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Hi, I’m Jordan Rubin, here for and
I am going to give you a tour of some of our favorite products in a health food store right
here at Healthy Habit Health Foods in Phoenix, Arizona. This is an old-school health food store that
has a lot of really great supplements, foods, and skincare. And if you’re out there and you need a boost
to your health, find a local health food store and support them. They really are fighting the good fight of
our health. And we at want you to support your
local health food store, and Healthy Habit deserves your support. So let’s go. I’m going to show you some things that you
can snack on, that you can feed your kids, and some sneaky ways to improve the health
of even the fussiest family members. So let’s get going. Okay, I’m back. So we’re going to talk about snacks. This is an area that people absolutely struggle
with, because now we’re getting back to school and moms are wondering what they can give
kids for snacks. I deal with this all the time myself. What can we eat? So here are some really cool things. Now, this might be something you have not
heard of before, tiger nuts. I love tiger nuts. Tiger nuts are actually not a nut, and they’re
not from a tiger. This is a tuber, almost like a potato. Other names are hedgehog almond, ground almond,
etc. These are great for smoothies. They’re great for trail mixes. They are a real good boost for your gut and
for your heart. They also come in smoothie mixes. Now, here’s something that’s pretty simple
yet delicious, dates. I like them frozen. Freeze dates and then you eat them as a pit,
of course, but these Medjool dates are amazing, high in potassium, really, really sweet, and
great in smoothies. Now, here’s something that’s making a comeback,
candied ginger. Now, this particular crystallized ginger is
great for your gut but also good for your heart, and it’s hot. People love ginger because it’s great for
nausea. It’s great for morning sickness if you’re
pregnant. And it’s great for seasickness. We went to Hawaii on the road to Hana, and
it gets a little bumpy. We loved crystallized ginger. Let’s see what else we have here. Oh, this is so good. This is a new brand that I found called Cocomel. If you want an indulgent treat, they’ve got
taffy-like candies. And this is a chocolate covered bar and it
tastes just like the candy bars you remember, made with real coconut milk and coconut sugar. We love Cocomels. It is high in natural sugar, so you want to
be careful to not consume too much. Here’s something interesting, Baobites. Now, baobab, which is also known as the tree
of life in Africa, is high in fiber and vitamin C. So these are Baobites, which are a good
way to get this powerful super food in your diet. And I love mac nuts. For those people who are on a ketogenic, sort
of, low-carb, high-fat diet, mac nuts are the nuts that are highest in monounsaturated
oils. They’re really delicious, great savory or
sweet. Oh, here’s another good one. Coco-Roons is a brand of, I’ll call them
macaroons, for a lack of a better term. They are really, really good. Coconut is high in fiber and high in medium
chain fatty acids. They taste delicious. Now, come with me over here. I have to show you my favorite organic protein
powder, Bone Broth Protein Organic. This is brand-new. Organic Bone Broth Protein just launched. And if you’re someone who loves bone broth,
make sure to try it. We’ve got everything from peanut butter, this
might be my kid’s favorite. My son’s 13 years old, Joshua. He’s training to play basketball. He does three Organic Bone Broth Protein smoothies
a day. We like Peanut Butter. We like Cafe Mocha. He mixes it with coconut milk or almond milk,
avocado, raw eggs . . . Yes, we use raw pasture-raised eggs. We use a tablespoon of coconut oil and some
peanut butter, and he drinks it three times a day and he’s ever impressive. He can almost beat me in basketball. One thing I love about Organic Bone Broth
Protein, we’ve got savory flavors. This Savory Herbs is great to mix in grains,
so if you do quinoa or brown rice, you can sneak in 20 grams of protein. And my favorite, I’m on the road here in Arizona,
and I’ve already had one serving of Organic Bone Broth Protein, Turmeric spice, 3,000
milligrams of organic turmeric and organic peppers. And I have had two servings of Cafe Mocha
Bone Broth Protein Organic to give me that little natural boost. Something else that I have never even seen
in a store yet, Organic Bone Broth Protein Collagen. This is our brand-new certified organic supplement
to build your joints and connective tissue, so many other things. Hey, and if you’re wondering how bone broth
would taste in flavors, and maybe you’re not ready to invest in a tub, we’ve got all these
single-serve packets. This is a good way to get greens in your diet
as well, absolutely awesome. I’ve had three servings of Organic Bone Broth
