How To Use Essential Oils For Your Voice

Hi it’s Elissa Weinzimmer, founder of
Voice Body Connection, and I want to talk to you today about essential oils for
your voice now here’s the thing if you watched my steaming your face video you
may have noticed that I very briefly mentioned that you should not put
essential oils in your warm steam I want to explain that but also tell you about
how you can use essential oils for your voice because they’re actually amazing I
totally believe in essential oils in fact I have a huge kit here and I’ve
been using them for years these are doTERRA oils and they’re basically like
my medicine cabinet including for my voice and other things as well so I
totally believe in using essential oils for your voice but here’s why you don’t
use it in your steamer so if you have a steamer like this that heats up you know
you plug it into the wall or I guess mine’s a little bit old like some
battery operated ones but you breathe it like this it’s from the drugstore or you
can just heat up a pot of water on the stove and then use a towel and breathe
the steam that’s amazing for the lubrication in your throat and for
helping with vocal health but you don’t want to put essential oils or even those
little things like the eucalyptus things that Vicks will give you in there
because you don’t want to be breathing that much of the essential oil for that
prolonged period but also more importantly you don’t want to be heating
up the oil now even DoTerra is one of the best
brands on the market there are therapeutic grade essential oils but
even then the deal with how these get made is that they are not heated during
the process there are plant extracts and there’s a very particular process to
make these oils and so we do not want to heat them because it changes the
chemical properties of the oil it can even be harmful or detrimental to
breathe them when the chemical properties are changed so you see why
it’s really important not to put the essential oils in extremely hot water
whether you’re steaming or even drinking them but there are a handful of
different ways that you can use them so one of the oils that I really like for
your voice is peppermint that’s right here or eucalyptus is great I love it so
much that I’m out right now or there’s actually doTERRA has this blend called
breathe which is totally amazing and I’ll tell you what it has in it it’s
laurel leaf eucalyptus peppermint Melaleuca which is tea tree also great for your
voice lemon cardamom Ravintsara and Ravensara two different things that
sound really similar so anyway this breathe blend is amazing but here’s what
you want to do when you are using it for your voice that you don’t use it for as
prolonged a period of time and you don’t heat it one option is that you breathe
it this way you just like sort of put a little bit in your palm just like a drop
because these are very strong oils they are very distilled rub it around in your
palms and breathe it just take a couple breaths oh my goodness that is so good
and it’s so clearing for the sinuses and the passages these are really I know we
don’t think of this as medicine in our modern day and age but this is medicine
plant medicine right so you can do that another thing you can do this is my
diffuser also made by doTERRA you can put and again it’s just a couple drops
one or two drops in here and then diffuse it this diffuser is very much
like the steamer but it doesn’t heat the oil so and it also diffuses a you know
proper if you will amount of particles into the air so that you’re not
breathing too much of the oil so you don’t want to overdo it you just want to
be sure that you’re not heating it and that you’re using it in moderation a
couple other things I can tell you so doTERRA are really really strong good
therapeutic grade oils and you can actually use them to breathe like we
just did demonstrated to ingest you can literally put them in water or to put on
your skin if you’re using an oil that is not as high-quality you want to be
really really careful about how you use it you probably don’t want to ingest a
lot of those lower quality oils and I’m talking even the stuff you can get at
Whole Foods so be careful okay so when you do ingest or put them on
your skin when you put them on your skin you might want to put them in a carrier
oil like coconut oil or something like that to diffuse them but something else
you want to do is just get a resource my book here Modern Essentials I didn’t
write it but this book that I own Modern Essentials gives me like all sorts of
information about different essential oils there’s lots of resources out there
you can google things but just make sure you understand the properties of
whatever oil you’re using before you just haphazardly use it because like I
said these are plant medicine if you have any more questions about
this there’s really so much more I could say about essential oils I could say
something about every single one of the ones I have here in my kit and how you
can use them for your voice or other things but ask me any question below
this video and know that the ones that I’m recommending most for breathing for
clearing respiratory function today are peppermint eucalyptus tea tree and this
blends that I love called breathe okay great
thanks for listening I hope that gives you some good information about
essential oils I’m happy to share more in the future and I will see you in
another vocal health video

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  • I put a couple drops of eucalyptus radiata in some boiling water and then inhaled the steam and it felt pretty good in my throat and nostrils, but you're saying that essential oils should not be heated?

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