hi my DVD so I show you guys what plants are good for what conditions but in a lot of the plants you can just eat or just make tea out of but I’m going to show you how to make a powder out of plants straight from nature because a lot of you guys you know you get you go to a store you get the powders and I’m going to show you how I do it myself and I said you have to do it this way but it’s the way I do it and it’s pretty darn easy now the two plants that I’m going to show you today are their local plants so I just went out and got on my own the first one is silk tassel this is a really good smooth muscle relaxer and it’s very powerful for anybody who has menstrual cramps just half a teaspoon of this stuff will knock out your monstro cramps even the worse for up to 10 hours so half a day knocked out with just half a teaspoon of this stuff here the other plants I’m going to be showing you is manzanita this stuff is really is is awesome this is really good for kidneys for bladders for urinary tract infections now if you go to a normal health food store and you guys get something for those conditions it’s usually over irsie is the plant that’s in those those formulas now this is new Bercy family Butler C only has two AG like owns which are the active constituents which make it do its thing this has 14 AG like owns which is seven times more powerful now the cool thing about this plant is it doesn’t do anything until he actually gets in your kidneys at which point when it’s in your kidneys it splits releasing hydroquinone which is a natural antibiotic antiseptic which kills anything that is doesn’t belong in your kidneys in your bladders in your ear and airy tracts this stuff is amazing it’s like it’s made for your kidneys it actually knows when it’s in your kidneys and then it goes to work and the antibiotic that it releases a natural antibiotic it doesn’t ruin your immune system like the stuff that you get from the pharmacy this is natural and it’s really good for you anyway so getting on with how I make powders out of this stuff it’s really easy and you’ll laugh at this it’s kind of funny now these branches are really hard you can actually hurt yourself they’re really really hard and sharp and those the leaves have power in them the branches have more power and the roots have even more power so the lower you go on the plant the more powerful it is but we’re going to just focus on the leaves and the branches right now so what I do get a Vitamix well you got to have a real powerful blender for this otherwise you’re this isn’t going to work those of you have a Vitamix be thankful because this thing will chop rocks the Blendtec is probably going to do it too I don’t know about Mont Elle’s but the Vitamix for sure this thing’s awesome so anyway this is what I do I just break off the branches leaves and everything now I make sure they’re really dry if they’re still kind of wet moist like when you pick them they’re not going to do much maybe give you some mushy tea type stuff but they’re really dry than brittle then you’re ready to go so the way to do is you have it lying on the flight just lie on the floor in your room somewhere you don’t need to hydrate or anything just just lie it on the surface in your house where it naturally just dries over like a week or so then when it gets really brittle then we’re ready to go so you just break off the branches and if you’re making tea put the branches in too because it’s it’s just as giving the whole plant it’s good for you and you so good if you in other ways to help break the cell walls is if you don’t have time to dry it actually like you know in your room for a week put in the freezer in the freezer it helps break the cell walls open it within like an hour you’re ready to go but it won’t dry it out as much but it’ll break the cell walls at least you’ll get a lot more of the active constituents which help heal you I’ll bet most of you have never used some Vitamix blender for something like this before but that’s why I’m here to educate well you can smell that that herb just wow that’s powerful now the Vitamix chops it up pretty good there’s still some smaller pieces I mean it’s bigger blades so now what I do is I transfer it to something that’s smaller namely a coffee grinder the Vitamix is all the heavy work the hard work and then I transfer the stuff no coffee grinder now you get a strainer and you notice those chunks in there there’s a lot of fine powder a lot of medium-sized powder and in some chunks so what I do is now it’s time to get my cornstarch spoon this is nonmetallic I know the strainer is metallic might try to minimize the metal contact and you can notice what’s coming out the bottom a fine fine powder that’s what goes into your capsules if you’re making them or into your water if you’re just drinking it straight doesn’t matter I just drink it straight some people don’t like the taste of some of these herbs so they encapsulate them it’s not that hard to do I’ll show you how to do in a minute now what you’ll see here I’ve got like just some some gravel looking stuff left these are what used to be the branches and it’s kind of hard now I can break this down more if I want I could just keep going over and over until there’s nothing left but powder but I’ve got a lot of these branches so anyway you can see what’s underneath this really cool fine powder keep this another container here so this is actually good for making tea so you use the powder for taking straight with water or capsules and then this gravelly stuff the rougher stuff you use for making a tea now what I do normally is I just take half a teaspoon of this put it in water and drink it straight now for some of you don’t like the taste I want to show you how to put on a capsule here so got some capsules here they use a double O size like double-oh-seven anyway so then what I do is I just scoop the stuff into the capsules close it up there we go we got a capsule with powder in it and then you can just fill up a jar with these and just use them whenever you’re ready to use them now in this case this is manzanita this is for kidney infections bladder infections and urinary tract infections a couple of these three times a day you’re good to go you can probably wipe it out within the first day the silk tassel this is for for menstrual cramps you take one of these capsules your your menstrual cramps are gone for a whole ten hours as the stem it’s amazing Nature has so much power you don’t have to go to the pharmacy you don’t have to have chemicals you don’t have to have poisons to hide these symptoms matter of fact forget hiding the symptoms how about getting rid of the COTS that’s what these are for that’s what plants are for to help you live the way nature intended this is the way life is supposed to be it’s that simple this didn’t cost me anything except maybe like one penny of electricity so anyway I hope you guys learned a lot from this you can get more on my free food medicine deep ESET or the new free living DVD set and shows you what plants are good for what and you can make tea from it you can just eat it straight off the plant or you can make powder out of it or just I mean put in your salad there’s a million ways to take it the best way to take this stuff to get the most effect out of it is actually taking on an empty stomach a half an hour before you eat if you take it with your food you’re actually knocking down the power of the plant but if it’s too intense for you it’s too nasty for you then take it with the food but if you really want the most effect take half a teaspoon in water chug it down three times a day half hour before you need see you next time yeah

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