today, and I’m just getting started. But I want to share with you some other great
foods that can be staples in your diet. Here’s something that we introduced years
ago. This is organic coconut oil by Garden of Life. We were the first organic extra virgin coconut
oil at health food stores 15 years ago. And back then we couldn’t keep it on the shelf. Today, it’s even more popular. So coconut oil is amazing as a source of medium
chain fatty acids, good for the gut, good for the thyroid, a great source of energy,
and just plain awesome. Now, if you live anywhere where there’s a
health food store, this is where you should be buying your main staple foods. I’m going to show you some of my favorite
grain products for breads, tortillas, etc. And by the way, I’m Jordan Rubin, here on
the Dr. Axe Facebook page. If you are loving this video, make sure to
punch that “Love” button and click that “Share” button. There are millions of people who need to know
what our favorite products at health food stores are. So come on, let’s continue. So speaking of broth, these are a couple of
bone broths that I found. This is a local brand, it looks like. Bone broth is blowing up, Arizona Grass Raised
Beef Company. And I’m going to sneak over here. Here’s one of my favorite brands. This is Bonafide Provisions. I have often consumed two bags of this a day,
24 ounces, twice a day, and it helped inspire the bone broth movement. So you can defrost this in your fridge. I could drink it cold, room temperature, or
make it in a soup. Really, really awesome. When you’re buying animal foods, you always
want to go to your local health food store because animal products tend to contain more
of the environmental toxins that we have out there, particularly antibiotic residues, etc. So buy your dairy, buy your eggs, buy your
meats at a local health food store. And I want to show you some breads. This is a tough one because, I don’t know
about you, but kids think that health food breads don’t taste so good. When I was a kid, the health food store breads
were about this thick and if you dropped them on your toe, would break your toe. And they were, sort of, like rocks. Not anymore. This is a brand I really love, Berlin Bakery. This is a sprouted spelt bread, so if you’re
wheat sensitive, you may be able to tolerate spelt. It still has gluten but very digestible. This is another one that I like. This is sourdough, traditional sourdough bread
that’s whole-grain. I’m looking for the ingredients. There are only three ingredients. Look at this. Stone ground ancient whole-grain spelt, filtered
water, and sea salt. So the Sourdough bread is made from the yeast
in the environment that are wild. This has gluten, but the gluten’s predigested. So if you’re gluten sensitive, you can probably
tolerate this. I want to show you something else. If you’re completely going gluten-free, this
is one of my favorite tortillas. The Siete Family makes traditional Mexican
foods. These are almond flour tortillas. You can have them in wraps. You can have them as a tortilla. They make the best quesadillas. And I’ll show you some grass-fed cheese to
use it as a late-night snack. Lower in carbs, higher in protein. These are really yummy. And by the way, this is another favorite bread
of mine, One Degree Organic. This is awesome. It tastes very similar to the bread that your
junk food eating friends would like. So if someone comes to your house, we always
use that as an opportunity to indoctrinate our children’s friends into this lifestyle,
because many people think that health food tastes yucky. Couldn’t be further from the truth. Health food is delicious and you can change
the life of someone in your very own neighborhood. Invite them over to eat. That’s a great way to do it. We’re not done yet. Let’s go. All right, so on the dessert side of things. This is an area that people get tripped up
on. So I want to show you some of our favorite
ice creams. This is Coconut Bliss. It’s a frozen dessert. I tried this years ago in Washington, nine
years ago to be exact. It’s made with organic coconut milk, higher
in fat, loaded with nutrients, and this is really good. This tastes very much like ice cream, but
it has a lot of better ingredients. Now, no matter what, you want to be careful
eating too much of this. It does have naturally occurring sugars, etc. But for a treat, this is a go-to for us. And a couple of other things, when you make
a smoothie, there are certain super foods that are really, really awesome. You may not have heard of pitahaya before,
but pitahaya or dragon fruit is very vibrant in color, loaded with antioxidants, as is
acai. Acai, the super food from the Amazon. Either of these come in frozen packets. Mix it in your smoothie with other juices
and berries, and it gives your family a delicious source of vibrant antioxidants. And look how cool, super pink, looks just
like that. All right, moving on here. This is one of the original healthy breads. Definitely more on the dense side, but Foods
