us
for the first time to separate it from the blended seed so I’m going to use my
other tiny let me say that that’s the one I used to make green see some just B
to juice the ground is very very tiny okay so don’t be able to at least to
help me to filter the old seeds from the oil very well so now this is how I’m
going to make the second filtering in this case I will have define on the
separated oh yeah from the blended seat very well so now
guys let’s talk about what it’s dosed so our heads this way I can’t cure asthma
high blood pressure diabetes inflammation cough headache
azeema fever dizziness and flu it’s can it may also improve blood pressure blood
lipid and even fight cancer this way can also reduce high cholesterol if you have
high cholesterol or any kind of system in your body when you take one sport a
day make sure you you shake it if you have it in we are going to let it to sit
in a dark bottle so guys I hope you love this our DIY so if you do give a thumbs
up share with your friends and family to know how to DIY code press at home

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