How To Make Herbal Skin Care – 7 DIY Recipes (Remedies)!

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mind, please subscribe to our Channel and click that Bell icon so you don’t
accidentally miss our next videos. Thank you. Making your herbal skin care
products is fun and easy too. Here are seven of our very favorite herbal
skin care recipes. These natural and botanical potions will nourish hydrate
refresh and relax. St. John’s word face serum. Here are the essential oils and
extract that we will be adding to the facial serum. Helichrysum. (Helichrysum
italicum) also known as everlasting or immortal. This essential oil is well
known for its ability to support skin health, reduce inflammation and reduce
pain. It is commonly used for minor injuries, such as bruises and contusions
and is also frequently used for scars. This is an expensive essential oil.
Lavender (lavandula angustifolia). One of our favorite essential oils, because of
its lovely scent. Lavender is also a wonderful choice for protecting and
healing the skin. It has a long history of use for healing burns as well as
infections. Rosemary (rosemary officinalis). Rosemary antioxidant extract
contains rosemarinic and carnosic acids, both extensively studied for their
antioxidant qualities. It is often used in cosmetics to increase the shelf life
of natural products. You can find rosemary antioxidant extract at herbal
apothecaries. Saint John’s word face serum. This face serum combines several
sources of oils extracts and essential oils. To create a deeply nourishing and
restorative oil for the skin. This blend is also ideal for healing scars.
Ingredients: 2 ounces fresh infused Saint John’s wort oil, 1 TSP rosemary
antioxidant extract, 12 drops helichrysum essential oil,
20 drops lavender essential oil optional. Instructions: add all the ingredients to
a glass measuring cup with a pouring spout, stir well. Pour the mixture into a
2-ounce glass jar, cap with a lid. You could also put it in a traditional
tincture bottle with a dropper or any other small decorative bottle that seals
well. This recipe yields approximately 2 ounces of oil. With daily application, it
should last about three months. Self-heal skin serum. The oils and rosemary extract.
All of the oils in this recipe are highly prized for their ability to
support healthy skin, while self-heal is the herb we are using for its protective
effects. These oils are equally medicinal. These oils are expensive. If the cost is
prohibitive for you substitute all the oils with grapeseed oil or another light
oil. Jojoba oil is light and silky, which is surprising considering that it is
actually a liquid wax and not an oil. Jojoba is high in many of the nutrients
needed for healthy skin including essential fatty acids.
It is highly shelf-stable and rarely goes rancid. It mimics our own skin’s
sebum and rarely causes an oily build-up or irritation. Argan oil comes from the
fruit kernels of the Moroccan argan tree (argania spinosa). It is a light oil
that penetrates and hydrates the skin well. One study showed that argan oil
applied topically helped to restore skin elasticity. Pomegranate oil is heavier
than the other oils in this recipe but is highly prized for its ability to
easily absorbed into the skin, it has also been shown to protect human skin
cells from sun damage in an in vitro study. Rosemary extract contains rosemarinic
and carnosic acids both extensively studied for their antioxidant abilities.
It is often used in cosmetics to increase the shelf life of natural
products. The essential oils. We chose the essential oils in this recipe,
not only for their amazing sense but also because of their strong affinity
for the skin. All of these essential oils are used for healing the skin and have
shown strong antioxidant activity in clinical practice and in vitro studies.
Neroli and blue chamomile are expensive. if they are cost-prohibitive for you
consider using lavender essential oil only this recipe also smells nice
without essential oils which would be a good approach for people with extremely
sensitive skin self heal skin serum recipe this is a luxurious recipe that
can potentially protect the skin from sun damage it has a soft and silky feel
to it without leaving an oily feeling use it daily in the morning and night to
protect your skin from sun damage it can also, be used to hydrate and rejuvenate
your skin. ingredients: five ounces of jojoba oil 4 ounces of argan oil one
ounce of pomegranate oil 15 grams of freshly dried self-heal herb one
teaspoon of rosemary extract 20 drops of nearly essential oil seven drops of
lavender essential oil three drops of blue chamomile essential oil
instructions measure out the jojoba oil argan oil and pomegranate oil by volume
into a double boiler or a metal bowl that fits over a pan of water at
approximately 15 grams 1/2 ounce of self-heal herb turn on the heat under
the double boiler and warm the oil until it is warm to the touch turn off the
heat and cover with a lid throughout the day visit the oil and heat it again
slightly and then let it sit take care not to let the oil get too hot some
people use a modified crock-pot for this just be careful that it doesn’t get too
hot or fry the herbal material after heating the oil for 24 to 48 hours place
the mixture in a blender blend on high until the blender feels warms to the
touch strain off the herbs from the oil you
can then strain the oil again through or layers of cheesecloth to get any of
the fine particles out you’ll know you have a really potent extraction if the
result is a deep dark green oil don’t worry though this becomes
completely clear and invisible on the skin next add the rosemary extract and
the essential oils stir well put the oil into a 2 ounce bottle with a treatment
pump you could also put it in a traditional dinkar bottle with a dropper
or any other small decorative bottle that seals well to use your self-heal
serum place a small amount on your fingertips and rub into your face you
don’t need to use a lot two ounces might last an entire sunny season this recipe
