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Hello girl friends! And welcome to
another episode of Tried and Tested. Now a lot of you left comments
asking us to try Indian beauty products We heard you, so, here we go! Now, I am not super familiar
with Indian beauty products and they are not very widely available in Singapore so… please, if there are any others you’d like us to try, let us know and also, feel
free to correct my pronunciation. So Lakmé is India’s number one cosmetics brand. And it was the country’s first cosmetic
brand to introduce makeup to Indian women. This is the Lakmé Absolute Precision Liquid Liner it’s supposed to be super long-wearing, waterproof and ophthalmology tested. See the tip? It’s a felt tip. Wow, that’s inky black. It’s got great control as well. Should be the other way, ha! I’ve got little birdie! I should really stick to my day job. And the colour is very black. That’s a solid eyeliner. It’s very black and inky, the payoff is really great, like no watery-ness anywhere. I do think that the tip… I mean, I would have preferred it a little bit sharper, just to get a sharper wing tip? I mean it’s pretty fat kind of tip so… It takes a little bit more control to get
a super sharp tip if that’s what you’re after. I don’t think the tip allows for the most precision. Yeah but because the ink comes out so fast, if you’ve got really steady hands, you could… be pretty accurate with this. So… I would give this 8 out of 10. Patanjali Ayurved is a very popular brand from India, started by a yoga guru called Baba Ramdev. Now, this is Kajal, which is a type of eyeliner lah. I was trying to find the difference
between Kajal and Kohl and… sometimes they overlap, sometimes
they are completely different things. So… if you could educate me
I would really appreciate that. Patanjali Herbal Kajal uses natural ingredients
that “indulge, relax and soothe your eyes”! This really looks like a lipstick that has been sharpened. You can see how creamy this is, and how smudgy that is. So I never quite figured out how to use it because what happens when it gets blunt? You know, then what do you do then? So I saw some videos on how to apply Kajal. And it’s like, you put it here like this and then you close your eye around it and then you just… pull it out. And now as I’m holding this next to my eye, I’m like… No! It’s so close to me! Honestly the thought of like, doing this
and then pulling it out just makes me feel… That’s so close! That’s very close to my eye. It’s really ticklish! What? Nothing came out. No I’m going to try this again! I won’t give up until I get it right. I would say I am having a tough time
getting a neat… and… nice application. I think that the application for this –
it could be quite daunting for a first-timer, like slightly difficult, but with practice, I think it could become one of those things that are like, so easy, like… you might not even
need a mirror to do this, you know? It is not smudge-proof. Yeah, “No Smudge, No Smear” – I’m not sure about that. But I was quite surprised that they said that anyway. So the look that I’m getting now
is like the live-in sleepy eye look but I think there are many ways that you can do this. You can… also go past a few times
and like, thicken it like an eyeliner. Overall I think I would give this… like an 8 out of 10? Because… I like the live in look? And I do like after a while how easy it is to put on. I mean, do you know long it took for me to do this? Look at this! It’s pretty similar. This is like a good three eyeliners and eye shadow. This is like, one product. And… they kind of look the same. This is the Pure Lavender Water from Kama Ayurveda. So this lavender water is 100% natural. The lavender is handpicked
from the wild and the Himalayas and then steam distilled. Lavender has natural anti-inflammatory
properties and anti-bacteria properties, and it’s very good for calming
sensitive and irritated skin. And it’s also supposed to be very good
for helping you get a good night sleep. So for mist, I like to use it before
my makeup and then like pat it in. Maybe after all the moisturizers and everything or sometimes before the moisturizers,
it depends on my mood. Uh, but I also like to use it after I finish my makeup. So sometimes like, if I get too much powder on, then I kind of use the mist to…
make it look a bit more dewy? Think the regular lavender that I’ve been
exposed to smells a bit more… floral? It smells a lot sweeter. This smells… quite different.
