How We Produce Ayurvedic Herbs – Tour Ayush Herbs’ Organic Facility In Himachal Pradesh

My name is Pankaj Sodhi, I am the COO of Ayush group of companies, India. When we started this company, our idea was to spread wellness through Ayurveda. And that is what we are emphasizing on. Our theme was to bring the safest Ayurvedic products to the whole world. Ayush Herbs India is manufacturing products free from all toxic loads like pesticides, heavy metals, microbial load. We have a very stringent policy to manufacture it. Starting from raw material collection, raw material buying… In the middle of the process, in the finished goods… We have third-party testing available. So, on that basis, our products are the most safe. My name is Sami Devi, I live in Tehsil, Palampur. I working with the harvesting. We go through the forest to pick roots. We pick and cut the roots from a height of about 25-40 feet off the ground. We cut them and bring them down to the facility where we segment them into small pieces for drying. When the herbs come to the facility, we test them before beginning the extraction process. Then they go in for the washing process. We dry the herbs, then it gets loaded into our facility. We use organic solvent to eliminate the heavy metals and pesticides. For drying, we used a speed dry vacuum oven that runs overnight. The soluble is then dried in the spray dryer. We do a multiple number of testings over here. From the procurement to the dispatch, we are doing all of the testing. From pesticides, heavy metals, microbial loads, alpha toxins. All these have been done from the outside source lab or international accredited labs also. We don’t pass any of the material if it is not within the lines of specifications. We have top of the line equipment like HPLC, UPLC, spector voltmeter. All of these, we are using it to enhance the quality of the product. We have been exporting to U.S. coordinates since the last 30 years now. We have a sales and marketing operation in the U.S. and Asian countries also. We are located in such a pristine place, that most of the raw materials we source for our products is 100% natural and pure. Free from the contamination of the environment. So, if you have the basic raw material which is very much pure, that is certainly reflected in our finished products. We are very much focused on maintaining the highest standards for our products to cater to the European Union and U.S. markets. We believe in women empowerment. We try to get them over here when they work. We have an application and we come to know a woman is looking for a job. We always tend to employ. And then we train them. We keep them here. They become like a family. Actually, all of our employees are a family. The Ayush family. From the last 5 years, I am here with Ayush and I feel very happy to work with Ayush. Involving women, they’re giving them a chance to improve their work quality. They can notice in all of the world that women can work and give the quality. It’s more or less like a family. We are very much close. And even the management is very receptive to all the new ideas we come up with to them. They are not only supportive, they are very encouraging. Ketav Ayush Health Paradise is situated in a very serene, beautiful environment. We are right in the lap of nature. We are at the foothills of the Himalayas. It’s a home. It’s basically a home. We want to provide the patients a home away from home. They should not feel they are hospitalized because all of this helps in healing. We at Ketav Ayush Health Paradise deal with all chronic and acute disorders for the last 20 years. We have given wonderful results to patients around the globe with panchakarma, classical panchakarma ayurvedic therapies. Along with the most safe and authenticated herbal products from Ayush Herbs, India. We have expertise in treating various diseases like autoimmune issues, geriatric disorders, heavy metal toxicity, metabolic disorder, arthritis, plegias, etc. This beautiful surrounding and our trained team is a beautiful combination. It gives healing to body, mind and soul. You get detoxified and rejuvenated, naturally. It gives us immense pleasure. And we know every customer, every patient who has come to us, always comes back to us and refers more people to us, more patients to us. Since the beginning, we have been getting several awards. Awards not limited, but the recognition by the government and by the interviews, the international society. The best industry award. The home minister award, the best entrepreneur group in India. But I think beyond that, if I’d like to say, when somebody comes and says, “You saved our life, you saved my family.” That’s the biggest award I feel.

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