Is Coconut Milk Good For You?

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  • Hmm.. as we all need 24 grams of saturated fat per day, I guess getting that from whole coconuts or milk is okay. I also think based on one study we can't really conclude Coconut milk is bad.

  • Even according to Ayurveda Coconut is a very healthy food including Coconut oil. I am from Sri Lanka and it has been our main fat source for over 2000 years. We cook with Coconut milk everyday. A study here found that the amount of Coconuts a person eats per year has gone down while the rate of heard disease has gone up implying that Coconut has nothing to do with heart disease.

  • That study was actually looking at a dish called "nasi-lemak," which is white rice soaked in coconut milk. There's a possibility that the white rice or combination of white rice and coconut milk had something to do with the endothelial dysfunction. I'd prefer to see a study just testing coconut milk.

  • I hope you find one of these studies that shows how helpful BACON is.  I'd have trouble getting through my day without BACON.

  • so many studies and people saying coconut oil/milk is good and bad. Is their any more updated research on this much deliberated issue?

  • Mates, the Coconut milk is good, and a resource with the benefits of the coconut milk is Corbandy coconut Crusher, search for more information about it in google, everyone lnow the coconut is good for the healt

  • So which is worse , dairy whipped cream or whipped coconut milk? Is there a better substitute than either? Whipped egg white? For making creams for desserts.

  • when I make coconut milk, I leave the coconut pulp in, so I think, this does the trick to keep the fats away from my arteries and my rear.

  • I think its funny when people think its a health food but i do enjoy me some coconut milk based ice cream from time to time.

  • The moral is: Any attempt at nutritional reductionism almost always produces end-products that are deleterious to human health. You want the MCT's from coconut?

    Well then…eat the WHOLE coconut! It's great shredded on top of rice and vegetables.

  • coconut milk is bad for you? really are we serious here maybe if you are one of this doc's patients the average vegan who exercises I don't think so!

  • You cannot divide up a whole food into good and bad, as you eventually proved yourself after dividing it up into good and bad. It's one thing to refer to Coconut Oil when isolated and processed as bad and another to call the oil in a whole coconut bad while still part of the whole. There is nothing wrong with coconuts period!!!!

  • Seems Doc used this coconut milk study in a video recently and after review I did not feel it was a useful study to examine coconut milk specifically but rather cholesterol, this was my criticism; "The study, which included meals compared to McDonalds was very poorly designed for those of us who do not consume animal fat/foods or want to know how much coconut milk (and meat) we should/can eat. The LHF meal consisted of coconut milk, white rice, an egg (375 g of cholesterol) and anchovies (75g cholesterol with 3 oz serving) wtf? That’s a combined cholesterol of 475g, a whopping 250 grams higher than the recommended daily limit. Cholesterol is negatively associated with endothelial function so how can we say this is the coconut milk, though high fat (and zero cholesterol)?

  • I might’ve been late to comment in here, but, you can’t easily trust on that study from only Indonesia, it’s not the expert, also, i believe the coconut itself it doesn’t harm at all, people in Sumatra eats coconut milk in every dishes, such as every parts of cow/goat’s body. So it’s harmful.

  • It is so wrong to not even show the study, because in another video you show the study and the study included anchovies, coconut milk and an EGG! Wtf!

  • i believe him,i use only once in a while coconut oil and everytime i get allergy symptoms,burning in throught and break outs on skin,i do a plant based diet for more than a year and feeling super,blood tests are perfect,body tells me when i eat something that is not healthy,and coconut is one of them,maybe the parasites don't like it,but i just want to avoid symptoms,what can i say

  • thats crazy coconut milk is very healthy all it is coconut flesh and water there is nothing evil about consuming it it is a type of fruit naturally grown he treats it has if it is a thing that can never be consumed or it will kill you if you consume people just need to use their head and reason well look at what people are eating of today burgers and french fries now you take somebody who eats very healthy lots of fruits and vegetables and the person adds a little bit of coconut milk into the dish is he going to die? will he die of course not! because coconut is a natural plant grown nothing harmful if enjoyed in moderation

  • people fat is not a problem fat from plant sources that is fat in coconut is not bad it is natural plant fat is good we need fats

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