How to Use Dr. Schulze’s Herbal Supplement Products

Probably one of the biggest
questions I get from people is, how do you use these and
what do you do with them? And I’m going to tell you
things that you probably haven’t thought of. I won’t read that,
so you can have that. But can you hand them
to me and we’ll just go down the list, Gregg? Do you want a chair? Nah. OK. I’m like Vanna White. I’ll just kind of– OK. [LAUGHTER] When you hand them to me, do
kind of a sweep with your hand. [LAUGHTER] OK. Let’s go. I can do it right here. SuperFood. OK, why’d I make it? In the clinic, I
was always trying to make the finest
morning drink. I love a Vitamix. It breaks things down
to the cellular level. And I would put in herbs and
mint and fruits and vegetables and you name it. I would make green and blue and
black sludge, and I loved it. I had a landlord where
I lived, and we always tried to outdo each
other’s morning drinks. And in the clinic, I wanted to
get all my patients to do that. Because they were all dying. They were mostly anemic. A lot of them had cancer. Their blood values were gone. And I would put them on
juices and it would help, but I wanted to
fortify the juices. So these are a lot of the
things that I put in my blender, but I couldn’t get my
patients to do the same thing. So SuperFood is just nutrient
dense food and herbal powder. You can add it to anything. I make air pop popcorn. If I get a little
crazy sometimes, I’ll put SuperFood on that. I put it mainly in
my morning drink. You all had a drink
when you came in here. That was a SuperFood drink. I’m always making new
fun SuperFood drinks. It’s winter. I threw a Cold & Flu
“SHOT” in that one. It has a full dose
HerbalMucil, so you’ll have a nice, what I refer to as
a jelly snake tomorrow morning if you drank enough of it. It’s a medical term. It also had a full
dose of the Super-C and a nice chunk of ginger. What else? HerbalMucil, Super-C– Chia seeds. Oh I know all the food
stuff, but it had four– Could it have been Cold & Flu? Cold & Flu “SHOT” and SuperFood. So that’s really
what SuperFood is. It’s how I start my day. I also made it into tablets. I was out last night
with a gentleman from the Special Enforcement
Bureau of the Sheriff’s Department, and when
I got in the car, he had a bottle of
SuperFood tablets sitting in between the shotgun
and the sniper rifle, something like that. [LAUGHTER] You know, tablets are
great for on-the-go, but what you don’t know is
they’re the greatest dog treat in the world. Every morning, I’m
at Anisha’s house, the dogs will fight each other. I had to get a shocking
device to pull them apart, because they fought over
the SuperFood tablets. If you have dogs, cats,
horses, any animals, they love SuperFood tablets. But they’re great
on-the-go tablets. We also have the SuperFood
100, which I designed for kids. It’s a smaller amount,
so it’s a smaller pill, but it’s one that
kids can swallow. And that’s why we made it,
because so many people could not get their kids–
kids have a hard time going from pizza and
Coke to SuperFood. You have to just wean them over. And, hey, I’m not that way, but
a lot of people are that way. Before they hear
about me, they’ve already been involved
in all those drugs. And so it’s part of
the wean over process. And then our SuperFood for
kids, also the same idea. And now we have the
Super-C, because I realized that one of the top selling
supplements in the health food store is vitamin C supplements. And virtually 90%,
more than 90% of them are chemically changed sugar. It’s horrible. And that’s what we’re
trying to get away from. Remember, vitamin C, every
vitamin C advertisement you get, we want it
because it has antioxidants that destroy free radicals. But most of the vitamin
C supplements out there are free radicals. How crazy is that? OK, what next? You know, I always say
getting healthy is all about intake and elimination. Get it in, get it out. In America, we have a huge
problem with getting it out. From the very
beginning of my clinic, I made this
Intestinal Formula #1. It works the muscles
of your bowel and will make you have a
bowel movement the next day. In the 1970s, 15% of American
adults had bowel disease. In the 1980s, it was
20% or 30%, then 40%, and then the latest Merck
Manual says 100% of Americans, before they die, if
they live long enough, will have bowel disease. Diverticulosis, diverticulitis,
bowel herniations, polyps that lead to cancer. This is how bad it is, and
all that’s caused by this retained fecal matter that’s
sitting there too long. And the job of this is just
to go in and get it out. What else, Gregg? IF2. Ah, #2 is, we have Formula #1. #2 is, once your bowel’s working
good, you put this in there and it’s a vacuum. It has bentonite
clay in it, which will absorb 40 times its
weight out of your bowel. It has fruit pectin,
which is osmotic. It’ll remove Strontium-90
and lead and mercury and heavy metals, which
is radioactive materials. This really will draw– I mean, if you put it on your
skin and make a face mask, it’ll feel like it’s going
to suck your brains out through your forehead. It’s powerful stuff. I had a patient that took this. And when they were
a baby, their mother said they swallowed coins, and
coins came out with the dates from when they were a kid. How about that? So if you’re a coin collector,
this could be a real gem. [LAUGHTER] I had a woman that went through
the windshield of a car, and had abdominal surgery,
in a bad traffic accident. And years later,
