Introduction to Osteopathy & Osteopathic Medicine : Osteopathy & Osteopathic Medicine

Hi, this is Dr. Simcha Shapiro for expert
village. We’re here today talking about osteopathy. As you might guess, I am an osteopath and
we’re sitting here in the Listeninghans in Jerusalem, Israel. The first question that
you might have is what is osteopathy? Osteopathy is a system of conventional medicine with
a holistic perspective that takes into account a specialization on the body, the muscular
skeletal system. What in the world does any of that mean? It means that osteopaths in
the United States are fully trained physicians, same training as an M.D., but we have D.O.,
doctor of osteopathy after our name, in order to show that we have this special training.
In addition to all of the regular training of medical school, we get hands on osteopathic
training on how to treat the body, the system of muscles, bones, and nerves in order to
help things function more efficiently and more effectively. You will see osteopaths
who go into every aspect of medicine, into everything from family medicine to surgery
and you will see osteopaths practicing all over the United States and really all over
the world. Now, there are some differences in osteopaths who are trained in other parts
of the world that are important to know. All osteopaths outside, who are trained outside
of the United States, are trained only in the hands on treatments and not in the full
spectrum of medicine.

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  • To your last comment Dr. Shapiro, why do you think that everywhere else in the world, besides the US, doesn't require full physician training? Do you think that students studying outside the US would get a better education on Osteopathy due to the degree of focus?

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