Introduction to Yogic Breathing Exercises

Hi my name is Lee and like many of you I am a cancer patient…a few years ago I was
diagnosed with breast cancer and went through a year and a half
treatment which included chemotherapy and radiation..the cancer treatments were very difficult hard on my body and left me feeling
depressed and tired. It during my treatment and
immediately after it I found that they were a few things that
I could do to make myself better one of these things was practicing yoga although sometimes it was very difficult
to get myself to do yoga postures because I was so tired I could always pick myself up so to speak…by doing
breathing exercises I could do breathing
exercises at any place, anytime and in amy state of
mind soon I realized that my state of “well” or “not so well” being was
dependent largely on me and my ability to do these exercises with the time I was able to feel more in
control of my emotions and energy levels…I was able
to feel better with very simple and easy breathing
techniques Hi I’m Christine and I am a registered nurse and a researcher with the Princess
Margaret Hospital Survivorship program recent scientific studies on yoga and cancer show that yoga can have many
benefits for patients both mentally and physically…some other
benefits include combating the side effects of cancer
treatment, stress reduction improve immune system response, improve
coping decrease insomnia, improve depression
symptoms, and relief of chronic pain, as well as,
other benefits of breathing the survivorship program at Princess
Margaret Hospital made this video specially for you… people
who may not be in their best state of health so that you can
experience how much power you do have to help you own body by practicing simple breathing yoga techniques. I hope that that like me you will be able to experience the

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