doing my Bowel Detox, glass came out,
windshield glass. So we store stuff in there. It’s not as pretty of a picture
as a lot of people think. It comes in capsules. Together, those two formulas
are the 5-Day BOWEL Detox. It’s the first detox I
suggest for everybody. You know, so many groups do
all types of detox routines, and they make a mistake by not
addressing the colon first. I see people get into
advanced yoga classes that have one bowel movement a week. Well, I’m sorry,
but up dog, down dog is going to feel
like a bad dog if you have your bowel full of 10,
15 pounds of fecal matter. And so I have
helped yoga schools and religious organizations
that were putting their sickly disciples
in sweat lodges when they were filled with poop. How’s that going to feel? And so the first step– you know, when you start to
do any type of cleansing– I can’t sit down. When you start doing
any type of cleansing, and you start to get
poisons out of your fat, out of your muscles, out
of your tissues, almost all of it, if it doesn’t
excrete with your urine, it goes into your bowel. And if your bowel isn’t
working like clockwork, it’s going to sit in
there and re-poison you. And then that’s why people
go, gosh, I started a fast, but I felt horrible. I started getting healthy,
and I felt horrible. I found that my patients, if
they did a good bowel cleanse, and they were having a
few bowel movements a day, then no matter what they
took on, they felt great. So Bowel Detox first, then
Liver, then Kidney, then health programs, the first
step on a health program. If you need a
little more help, we have the Intestinal Formula
#1 maximum strength. Careful with that. You can learn the laws
of jet propulsion. We have Formula #3,
which is for kids. It’s great tasting, and
it’s also for adults. One of Anisha’s
favorite formulas. We have the Bowel Flush “SHOT.” This is when you want
to call Father Schulze. And you have gone out and
you have partied hearty. And you ate the donuts
in the morning that started with the
trans fatty acids and free radical breakfast,
then you went through– have a Happy Meal– and then it just got worse. And at the end of the day– I’m the only one in here who’s
perfect, who’s never done that. But I know the rest
of you are sinners. And it’s bad enough lying
in bed, guilt-ridden, feeling like shit. But this baby, you put it in
and you can start the next day with all of that
stuff out of you, and you learn not
to do it again. That’s what the Bowel
Flush “SHOT” is. But I have a lot
of bowel formulas, and the reason is,
because in my clinic, that was the predominant
problem I was dealing with. Oh, yeah, they came
in with a back pain, when they went to a chiropractor
that couldn’t get rid of. They had done acupuncture. They were ready to
have spinal surgery. And I got them to have
a great bowel movement, and all of a sudden
three, four years of pain they
couldn’t figure out, and no doctor could help
them with, was gone. Because the biggest organ
in the body is the colon. When it’s swollen
and filled with poop, it’s pressing on everything. And I don’t care if
it’s menstrual problems, menstrual irregularity,
heart trouble. All your organs get affected by
a nasty, swollen, constipated bowel, and so the
first step in my clinic was get that bowel flushed out. OK, Gregg, what’s next? Ah, HerbalMucil. Because the other product that
has the name “mucil” in it is also 30% to 40% sugar. And I had so many patients
doing that, I’m like, I’m done with that. Can we just leave the
sugar out, friends? I mean, come on. What does this taste
like, horrible? No, it just tastes bland. It doesn’t taste like it has
14 teaspoons of sugar in it. And that’s something we have
to learn ourselves to do. Put in a little fruit juice. Now you have a little
natural sugar, friends. We don’t have to eat sugar. This makes the jelly snake. This is what it’s called
now, jelly snake formula. If you don’t know what that
means, get some HerbalMucil, check it out. A couple teaspoons in
your SuperFood drink, and the next morning it’s
going to be like “Anaconda”. [LAUGHTER] Digestion. Once you eat all that
stuff we talked about, and you’re thinking about
the Bowel Flush “SHOT,” also I have a Digestive
“SHOT” and Digestive Tonic, because you can’t go to sleep
with a belly full of acid. A lot of people– I’m so sick of these
commercials, The Cable Guy. But they’re like, ah,
you go to the picnic. You want to eat the ribs. You want to eat the chicken. You want to eat Aunt
Betty’s potato salad. That’s OK, eat it. Just take this
pill that literally stops your excretion of
hydrochloric acid and digestive juices, and now
the stuff’s going to caramelize,
crystallize, fossilize, and rot in your belly. That’s not the answer. The answer is soothing
your digestion, getting it to move downward
and getting it out, and that’s what
digestive herbs do, along with elimination herbs. That’s the idea. That’s the program. And a lot of us whose bowel has
forgotten how to do its job, it needs to be retrained, and
that’s what these herbs do. They’re like going to the gym
and working out or moving. It retrains your muscles
and makes them stronger, and your bowel is a huge muscle. I’ll tell you kind
of a fun story, but in naturopathic school,
you can take a colon out of a cadaver and
pin it to a table. And when you put herbs that
contain anthraquinones, like emodin, on, the
bowel actually moves. So technically I could
make a dead person shit. Technically. Think about it. [LAUGHTER]

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