Life as an Osteopath – Rob Thomas

So I got into Osteopathy it was a rather
torturous route I was very sporty when I was younger, wasn’t particularly academic initially I loved sport I loved everything about
how the the body moved and how the body worked. I then went on and studied
psychology. I did clinical psychology which got me interested in in medicine
and then a friend of mine was studying Osteopathy and I came down here and I
thought “This is it” because it combined everything. It was just this sort of
perfect package for me really. So, I find it a rewarding career because
it’s nice to work with people, it’s nice to help people of all ages. I see people
from children, from babies, right the way through to the elderly. And it’s
nice to be able to do something with your hands and be able to use good
communication to try and help people help themselves WWW.ESO.AC.UK

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