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Today we are sharing a home remedy Recently we received lot of mails asking home remedy for menstrual cramps Due to our lifestyle, many of us suffer from heavy bleeding, severe stomach cramps & vomiting during menstrual periods Normally painkillers are taken to reduce pain which in turn does lot of side effects Today we are sharing a simple & magical home remedy which has to be taken consistently for effective cure we are using Indian coral tree leaf/murikku for treating menstrual cramps For those who doesn’t know the leaf we are showing the tree and leaves Let me see the process of making home remedy using murikku leaf wash leaves thoroughly This is palm sugar jaggery which is good for anemic patients to increase iron In Ayurveda, for making medicines palm sugar jaggery is commonly used Only two ingredients i,e murikku leaf and palm sugar is used for preparation nicely grind leaves into smooth paste use an iron kadai/earthenware pot for making this remedy this can be taken in the first 2 days of the periods both morning and evening if you are not getting sudden result, try this in the next two three cycle also definitely we can see the changes. saritha herself has got personal experience after taking this home remedy palm sugar jaggery helps to increase blood count especially during period time when heavy bleeding occurs add water to bring the consistency of mixture not to be too thick once kadai is heated add the grinded paste and stir continuously add palm sugar jaggery and allow this to completely melt remove from flame and sieve the mixture so that any impurities in jaggery can be removed simple and magical home remedy for menstrual cramp using murikku leaves is ready let me taste the mixture and see any bitterness of green leave is there really nice taste. because of the sweetness of jaggery, will not realize whether leaves are used as said by saritha morning and evening half glass of this mixture can be taken on the first 2 days of periods try this home remedy for 2 to 3 months periods time without fail to get the result.

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