Kapha Balancing Herbs

Hey! Maggie here. Your most recent results for the Ayurvedic
Profile quiz indicate a kapha imbalance. Have you considered adding herbs to your daily
routine for more health and balance? Here’s why you might want to! Too much kapha dosha, aka elevated kapha,
means that kapha characteristics are amplified to the point that it’s likely causing problems. These large amounts of cold, wet, heavy, and
slow qualities can cause specific manifestations in the body and mind. Cue congestion, lethargy, weight gain, or
stubborn attachments… just to name a few. So how can we use herbs for balancing kapha? You might already know that in Ayurveda, anything
and everything can a resource for encouraging your optimal state of health, if thoughtfully
applied. …Anything? Yes! Food, drink, people, environments, colors,
textures, thoughts… no substance or experience is excluded. Herbs are definitely, and traditionally, a
primary tool for supporting your best body/mind experience. The key to balancing kapha, and all doshas,
is all about opposites. And that’s exactly what kapha-balancing
herbs offer – the taste and effects that are opposite the qualities of kapha. With the aid of herbal allies, you’ll be
feeling like a balanced kapha – stimulated, cleansed, energized, and flowing. Thanks, Plants! If you’re new to using herbs the perfect
place to start is the Kapha Balancing Bundle. It’s a super kapha-moving starter pack that
will encourage a healthy balance of kapha dosha allllll over. To learn more about how to use these products
watch our video. That’s it for now! Be sure to check out your other personalized
product recommendations on your Ayurvedic Profile. If you have any questions, leave us a comment
below. Thanks for watching!

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