for Life, the originators of Ezekiel bread. This is a Sprouted Seven Grain. This is my favorite bread that they make. This is a little more dense, and let’s call
it substantive, than what people are used to, but really great with almond butter or
peanut butter. You want to toast it before you make sandwiches. Kids do take some time to get used to this. But let me tell you, I have six children and
many of them are adopted or in the process, and we welcome them into our home when they
had already been eating the standard American diet. So we understand what it’s like to help change
the palate. There’s a great Bible verse that says, “Train
the child in the way they should go, when they’re old they’ll not depart from it.” So it isn’t about forcing your kids, it’s
about training. Come on, let’s see some more food here. So dairy products are another big area that
people have challenges with. This is a cool brand. Maple Hill Creamery is one of the first brands
of grass-fed yogurt. Yogurt is more digestible than milk. Fermented foods help the gut, but they also
make nutrients more digestible. Maple Hill sources exclusively grass-fed milk,
which is more nutritious and contains what you need in your diet. Folks, I’m here at Healthy Habit Health Foods
in Phoenix, Arizona. I’m Jordan Rubin on the Dr. Axe Facebook page. If you’re enjoying this teaching on my favorite
foods in a health food store, make sure to click that “Share” button. We want to tell people that you can have delicious
and nutritious foods right at your local health food store. Support your health food store because they
support you. There’s some other products in here that I
like. If you are sensitive to cow’s milk, goat milk
or sheep milk dairy products might be for you. This is one of the original goat milk dairies,
Redwood Hill Farm in California. Goat milk is a little bit of an acquired taste,
but don’t tell my family you don’t like goats because we love goats. We raise goats and we drink goat milk dairy
products. So if you can’t handle cow’s milk, you don’t
have to necessarily skip to almond or cashew or coconut, go for some goat or sheep milk,
easier to digest because the protein composition is different. Moving right along, this is something that
is really sweeping the nation, grass-fed butter and ghee. This is probably my favorite cooking oil,
maybe tied with coconut, but Fourth & Heart makes a great ghee. Ghee is clarified butter. And in India, the tradition of Ayurveda, they
use ghee to combine with herbs to provide powerful nutrients. Coconut has medium chain fatty acids. Ghee has short chain fatty acids that are
great for the gut, helping to balance bacteria. I cook with ghee. I also put ghee in coffee, if I ever have
it. Sounds weird, but it’s really, really good,
very stable, very delicious. And I’m going to show you something here. This is one brand of almond milk that my kids
really love. Califia Farms, they do a good job of making
good tasting health foods. Come on, I’ll show you a little more over
here. All right, so we talked a little bit about
cheese. Here are some examples of some good cheese. You always want to look for grass-fed when
we’re talking about dairy. So this is Maple Hill Creamery, that same
brand that has the yogurt, grass-fed cows, 100% made with raw milk. Raw milk is not legal in every state to be
sold in fluid form, but as long as it’s an aged cheese, it can be. And look at this. Organic Valley, one of the biggest dairy brands
in America, has grass milk cheese, 100% grass, no grain. When you consume animal foods, it’s not just
what you eat, it’s what they ate. So if you’re going to do cheese, do grass-fed. Raw is also a great, great option. There are many more things to talk about in
a health food store. There’s skincare. You should be concerned what you put on your
skin just as much as what you put in your body. So when you buy toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant,
skin and body care, go to your local health food store. If you’re here in the Phoenix area, come to
Healthy Habit Health Foods. I showed you Organic Bone Broth Protein earlier,
Healthy Habit is only one of 170 accounts that are partnering with us that have organic
bone broth protein. Come here, support them. They have great seminars, a great team, and
a great offering of all the products that you want. Remember folks, your health is everything. I was deathly ill and the products from health
food stores saved my life. If you will support your local store, they
will continue to fight the good fight to win the battle of your health. And by the way, if you’re watching this, make
sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, make sure to like us on Facebook or send this
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that food is medicine. I’m Jordan Rubin, CEO of and Ancient
Nutrition, wishing you God’s blessing and great health.

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