How to make Hand Dipped Beeswax Candles – The Bush Bee Man

(gas whizzing) – Well, welcome to the
candle making factory. I don’t know. I’ve been roped into the kitchen to try and help the wife
keep up with the orders. She’s probably gonna regret this ’cause she’s given me the instructions on how to make these
common dip candles, so. (exhales heavily) Let’s see if we can make a couple before she gets back, otherwise there might be
all sorts of excitement. (bees buzzing) So, as you remember, I made me jolly extended saucepan so we can make some dip candles. So, first of all, you’ve got to get motivated and tie some nuts together. Metal nuts (chuckles). Of course, it doesn’t
really have to be a nut, but it just seems to work because at least you got a
bigger hole to thread through. Especially when you got no eyes like me. Least you don’t have
to put your glasses on. And, you just wanna tie
it around the bottom so you got a bit of weight. That’s if I could tie a knot. Golly gosh, I’m gonna have
to go back to the Boy Scouts and ask ’em to teach me
how to tie a knot, don’t I? Get ’round there fumble fingers. I think I’m out of my comfort
zone here, golly gosh. This is the neat end of the journey. I mean, Kelly, I’m gonna
be out in the shed. Tryin’ to get the wax good
enough to be accepted. If you’re quick, you might be able to order the prized
Bush Bee Man dip candle. Well, I don’t know if be prized. It might be somethin’. So, apparently we got to make it so that the string is long enough
to go in our mortar shell. Oh, I dunno, that looks pretty good to me. (chuckles) I’d say no,
we will see what happens. Pft, of course, now,
it wouldn’t be like me to actually be doing
anything sensible, would it? So, I’ve thought this is a bit too high for my poor old shoulders
to be dippin’ them candles. So, I bought meself me own
little table into the apparatus. So, either I’m going to be helping out or I’m going to be helped out the door. But that just depends. I’m in here raiding this show, but I’m actually trying to be helpful, but, you know, sometimes when
husbands try to be helpful, they’re actually a jolly
nuisance, aren’t they? But, anyway, we’ll have a crack. So, we’re gonna bring our mortar shell over to the dipping station. Phew, I think that might
be a little bit warm, even from my old calloused hands. I think we’ll cheat and get a tea towel. Do you reckon we’ll make it
over there without droppin’ it? Oh shit. (grunts) Wouldn’t that be great? The wife comes home. There’s wax all over her kitchen floor and no candles made. Straight to jail (chuckles). Anyway, here we go. So, when the R and D officer was startin’ to make candles in the kitchen here. She had ’em all hangin’
on the kitchen knobs and on the door fronts and everything. And, I thought, all I thought to myself, that was a little bit complicated. Bless her heart. So, I went out to the shed and I knocked her up a
bit of a candle stand. And, I think I need to be a
little bit critiqued (chuckles) and have a little bit of
review about how it works. But, anyway, for the purpose
of the exercise, here we are. The lovely lasses she’s done
a couple of experimental ones. Well, not experimental ones,
more professional ones. So, we’ll see how close we
get to how it’s meant to look. Of course, this isn’t just a little bit of any ordinary string. It’s actually proper wick, candle wick. I was readin’ some history
about beeswax candles. Well, not history, some information. Apparently, they’re the
only candles that burn pure and don’t actually put
any carbon into the air, well, not carbon, pollution into the air I should say, in your own home, so. And, apparently, it
actually helps with your, not disease, asthma, helps with asthma ’cause it actually binds
some of the dust together that’s in your home and makes it settle out so you can vacuum it up and
disappear out of the house. So, there’s another reason to have a crack at making beeswax candles
or buyin’ one off of me. Well, maybe not off of me (laughs) we’ll have a see if there’s any one to buy if I’m in charge. Right, anyway, apparently,
we’ve got to dip them in here, so they go down basically to the bottom. So, I’m thinkin’ that’s gonna
be entertaining in itself. Here we go. Are we ready? (babbles) How do you know when you’re at the bottom? Oh, golly gosh, what’s that doin’? Should I got that out the way? I’ve dipped that bit in as well. Stop it, get up there. Oh shit (chuckles),
it’s already in trouble. Surely I can’t muck it up
this early in the process. I think I’ve gone a bit deep there. Ah, brand new, do you hang ’em
up to cool off for a minute. Is that three? Are you all countin’ (chuckles)? We’ll put it over here on
the special cooling rack. (chuckles) Golly gosh. I guess in summer we would have to put the air-conditioning on. In the minute, it’s quite chilly. Apparently, the Catholic
