How to Sew an Aromatherapy Neck Pillow – Updated

After a hard day’s work, there’s nothing
better than to relax and what better way to relax than with an aromatherapy neck pillow.
Our version is shaped like a dolphin and we offer a free pattern on our website. Let’s
go ahead and get started. The supplies I’m going to use for this project
are a half yard of quilter’s cotton and chenille or flannel. You’ll also need embroidery
floss, a spool of cotton thread, at least 9 cups uncooked rice or buckwheat and a cup,
or more, of dried lavender. For tools, you’ll need a sewing machine,
iron, pins and needles, fabric marker, scissors, and an embroidery hoop Put your uncooked rice in a container and
mix in your dried lavender or a few drops of essential scented oil. Download and print our pattern found on our
website. You can find a link in the description. You can print the pattern using standard printer
paper. You’ll just have to cut out and tape the sections together for the full pattern. With your pattern, cut one from your quilter’s
fabric with the fabric right side up and cut one from chenille or flannel with the fabric
wrong side up. This will ensure that when the pieces are
placed right side up, the dolphins are going in opposite directions. On the piece cut out from the quilter’s
cotton, use your fabric marker to draw the eyes and mouth. This is for embroidering the
face, but this part is entirely optional. Place the section of the fabric you marked
in a small embroidery hoop and tighten the fabric. This is harder for the mouth, so just
do the best you can With 2 strands of embroidery floss on a hand needle. Embroider on your marked lines with a stem stitch. Start a little ways from the end coming up form the wrong side to the right side. Go to the end of your line. And before I pull it all the way through I’m going to come up right in the middle of those 2 points. Now I can pull it all the way through. For my second stitch I’m going to go a little ways away from my first stitch. Before I pull it all the way through, I’m going to come up where my first stitch left off. Now I’ll pull it all the way through. And then I’m going to do my third stitch a little ways away from that. And just keep repeating until I get to the end of my line. After the face is embroidered, place the two
fabric pieces right sides together. Pin all the way around. On the straighter side of the dolphin’s
tail, put a pair of X’d pins about 3” apart. You’ll stitch all the way around,
starting at one X and ending at the second X. There should be no stitches between the
X’s, because this is where we’ll flip everything right side out. Sew your seam at your sewing machine with
a 1/4” seam allowance. If you come to a corner and need to pivot or you need to adjust
on a curvy section, put the needle down, lift the foot and adjust the fabric. Then put the
foot down and continue sewing. Clip triangle shaped notches about every half
inch or so on all curved sides. Through the opening, flip the pillow right
side out. Once completely flipped, press with a hot
iron. Fill the dolphin with your uncooked rice mixture
until the pillow is about ¾ full. You don’t want it completely stuffed, to allow it to
form to your shoulders. To finish up we just need to do a slip stitch to close the opening. I’ve tucked in the raw edges to the inside of the pillow. Just to make sure it forms a nice even line and then put some thread on my hand needle here. You can see I’m coming up on one side, grabbing a little bit of the folded edge on the second side. I’m going to. Pull my thread all the way through and then go back to the first side. For my second stitch, gently pull this through. Then go back to the second side and just zig zag back and forth. Until your opening is closed. And
here we have the finished dolphin neck pillow! You can heat it up by putting it in the microwave
for 30 seconds at a time or if you want a cold pillow, stick it in the freezer. These
make great gifts for friends and family. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please
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