Make Gardener’s Hand Scrub — An Aromahead App Recipe

(delicate music) – Hi, welcome to Aromahead Institute. I’m Andrea Butje and
I’d like to show you a very special recipe today that’s called a gardener’s hand scrub. And it is a great scrub that you can use to really clean your hands, whether it’s gardening or just any
activity where your hands feel like they’re extra dirty, and you really need to get them,
get under the nails and really get them clean. So the recipe is actually from my app called Natural Remedies with Aromatherapy. And on the app there are six categories. And one of them is for green cleaning. If we just click on it, then there’s 12 recipes in every category, and the gardener’s hand scrub is one of them. So let’s see the ingredients. The first thing we have is 1 1/2 ounces of pink salt, Himalayan pink salt. So I’m simply gonna take
a bowl, put it on a scale on ounces, and hit the
tare button so I’m not accounting for the weight of the bowl. And then I’m gonna dip into this very big bag of pink Himalayan salt and weigh out 1 1/2 ounces. Perfect. And this is a 25 pound bag of pink salt, and I have such a big
bag because we use it in the kitchen for cooking, and we use it for bath soaks, and I use it for making salt scrubs, and also, of course, for the gardener’s hand scrub. So we have our salt. Let’s see, we need one
ounce of coconut oil. And the coconut oil is nice and liquidy ’cause it’s warm here. And I’m gonna tare this, now it’s at zero, and I’m gonna put one ounce. Perfect. And the coconut oil is going to add this really luscious moisturizing to your hands while you’re scrubbing with the salt which is really the abrasive part. Let’s see what’s next. Okay,
one ounce of Jojoba oil. So we’re gonna go ahead and tare again, because we’re making it all in one bowl. And now it’s at zero, and we’re gonna put in, perfect, one ounce of Jojoba oil. These pumps are nice ’cause they’re calibrated to one ounce. So now I’m just gonna mix the three main ingredients for the hand scrub and I’m gonna put in my essential oils. And so the essential oils
are lavender and lemon. And the lavender is gonna
add this incredible, skin-healing nourishment to this blend. And really soothing,
if in fact you have any kind of cuts or little abrasive areas. So that was 25 drops of lavender. And then, yes, 15 drops of lemon. And the lemon is gonna
be very antimicrobial. It’ll clean your hands, and, also if there are any cuts, it’ll disinfect them. Plus it’ll add this really refreshing aroma to the blend. 15 drops. There we go. All right, so simple. And then we’re gonna mix it up again. And it should be pretty oily, that’s the idea is that you’ll scoop up a little bit of the salt, and then the oil, the coconut oil and the Jojoba will be what moisturizes your hands. So we’re gonna go ahead and scoop this into a jar, this is a Pet plastic jar. And we’ll just put it in there and you only need a four ounce jar, but this is a little bit bigger, this
is an eight ounce jar. Mostly because I’m gonna make more later. Okay. And there you go, you have your scrub. You can just mix it right like that. And then when you’re ready to use it, you just dip in your hands and scrub, and then rinse off with hot water. And you can even wash it off with soap and it will have really
cleaned your hands. And so there are lots of other great recipes on the AromaHead app, and you can purchase it for $2.99 at the App Store. And there’s six categories–pain relief, cold and flu, healthy
travel, rest and relax, and then emotional support. So I hope you enjoy the scrub, and I hope you enjoy the app.

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