Lilly Singh Rewind 2018 (ft. Team Super)

– There’s a stain on my shirt but I really wanted to wear it. Also, I haven’t washed
my hair literally for a week and a half, just so it
could be wavy for this video. And I can’t take too long ’cause it’s Scarbro’s birthday and my whole day is dedicated to that. Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you. New year, same trash me. (horse trotting, neighing) (chimes) What up everyone, it’s your girl Super — You know what? In this
New Year, we’ll see, I might start calling myself Lilly. I feel like this is not the
year of what would Beyonce do? What would a boss do? Not even that. This year for me is going
to be what would Lilly do? I feel like y’all should do
the same cause you’re dope. You’re awesome, and
this year you should do, what the best version
of yourself would do. What’s going on y’all? It’s been a second. After 12, 11, what, collabs of Christmas. I haven’t been vlogging either. I’ve missed you so much, I’ve missed this. This whole like, let me
talk to a camera, and like talk to my people so
it feels really really good. Obviously, if you’ve been here for awhile, you know I do an annual review video of all the amazing things
we’ve accomplished together. But before I get into
that, let me just say that yo let’s cut the BS, 2018 was rough. It was a challenging year for me, but I think the best part of these videos and any review, and any reflection, is because it gives you gratitude, and that’s what this is for me. It’s looking back and being like, oh you thought 2018 sucked but like, look at all these amazing
things you and Team Super did so that’s why this is so important to me. And like always, I just want
to express how grateful I am. I mean whether I have a good year, a phenomenal year, a horrible year, one thing remains consistent in every one of my years
since 2010, and that is your overwhelming support and just, I want you to know,
especially this past year, many times I was just devastated. I won’t get into why but there was just many times I was not okay,
sometimes it would be your tweet, or your comment,
or just you being like “hey you know what Lilly I really “hope you’re having a good day”, that would be the one thing in my day that kept me going, kept me smiling, so thank you so much for your support. It feels good when you’re happy, and it’s crucial when I’m sad. Thank you so much Team Super I love you. I’m so proud of everything we accomplished together this journey has been insane. Little Lilly would never
believe this is her life. So without further ado together, actually this could be
a 12th collab, ah, ah? Without further ado on behalf of myself and Team Super this is
what we did in 2018. (happy music) – Went to Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago. – [Lilly] And said what
up to Cardi B Okurrr. – Threw a young girl a birthday party with make a wish foundation. – Got our own new office space. – Had a movie night with Karlie Kloss. – [Lilly] Yep, we’re both models. – Got a role in an NBC
pilot called Bright Futures. – Attended an epic Women’s march, and helped make history. – Attended the NBA All Star Weekend. – Answered 73 questions with Vogue. – Starred in Fahrenheit
451 with Michael B. Jordan. – Attended Ronda Rousey’s first WWE match at Wrestlemania. – Officiated a wedding in Mexico. – Started our own production company called Unicorn Island Productions. – Was featured on Adam
Levine’s and Cardi B’s music video for “Girls Like You” – [Lilly] Girls like you love fun and yeah me too. – Met President Barack Obama. – Spoke at the Cannes
Film Festival in France. – [Lilly] Bonjour je suis un person. – Got Postmates delivered
to my house by Nick Jonas. – [Lilly] Five star delivery. – Went to the Sharjak book fair had the biggest meet and greets ever. – [Lilly] Like ever ever, like ever ever. – Attended Nick Jonas’
and Priyanka Chopra’s wedding in India. (Lilly singing in foreign language) – Introduced Spice News
with Manjeet and Paramjeet. – Went to South Africa with Charlize Theron’s organization CTAOP. – Did the first ever youth talk with UNICEF in South Africa. – And our first ever
meet up in South Africa with Room to Read. – Got laser eye surgery. – [Lilly] And it hurt like a mother effer. – Took the entire team to
Ecuador with WE Charity. – Launched our third
Rafiki campaign with WE and helped send even more girls to school. – Partnered with OLAY
