How To Vaporize Essential Oils & Herbs Using Using The Herbalizer (Vapor Therapy)

Hey what’s up ladies and gentlemen, My name is David Benjamin, i’m the founder
of, in this video I want to share with you how to vaporize essential
oils or herbs or a combination of both which is typically what I do.
And the reason i’m creating this video today and sharing this information with you is because
the work that I do with healthy wild and free,, this youtube channel,
the healthy wild and free podcast is to help you have the most advanced techniques, technologies,
methods and understanding of health, wellness and the mind-body-spirit-heart connection
and really just putting all of those pieces together to benefit your life in the highest
way possible. So one of the ways that i have discovered recently that i’m sure you’ve heard
of is vapor therapy, or vapor technology, and vaporization is something that has been
around for a while, now obviously most people own vaporizers for the purpose of smoking
weed or smoking marijuana, which ya know, if that’s your thing, hey, at least there’s
endocanabbanoids in that marijuana. But today i’m not talking about that, or the
benefits of enocannabanoids which I probably will in future videos so stay tuned but i’m
talking about the actual technology itself, vaporization technology and how vapor is so
beneficial. So, one of the things that we’ve understood
through science and technology as time has progressed is that the smaller and more basically
the smaller a compound or particle is the more bioavailable it is to the body because
it’s, it can easily transport throughout the body so say you have blockages or, you know
your body things can’t travel within your body so maybe you’re eating food and you’re
not digesting it fully it’s because you’re not chewing it as well as you could be, the
more you chew it the smaller it becomes the more the digestive enzymes work it’s way into
the food the better and easier it is to breakdown. Same with water for example, tap water is
not as healthy or as beneficial as spring water or as water that is micro-clustered
and basically structured water, so basically food is one example, water is one example. A lot of different things like different health
products, different supplements, different processing and extraction methods, liquids
are becoming more and more prevalent because they are more bioavailable than the powders
or the raw material of something so we’re finding as time goes on liquids and bioavailability
and things like probiotics and different things really speed up and and enhance bioavailability
and absorption into the body and into the cells in the body so that your body can properly
utilize and function, er excuse me, utilize and optimize those compounds so some interesting
things is obviously herbs and essential oils have different beneficial value within them
and i’m going to be talking a lot about herbs and essential oils along with food and their
diet but a lot of different essential oils and herbs, i’m very passionate about what
I want to share on this channel so make sure to subscribe below, stay tuned for that. But basically to understand vaporization and
vapor therapy what you’re doing is you’re essentially taking herbs or essential oils
which are two of the most potent medicinal categories of plants, plants or any type of
healing compound on the planet and you’re putting them into a vapor form so for example
essential oils are very important liquid, and there in small bottles and they’re very
very potent and you can add them to your water, to your food, or you can apply them topically
and they’re very potent and very effective, same with herbs, you can drink them in tea
or you can add them to your salads. Or you just eat them and that’s great, they’re
affective and medicinal and all that but what’s cool about vaporization is what vaporization
does is essentially it takes that essential oil or it takes that herb, that small grated
herb and it heats it up to a point not of combustion, not of burning because that’s
when actually you start to lose value from it but it heats it up to a place where it
can actually create a vapor from that base compound so if it’s an essential oil it creates
a vapor of that, if it’s an herb it creates a vapor of that. And a vapor is nothing more than a steam room,
if you’ve ever been in a steam room before, many different cultures, and countries like
turkey, India, the sweat lodges from the native americans, different steam and basically steam
based therapies have been used and those are kind of vapor therapy to some extent, it’s
stronger for your body. But vapor therapy is very specific, very targeted
and very directed at specific places within the body or specific reasons and you can really
direct the target of something so i’m going to share with you, well first i’m going to
actually show you how to use what I use with the vaporizer that I use to vaporize essential
oils and herbs and how you can use that and benefit from it in your life. And i’ll be making future videos showing you
how to use it and what to use, what herbs and essential oils to use it with to get direct
benefits that you’re looking for in your life but basically just to understand what vaporization
is, it’s nothing more than taking a compound, an essential oil, an herb, a plant, something
in a very small form already and then heating it up to a degree where it creates a vapor
from that and that vapor is a steam or a vapor that you inhale through either a balloon or
a whip and i’m going to show you that in a minute. And you inhale that, eeewwss, breathe that
into your lungs and into your stomach and that essential oil, that herb, that value
is directly input right into your body, right into your cells and the cool thing about it
is that typically when you’re ingesting food or drinks or water or tea’s or herbs or waterer
it may be, you’re digestive system has to process and deal with that so it only get’s
a percentage of what it can actually utilize, but when you’re injecting vapor into your
lungs you’re literally giving your body the chemicals and, it’s like giving your body
an air, an oxygen, a mist that gives it instructions to do a certain thing, so I actually vaporize
different things, specifically I love vaporizing lavender and that’s what i’m going to show
you in a minute because when I vaporize lavender, lavender is a very calming, a very soothing
essential oil and it helps you relax, and when I vaporize that it when I breathe that
into my lungs and into my stomach I literally feel my body just relax and just fall into
ease in a very short period of time so if i’ve had a stressful day or I just want to
relax and calm down I’ll vaporize some lavender and i’ll feel the effects of that, just instantly
and it’s really really cool, it’s really fun, it’s some newer high technology stuff, actually
nasa scientists engineered it, engineers designed the vaporizer i’m about to show you, so we’re
going to head over to the other room in my apartment and i’ll show you how this works.