makes approximately 8 ounces keep in a cool place it should last a year if not
longer consider this a Sun protectant it’s not a sunscreen but it can protect
your skin from oxidation and UV damage body butter before we get to how to make
body butter let’s take a closer look at our ingredients shea butter shea butter
is processed from a nut that grows in Africa most of the shea butter you buy
husband hand processed by African women be sure to buy from a good source that
pays these artisans a fair wage shea butter is incredibly nourishing to the
skin it can be used to heal damaged skin as well as further support healthy skin
shea butter is an intense moisturizer for dry skin and is a wonderful product
for revitalizing dull or dry skin on the body or scalp it promotes skin renewal
increases the circulation and accelerates wound healing mango butter
mango butter is a semi-hard butter that is wonderfully rejuvenating it is often
recommended to revitalize damaged and rough skin coconut oil. coconut oil as
with the butters forums a protective thin layer on the skin to keep moisture
in this light oil is also wonderfully soothing to the skin
herb-infused oil you can use any liquid oil for this our favorites are grapeseed
oil almond oil jojoba oil and apricot kernel oil you don’t need to infuse
herbs into the oil we love using Caligula infused oils where my body
butters olive oil can also be used but the end result will be a heavier body
butter that may be a bit greasy hydrosol Hydra cells are made from steam
distilled herbs they have a mild but wonderful scent and they contain all the
health benefits of the herb they were distilled from rose hydrosol Caligula
hydrosol in lavender hydrosol are some of our favorite hydrosols to use and
body butters aloe vera gel aloe vera is wonderfully nourishing to the skin it
can help soothe dry and inflamed skin as well as add elasticity to healthy skin
it is often used for acute skin problems such as sunburns and bug bites borax
powder borax powder is added to help emulsify the oils and the waters
together and it also serves as a mild preservative you can see from the
ingredients that this blend combines all sorts of butters and oils that are
wonderfully nourishing and supportive to the skin how to make body butter the
following recipe is the basic recipe you can experiment with using different
Hydra cells essential oils and herb infused oils you can mix and match any
of these use different terms etc so many possibilities ingredients 3 ounces shea
butter 2 ounces mango butter 1 ounce coconut oil 1/2 ounce beeswax 3 ounces
herb-infused oil the water portion 2 ounces hydrosol 1-ounce aloe vera gel
essential oils of your choice optional 1/4 teaspoon borax powder
instructions begin by melting the shea butter mango butter coconut oil and
beeswax in a double boiler or a pan on very low heat
once it has all turn off the heat and slowly add the
herb-infused oil when you add the oil you might notice parts of the liquid
become solid again sometimes you can just give it a little stir and
everything will melt again if not it may need a tiny bit more heat to be sure
that it all melts together once the butters oils and wax are combined pour
it into the container you are going to mix it in if you are using a blender
pour the mixture in the blender and set it aside until it is room temperature if
you are using a handheld mixer stand mixer or immersion blender place it in
the bowl you will use to whip it up while waiting for the butter mixture to
cool mix together the hydrosol aloe vera gel essential oils and borax powder once
the butter mixture has cooled use a blender or mixer to begin to mix it
slowly add the hydrosol mixture when all the hydrosol mixture has been mixed in
the body butter can be poured into jars and labeled how to use body butter now
here’s the trick about body butter it’s best to rub in a light layer of the body
butter just after a hot shower while the pores of your skin are still open it may
feel a little greasy just after application but within minutes it will
soak into your skin the result is soft and glowing skin not greasy remember
that body butter is thick and luscious a little bit goes a long way
your friends and family will love this luxurious present homemade aftershave
let’s take a closer look at our ingredients
witch hazel extract astringency is the ability to tighten and tone tissues it’s
also, antimicrobial meaning that it helps to keep cuts clean thus preventing
infection orange peel many of us are familiar with this fruit did you know
that the orange tree originally comes from China in traditional Chinese
medicine the orange peel is used medicinally for digestion and
expectoration mucus congestion we use citrus peel in this recipe for its fresh
spices cinnamon cloves and allspice each of these spices add their own unique
smell to this homemade aftershave but they do more than just smell good all of
these spices have been used for thousands of years to aid digestion and
even preserve food cinnamon is used for colds and flus diarrhea and to help
balance blood sugar levels whole cloves are dried flower buds and are
especially high in antioxidants lore essential oil is commonly used today to
alleviate toothaches allspice fermented Ayaka is the fruit of a myrtle tree that
commonly grows in jamaica it’s called allspice because it is said
to taste like the combination of various spices including cloves juniper berries
cinnamon and pepper rum. rum is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from
molasses a sugarcane by-product it’s believed to have originated on the
island of Barbados and is an important beverage in the Caribbean Bay West
Indies essential oil this essential oil is distilled from the bay rum tree
pimento race mosa it is a common sent in aftershave products homemade aftershave
recipe this deeply aromatic homemade aftershave smells of citrus and allspice
the recipe is also antimicrobial which can keep any razor cuts from becoming
infected it makes a great gift for anyone who shaves
