How to Pronounce Essential Oil Names

– (Chuckles) – Uh… (chuckles) [How to pronounce
essential oil names] – (Chuckles) – Did you make these up or
are these actual words? – No way, okay? -… he… – Heli… heli… cri-sum. – Heli-tray… heli-tri-sum. – Helichrysum. If you say it
faster, I heard it goes better, nobody knows you’ve
done it wrong. – Co-cop – – Copa – – Cop-i-ba. Copaiba. – Cop-u-ba? – Cop-a-ba? (Chuckles)
Stop laughing. – Bergamot – Bur-ga-met. – Bur-ga-met. – Bur-ga-met. – Bergamot! I don’t know. – Molica-anti-flea-a. Molly-eu-ca-al-al-alternative.
(Chuckles) – Mu-la-lay, oh, mu-lay-u-ka… – Meluca-la-ela-turni-forlia? – Mu… (chuckles).
Is that an “L”? – Y-lang, Y-lang. Long long! – Ye – yang, yang. That’s…
not a real sound. (Chuckles) – Helichrysum. – Copiaba. – Bergamot. – Melaleuca Alternifolia. – Ylang Ylang. – That’s it. That’s
it, huh, I got it? No? I didn’t get it. [Young Living Essential Oils] How to Pronounce EO (Web)

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