drinking. Alright so we’re in my kitchen now and this
is my vaporizer and it’s actually called an herbalizer and i’m going to link this up below
because it’s something that I think is extremely cutting edge as far as health and wellness
technologies are concerned and you can use it in so many different ways and so many different
aspects for your health and wellbeing using essential oils and herbs, basically any herb
or essential oil you can use this vaporizer technology to create that vapor therapy and
make it more readily available and directly put it right into your body and into your
bloodstream and feel the effects instantly and you can actually, the other cool thing
too is you can actually change the temperature, so here i’m just going to show you the herbalizer
real quick. You can actually change the temperature so
that you can basically by changing the temperature and it changes the temperature instantly I
think it goes from like 300 to 400 something degrees, by changing the temperature you actually
activate different compounds within plants, so whether it’s an herb, I believe it’s really
only with herbs, essential oils i’m not really sure about. With herbs I know you actually
activate different compounds at different temperatures so if you’re looking to extract
a certain compound within an herb that you are looking into you can change the temperature
to release that compound whereas you’re not going to get that benefit from your tea or
from your food or from just eating the herbs because it’s not releasing that compound so
it’s really cool technology like I said it was engineered by nasa. Nasa engineers, and uh, it looks like this
right here, as you can see there’s a screen right here, you have two options aromatherapy
and vapor therapy and you just select which one you want, aromatherapy actually comes
out right here in the front so you can actually just this thing comes down right here, you
put a little essential oil in here and when you select aromatherapy this actually closes
like this and then once you close that after you’re done selecting aromatherapy whatever
you want to emit, whatever you want essential oil you want to go in your environment, whatever
one you want to be aromatherapiezed or whatever the word is, it comes out of this little fan
right here and it makes the room smell like that and it’s great because smell is a great
way to heal and a great way to relax the nervous system. Smell, your sense of smell is the most direct
way to influence and impact your nervous system and in today’s very highly stressed and anxiety
and insomnia filled world it’s, using your sense of smell and using aromatherapy and
things like that are very very beneficial for your nervous system and you know that’s
just one tool for that so… But what I really use more on this is the
actual vaporizer itself which if you just select vapor therapy on the side, it starts
up and what I can do is actually this comes out right here so i’m going to pull this out
and right now it’s at 295 degrees, it goes from 290 degrees and it’s saying i’m dizzy
put me on a flat surface so it lets me know that hey it needs to be flat. So when I go
like this, so it goes from 295 to 445 degrees and this right here, this is the chamber that
comes out, all that you do is you open this chamber by spinning the top and I have some
old herbs in there so i’m just going to pour those out, and then what I do is I actually
keep a bag right here and this is not what you think it is, or maybe it is, maybe it
is what you think it is, hehe, it’s just random herbs from tea, don’t go calling the cops
on me now, uhmm, so what I do is I just take out a little bit and you literally just fill
this chamber as you can see with herbs and this is, the thing is that I do is I just
fill it with random kind of a mix of different herbs and they’re mostly, they’re literally
from tea bags so I don’t even have to buy them I just after the tea I rip open the tea
bag and throw them in here and keep it for this so what I do is I fill it with herbs
and then I take an essential oil and in this case it’s lavender and it’s from doterra and
i’ll link this up below and everything i’m talking about i’ll always link them up below
the video so check out below the video. Lavender is really great for relaxing the
nervous system, calming the nervous system and mind. So what I do is I actually just
take this and I put typically just like 2 drops in here, 2 or 3, sometimes a little
bit more it depends but and, ahh that smells so good. And then what I do is I close this right here,
set it here, it’s actually magnetically, it goes in there magnetically and then I can
change the temperature, I can change the degree that I want it to operate at. And then I just
hit this little fan button and it get’s going and I can use balloon or this is what’s called
the whip, and basically it’s kind of like you’re smoking a hookah, I just take this,
I hit start and I breathe in like that, it’s as simple as that, and I can actually just
show you real quick, right now it’s at 295 degrees, I hit that, and just breathe in like
that and it’s as simple as that and I have like lavender breathe right now and what’s
really cool too is I actually use peppermint and, mainly peppermint and mainly clove, i’ve
