How to Prep Space for Ayurvedic Massage | Ayurvedic Massage

So, when preparing your space for Ayurvedic
massage, it’s nice to have a clean, natural colored sheets and set up. We want to create harmony and peaceful vibrations
in the space. So I’ve chosen this natural cotton color for
the set up. And for the oil we want to also, of course,
use natural substance so we have this nice copper vessel that I really prefer because
you heat the oil with fire. And so I’m lighting a tea light and using
a natural tea light, either beeswax or soy is best, because paraffin actually creates
toxins in the air and we want to have a natural quality for the healing to be authentic. This is organic sesame oil and I’m going to
pour it into this heating vessel. It will take about ten minutes to heat. These vessels are available online, through
my site, and through Once you have the oil ready, and the space
is ready, then you can begin to prepare yourself.

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