and walked the runway in New York Fashion Week. – [Lilly] I do fashion. – And, our little break. (clock ticking) – Switched bodies with our iconic sister James Charles. – [Lilly] Sister switch. – Got counseling by Dr. Phil. – Released a Christmas
Album with Rita Ora. – Remixed a carol with The Try Guys. – Got dating advice from Chris Harrison. – Created a gift guide with Hasan Minhaj. – Helped you get woke with Jay Shetty. – Hired Terry Crews as my body double. – Went to couples therapy with John Cena. – Made the biggest hit on
YouTube with Alicia Keys. – Channeled our inner Nicki Minaj and parodied Barbie Dreams. – [Lilly] I’m just playin, but I’m sayin. – Went into the World of Fortnite. – Met K-pop crew BTS. – Spoke at the United Nations with BTS. – Learned how to Yodel with Mason Ramsey. – Had a billboard in Times Square. – And took over Grand Central Station. – Pulled an all-nighter baking an epic Harry Potter cake. – [Lilly] Expelliarmus. – Went on Jimmy Kimmel Live. – Got a puppy named Scarbro. – [Lilly] Oh what a little bum bum we just really (mumbles)
the whole wide World. – Invited a real Sloth into my house. – Had our first ever pop up shop in L.A. – Featured on the cover of Cosmo India. – [Lilly] (speaking foreign language) – Featured on the cover
of Porter magazine. – Collaborated with Miss Piggy. – And represented teachers. (techno music) – Started a campaign to help end violence against children in India. – Launched our own mascara from Smashbox called Super Fan. – Turned into Sailor Moon. – Was a question on Who
Wants to be a Millionaire. – Hit 13 million subscribers. – Hit 14 million subscribers. – Almost died by eating
chicken wings on Hot Ones. – [Lilly] No for real
though, I’m still feeling it. (fart noise) – Was featured in Pretty
Big Deal with Ashley Graham. – Turned a childhood story into an animation with Storybooth. – Awesome one – Love – Team Super – For that is a wrap – And zoop – Holy crap I dunno how I could be like “Oh it was a bad year” I mean yeah okay I could say it’s a bad year
because yo ish went down. But obviously it was still full of great experiences and memories of us together and I’m very in the
mindset of like yeah sure it’s my channel sure I got the passwords sure it’s my name. Dude, we’re in this together. There would be no me, there
would be no Team Super without you so I’m so excited to see what 2019 holds on that note, this is the part. I’m not gonna do it in this video because this video is a review, this is about the review, this is about last year and tying it up in a nice little — But in the next few days watch out because my main channel, this channel, I am going to upload a video with just some updates and announcements and how I plan to tackle 2019. It is gonna include some changes, because I just want 2019 to be real out of the comfort zone. I wanna do big things,
I don’t wanna be safe. I wanna really push myself, and I wanna really take risks and so that’s what my 2019 is about. Eff bein safe, eff doin
the same old thing. No we doin big things poppin. So I’m gonna post an announcement video in the next few days
please watch out for that it’s gonna be really important to me, so stay tuned for that, yeah. Otherwise I hope you had
a safe, happy New Year, and holiday regardless
of what you celebrate, whatever’s not offensive to you, la la la. Also, I wanna say even though
this whole video’s been about 2018, 2019, New
Years, it’s never too late to have a resolution, doesn’t
have to be on New Years. It’s never too late to make change, if your New Years day didn’t
go how you wanted it to go, or your last year didn’t go how you wanted it to go, parts
of this year don’t go how you want it to go. You can become the best
version of yourself right now, because you are dope as hell. And I genuinely believe that. I believe that the most powerful being on this planet and look at my eyes because I mean this, is your mind. Conquer your mind, really
befriend your mind, take care of your mind and you will conquer this year, next year, every year, for as long as you please. Thank you so much for
your love and support, 2019 is gonna be dope. Until next time, one love Lilly? We’ll work on it. That is a wrap and zoop we don’t wanna pay decent money
for the rest of our life.

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