ingredients1 organic orange one cinnamon stick 3 to 5 whole cloves 3 to 5 whole
allspice 1/2 TSP vegetable glycerin optional 1/2 TSP aloe vera gel optional
1 ounce rum about 2 cups witch hazel extract 25 to 40 drops Bay West Indies
essential oil instructions begin by grading the orange peel to get its zest
you want the orange part of the peel not the white beneath this usually yields
about 2 tablespoons of orange it’s fine if you have more
less than this once you have the zest put it in a pint jar along with the
cinnamon stick the cloves and the allspice next had the optional glycerin
and aloe vera these are great additions for people with especially sensitive
skin next add the rum you can buy a small 1-ounce bottle from the liquor
store next fill the jar with witch hazel extract this will be just under 2 cups
finally, add the bay West Indies essential oil to your aftershave recipe
cover the jar with a tight-fitting lid and shake well shake it every day
or so for 4 to 6 weeks once the homemade aftershave is done strain off the
ingredients and put it in a dark-colored bottle this makes enough to fill 2 8
ounce bottles attach a label and now you have a wonderful holiday gift
homemade lotion bars the lotion bars themselves are great gifts and even the
giving of a lotion bar kit makes a wonderful holiday present as well the
following recipe makes about seven bars ingredients 3 ounces beeswax 1 and one
half ounces cocoa butter 1 and 1/2 ounces shea butter 3 ounces carrier oil
or herbal infused oil molds or tins essential oils optional instructions
measure out the wax and butters by weight begin by melting the beeswax
cocoa butter and shea butter you want to heat this on a low heat as possible
some people even use a double boiler stir frequently to avoid burning the wax
and butter once the wax and butters are melted you are going to add the oil this
is measured by volume and can be any carrier oil both of these oils are dry
oils meaning they absorbed into the skin readily rosehip seed oils is also lovely
olive oil can be used but it will have a more oily feeling to it to make this
extra special you can infuse the oil with herbs you
can also use an oil that hasn’t been infused with herbs
when the oil is added to the melted materials the wax and butters may harden
a bit keep stirring with the heat on low until
the mixture is completely melted oils will go rancid more quickly when exposed
to too much heat so limit the amount of heat on the actual oils as much as
possible when everything is melted you can add your optional essential oils
lastly, pour the mixture into molds or ten containers not sure whether to use a
mold or a container the plus side of molds is that you can buy these silicone
molds in a variety of different shapes and sizes
once the lotion bars have cooled it’s easy to remove them from the mold
you could also try using muffin baking sheet the tins offer more protection to
the bar and could be carried in purses etc if using tins make sure they have a
flat side so that when the lotion bar solidifies it can easily slip out if
there is a curled lip at the rim you’ll have a hard time getting it out if you
live in a hot environment we strongly suggest using a tent for lotion bars
when these are completely cooled you can pop them out of the mold Orton and put
them to use keep these homemade lotion bars in a
cool place if they get too hot they will melt again if you are giving them as a
gift be sure to tell the recipient to keep them in a cool place these make
great gifts herbal sea salt scrub ingredients one large handful of a dried
herb of your choice 2 to 3 tablespoons sea salt about 4 tablespoons water 1/2
TSP olive oil instructions to make the scrub put 1 large handful of your herb
of choice into a mortar and grind it into a powder with the pestle add the
sea salt and grind a bit more add the water and stir finally add the olive oil
this makes enough for one treatment use it by massaging it into the skin and
allowing it to stay on for 10 minutes before rinsing it will have a crumbly
texture if bits a verb fall-off in the application simply reapply another
possibility is to make a basic salt clay scrub by mixing three tablespoons of
clay with two tablespoons of sea salt include instructions to mix it with four
tablespoons of water before massaging it into the skin for this one leave it on
for five minutes or until the skin feels tight without the water the shelf life
will be longer you might also leave the liquid out of
the herbal combination and just include instructions with your gift if you would
like to make it further in advance herbal body splash ingredients one ounce
of a combination of spearmint nettle leaf and fennel seeds crushed with a
mortar and pestle 16 ounces water about 12 ounces of vodka instructions first make
an infusion with the herbs and water by pouring the 16 ounces of water over the
one ounce of herbs and allowing it to steep for four hours strain pour the
strained infusion into a measuring cup and add an equal amount of vodka pour
the mixture into a jar or bottle cap and shake well if you have a spray bottle
you can spray it onto your skin or you can pour a bit into the palm of your
hand and splash it onto your face if you would like a stronger blend or a more
intense aroma you can add 1/2 TSP of spearmint essential oil and 1/4 TSP of
fennel essential oil for an even more basic body splash add 40 drops of
essential oil of your choice to four ounces of distilled water or sparkling
spring water the spring water will give it a tingling
sensation and more stimulating effect adding two teaspoons of vodka will help
to preserve the splash and also make it more astringent and cleansing now just
tie a nice ribbon around your bottles and you’re all set to present your
homemade herbal gifts not only do these make a great gift
but they are also a great dry skin remedy if you liked our video hit the
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like to see next have a nice and healthy life

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