Hunting for Vegan Food During Veg Fest

Okay, so I’m here at the Sunday night market in Chiang Mai, and it’s the Vegetarian Festival, the jay festival I’m here with two of my friends, and we are scouting for vegan food, so I’m excited. Hopefully I can find a lot here. Every year, Thailand celebrates a 10 day vegetarian festival where people eat only vegan food. The main event is in Phuket, Thailand, but even here in Chiang Mai, there’s stuff going on. Whole thing. The whole thing, let’s see. Same same or no? Same With the chili, let’s see. Which one? either one. It looks weird to me a little bit How is it? It’s got a little peanut coconut mmm. This will be good with the chili. Yeah, good plan slightly sweet, now spicy Alright, I’m gonna try this out also cuz I’m a little bit skeptical He said this was good, but like you eat this entire green thing with it seems weird Oh. I gonna add some chili Oh good actually. The wrapper isn’t so like More chili I’m surprised. It’s peanutty Well I got a big bite of that. Too much. I’m gonna end this and cough I’m eating something else now. This looks scary Texture was interesting taste is okay but Okay, what I was gonna tell ya is that this one is raw I guess the covering and this one is cooked I think like the raw one actually. What did you like? I like the cooked one. softer feels like the flavors blend into the leaf more Yeah I like the raw one too Alright this is kinda fun Alright, I get the last one then. Samosa alright you’re Indian so I mean Let’s see how hot it is repping for the Indians The first non Indian thing is just got sweet chili sauce That means different You’ve been to India as well, so you could. This is flatter normally the other samosas more like pyramid-shaped, right This is less stuffed. It’s more flat. It’s like an airplane Airplane into my mouth Potatoey, very creamy potatoes. okay Seems like a win. Not too much spice, but It’s Thailand. hits the spot. It’s so small I’ll eat this one. You eat the other one. It’s like a Thai Indian Very mild, yeah. It’s mild, but satisfying Kob khun krup It’s good, it’s not that sweet Something else inside. No, I think maybe the mango taste mangoey Feel like there’s something I agree with Chris, I think there’s something else in it I I think it’s just like that’s probably how the mangoes are tasting right now because they’re not in season right. I don’t know about that. Possible [¿] Something tastes a little. You’re thinking of Indian mangoes you want those, that has a different flavor Indian mangoes are definitely different, maybe I’m thinking of a different kind of mango, but it doesn’t taste bad tastes pretty good But not quite like the typical mango juice I’m accustomed to, but it’s good. Maybe there’s some more still wandering around looking for more vegetarian food. what a baller. not you the typical mango juice I’m used to All day, every day. I am a little bit spoiled right. I’m accustomed to being in India Thailand only the best mango juices Is this one jay? Alright so I made it to the end of this festival street, and I thought there was gonna be more vegan options. They had a few things that aren’t there every week like I’ve never seen the vegan papaya salad here before, but there’s not as much, by the way as I say that And I’m walking I see another sign that says seventeen See what I can find over here, but anyway a few there are a few things that aren’t usually here, but It’s not that much so I’m gonna have to keep exploring and see what else I can find at other places around the city So I think there’s other events so Stay tuned

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