It smells very… herbaceous? It smells very… woody? And it smells very green. So it’s all that lavender with… that…
deeper earthier notes to it, which is quite nice actually. This nozzle is great. Like, look at that distribution. Look at that stream. So this is considered a higher end
brand and it’s quite luxurious. And it’s slightly pricier. There’s nothing I don’t like about this,
I would give this a 10 out of 10. And I can see how if you pump it into smaller bottles, and bring it around, it would be so
great for pick-me-up throughout the day. So Himalaya Herbal is the brand that’s
probably most widely available in Singapore and this is the Purifying Neem Face Wash. Neem is a plant known for its
purifying and anti-bacterial properties and this also contains tumeric, which helps to control acne and pimples. It’s a very jelly-like consistency, wow, makes you want to eat it. So this one doesn’t actually foam up that much. I mean there’s a little bit but there’s more of a creamy… lather than a foam-foam. The smell is… overwhelmingly strong? There’s also a slight… a whiff of something like Dettol or something. I don’t know. It smells a bit like Dettol, I don’t know why. It smells a bit clinical. And I’m not sure where it’s from. Is that what Neem smells like? I’ve never smelled Neem before actually. The colour of that face wash actually
reminds me of Nickelodeon slime. Okay so it’s done and actually my skin does feel alright. A little bit… It does feel a bit tight. Though this is meant for preventing pimples, I’m assuming that this is for
like, more normal to oily skin. Uh, so… for me, it’s like just a tad drying but I wouldn’t judge it based on that. But it has left my face feeling actually quite smooth and feeling very clean. It took a while to get off all the residue. Like it was slightly more slimy in texture more hugging the face as well, as I was washing it off. So removal was a little bit… Well, not a lot, but like, just a little bit tougher. So I would rate it like a 6 out of 10. I think mostly because of the smell? I really find it slightly overpowering. And… also it was a little bit more difficult to wash off. But apart from that, it’s alright. So Lotus Herbals is a popular beauty brand
that is known for their suncare products. And this is the Lotus Herbals
Safe Sun UV Screen Matte Gel. And it’s supposed to be non-greasy
at all and also, sweat-proof. Oh that smells really fresh. Oooh. The texture is like a gel. Oh it smells like… Okay. It smells like lotus I think. I’m pretty sure that’s the smell of lotus. And it’s so smooth. Oh it’s gone completely matte and smooth now. Okay so normally the sunscreens that I use – like… it would leave a sticky kind of film or it feels a lot more tacky and after it kind of gets absorbed,
you can still kind of like, feel the sunscreen? Almost like, a bit like moisturizer? Whereas this has no stickiness at all. This is amazing. Wow this is like a really comfortable sunscreen. I can’t feel it at all. It feels like I powdered down my hand or something. And there is a bit of a
cooling sensation when I put this on. You can put this on your face as well. Yeah I totally won’t mind putting this on my face. I… really like this. I would give this like a
10 out of 10 because it’s everything. It’s really ultra soothing, matte-look, okay I don’t know about oil control but like… this is so comfortable! I don’t want to
feel like I’m wearing sunscreen at all so… this… pretty awesome, man. 10 out of 10. Elle 18 is a beauty brand that
caters to the young and trendy crowd. So they have a huge range of cosmetic products and they are very known for their nail polish. Their Nail Pops line has a wide range of colours and this is number 23, which is like a shimmery plum. The packaging is so cute. It looks like a little turnip. Oooh. Oh it’s very pretty. This nail polish is pretty fantastic. Like the way it spread, like it got such a good coverage in the first coat, not tacky at all, like very easily spreadable… Usually like, sometimes I find like these
small tiny bottles the brushes are a bit weird? But this one was pretty good. But I do foresee, it’s kind of short? So I could sort of see how
if you’re nearing the end of the bottle, you might end up with quite a bit of wastage? Even though it got good coverage and
I got two coats solid like pretty fast, there’s something about the finished colour
that to me, feels a little bit… watery. So… 7.5 out of 10. Shahnaz Husain is a prominent Indian entrepreneur and
she has won many prestigious international awards. And this is her makeup line. So this mascara is supposed to be a water-based one that is supposed to dry faster so it reduces the tendency to smudge. And it makes the lashes look longer and thicker. So now I’m just going to apply this on my right eye and there’s nothing on my left eye
and then you can see the difference. So it’s like a very thick fluffy kind of brush. It’s a long way to like the inside
where you can grab… the lash! I don’t think my lashes can reach that. Eh! Smells like… perfume. Yeah that’s not catching anything. That’s just not… It’s just like,
passing through, you know? Oh just going by, with lots of mascara on my brush but you’re not getting any of it! I do not feel my lashes being grabbed at all. So in terms of like coating my lashes,
that’s not gonna happen. Oh my god. I might as well take a
toothbrush and go over my lashes. This is not… Cannot lah! This cannot… The mascara ones that I use are usually… slightly shorter bristles or like, they’re much denser? So it really catches on to the eyelash and coats it. I mean sometimes I even use
the ones with like, a plastic spike ball? At the end of the wand so
it’s not even like a brush, you know? Because my lashes are that short. So this really is doing nothing for me. I can’t really use the brush on this mascara, so I can’t use this properly and
I don’t think I can rate it properly either. So, boo. So maybe for this mascara, consider it only if you have like, nice, thick, long lashes. I guess my lashes is just too short for this. Oh my gosh I just noticed something! This holographic sticker has a face on it. Okay! So we’ve come to the end of the episode. If you want to find out more about the products, the links are in the description box down below. Or you can also go to
our Tried and Tested Facebook page. And if you haven’t done so already, go and download the clicknetwork app because you can watch the videos before they come out on YouTube. Yeah. All right. Till next time, go be beautiful!

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