tried that as well and you’re breath is minty like for your hours, like you have like, it
goes into your lungs so you’re like breathing, it’s the coolest thing ever, it’s kind of
fun and it’s a little bit of a way to keep your breath fresh for a long time but so you
can use this right here which is nice, that just wraps around within the verbalizer unit
itself and then another thing that you can use and wrap that in, is this balloon and
this balloon all it does is it attaches to the top of the verbalizer and then you hit
the fan again and then what it’s going to do is it’s going to fill up this balloon uhmm,
while ya know, basically filling this balloon up with vapor and you can see it start to
fill up a little bit and when that’s done you literally just take this off and then
you just breathe it in and you can actually kind of store it in this and when you want
to breath in that lavender or whatever you’re using, whatever essential oil, or whatever
herb, you just breathe that in and it’s really cool because if you, if you’re like me and
you ever get stressed out, and I get stressed out more often than I should, ahh, heh. This is a great tool to have because it’s
something where you can use lavender and different calming and soothing essential oils and instantly
you’re physiology and your nervous system are completely relaxed and you just feel it,
it’s very very strong, it’s sort of like, it’s kind of like if you’ve ever been drunk
or high, ya know, it’s like that, I mean it literally for me when I use lavender and I
breathe it in, it’s like, ahh, I just feel so relaxed and it’s a really great way to
relax and calm your nervous system and really just relax, but that’s just one aspect of
it too, so, i’m going to stop that because I can just show you how this works now, now
what I do is just simply breathe this in like this. And it’s pretty strong, but I’m used to it
and my lungs I think have built up sort of a capacity to do that, but it’s really strong,
the first few times you might go like this and like cough and just ya know, but for me
it’s, i’m really used to it and I think my lungs have just gotten used to it, umm, so
the cool thing about it is that this technology, having something like this, i’ve been using
it for i don’t know like 6 or 7 months now, it’s cool because I can utilize herbs and
essential oils at a higher level essentially so i’m getting more out of the herbs and essential
oils that I use through this technology, through vapor therapy technology, and then also what
i’m doing is it’s great because I can go in different directions with this, so for example
I can use lavender to calm my mind, to just really calm down and calm my nervous system
and that kind of thing or I can use something like peppermint to alert and awaken my mind,
so, sometimes I will vaporize something in the morning that awakens my mind and get’s
me going, sometimes I’ll vaporize at night. Usually I will vaporize something at night,
calming, relaxing and soothing but you can use this literally for anything, the uses
are limitless and endless. You can impact your brain chemistry, you can impact your
nervous system, you can impact your digestive system, you can impact your sexual organs
and your arousal, so it depends on what you’re using but different herbs and essential oils
can lead to that obviously. So there’s different things and different
applications and it’s just a really cool technology, i’m really big into aromatherapy and engaging
the senses, my vision, my hearing and my sense of smell I think that’s a huge area of health
and healing yet to be discovered is seeing, hearing, smelling and then obviously tasting
is ayurveda and things like that but engaging your senses with smell and with you know different
tools like this, they’ve just been really cool, so, this is once again the verbalizer,
I’ll show you close up real quick what it looks like so that you can see the actual
screen and see what it looks like and as you can see here you just change the temperature
right here and then vapor therapy, aromatherapy, there’s the chamber, there’s the balloon and
then that’s the vaporizer box behind there. But yeah, I’ll link this verbalizer up below
if you want to try it out and experiment with vaporization and that’s it for this video,
thanks a lot for your time guys, this is David Benjamin from Take care and have a great day and make sure
to subscribe to my channel for future videos, I will be making more videos on the verbalizer
and vaporization and essential oils and herbs and how to use them with this device so, subscribe
to the channel for more videos and ill see you in the next video. Take care and have a great day, bye.

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  • ours will be here tomorrow.  looking forward to trying some essential oils and activating different compounds of plants using the precise temp control.    how clean are the vapes?  you just smoke any regular bag tea's and essential oils etc with no concern?    thanks for the video!  

  • vaping with a drop of lavender on my atty coil and feel a nice relaxed uplifting clear high. natural flave too. Will be doing more often as can see this helping:D

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