Church used beeswax candles right up until just recently. Maybe they do at the Vatican. Maybe they still use
’em, but I don’t know. Haven’t been to the Vatican. I’ll just let them drip a bit. Dip, dip, dip, dip. Phew (babbles). (wax trickling) I don’t know, the nuts
don’t seem to be gettin’ too much wax on them. It’s fiddling up a bit though. Golly gosh, I think we’re
gonna have to get the wife to make an instructional video (chuckles). Oh, the next process, apparently, we’ve got to do is make
some beeswax wraps. Oh, my goodness me. And then, she says, put them over here. Let them cool again on my patented new box
beeswax candle cooler-offerer. (chuckles) At least you can’t say I’m not into recycling, can ya? I mean I thought that
was the perfect height, the little nuke box. Couple of old bees bars that
I know I’m not gonna use. Although, I think I’m gonna change it and go back out and I might make it so is it can have four on there. They can have two either side. ‘Cause my original thought
was you could put ’em forward, but I didn’t think it through. ‘Cause, actually, it’s a bit awkward to get the calling ones
from the back to the front ’cause I thought you could
have them stacked along here. But, see what happens when you actually start
doing the process (chuckles). You get a bit of a different feel for it. But, anyway, it’s a step
up from the doorknobs or their cupboard knobs. So, we’re gettin’ there. (upbeat acoustic music) Now, I’m doing well so far. But, apparently, now we’ve
got to remove our nuts. (scissors snipping)
Now, like the fact there’s no expense spared here. I’ve bloomin’ got the little
baby kindergarten scissors. Maybe that’s so I can’t
do too much damage. I’m just tryin’ to figure
it out how far up though. I guess you just cut the nut off. I dunno, can’t really cut
through the nut, can ya? (upbeat acoustic music) God, okay, goodness me, so, what happens? I dunno, heck, hang on. Get rid of some of this wax off here. Yeah, that’s actually still quite warm. Huh, I dunno, so you
have to let it sit around for a little while I
reckon to get organized. (chuckles) I think we’re doin’ all right. I’m a bit scared now ’cause
it’s actually goin’ okay, so. Pft (exhales heavily)
Anyway, don’t tell her that we’re actually doin’ a good job. Otherwise I’m gonna have
to do this more often. Are we ready? ♪ Doot do doo ♪ (upbeat acoustic music) Ha, look at that. Holy hell, I’d better go and ask the boss and see how I got on. What do you reckon, champ? How did I go? Oh, she’s givin’ me the
thumbs up, so that’s all good. All right, I might be in the
candle factory a bit more. Got the sun shining out there, I’m gettin’ a hankering for a bee box. But, anyway, that’s the goal, innit? Look at that. Oh, I’m a jack of all trades,
master of half of ’em. So, we’ll just leave ’em
there to rest for a little bit ’cause they’re still
pretty warm at this stage. Of course, when do we get
a little bit more excited, I’ll have to make a few, boop. Shivers, don’t bump her again. I have to make a few more of these stands so we can make, obviously, to be a bit more efficient
than this, but still, yeah. So, I reckon I’m gonna have to make a few more of these stands. Maybe make ’em so as she
got four on the one stand and then another one next to that. I don’t know how that
will work, but anyway. Oh, I reckon, considering that I’ve got
these boxes layin’ around, I’ve got another old nuke
box out the back there that’s got a hole in it from
the bloomin’ nut of them, you know, the nut in the wood. No, it’s not called a nut. It’s called a knot (laughs). It’s a knot in the wood that’s fallen out. So, that would actually be make another really good one. That’ll give us, what? Two, four, eight. Look at that, how my maths is
pretty good, innit (chuckles)? God, anyway, I was just lookin’ here. I think we’d better snip
the bottom of these off and, perhaps, we put them
on a iron or somethin’ to get ’em really flat, I dunno. But, anyway, we’ll snip the bottom off. Oh, it just comes off. It just come off easy. But, of course it would. Oh, dear, and as far as I can figure out from the directions. We get some paper. Baking paper in a frying pan and we just basically put the candle in the bottom of that,
so it’s nice and flat. But, obviously, it’s gonna be
in a candle holder, anyway, so, it’s not really gonna matter. But, we’ll make it nice
and flat on the bottom. And, there you go. Hey, presto! Beeswax dipped candles even
by the Bush Bee Man no more. Of course, waste not, want not. We’ll put this little bit back in here. We may have to put it back
on the heat for the next lap. So, if you wanna get your hands on some Bush Bee Man hand dipped by me, well, maybe not by me, might
be done by my wife as well. Click over to the
website and check us out. Grab yourself a couple for
your next dinner party. Tell you what, it’s be somethin’ special. (bees buzzing)

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