Making Aromatherapy Products : Health Benefits of Aromatherapy

What kinds of health issues could you treat
with aromatherapies? There are a ton of things you can treat with aromatherapies, everything
from simple stress to pregnancy issues, backache. Peppermint is very good if you have stress.
It’s also good for certain kinds of inflammation. So for example, with a refresher like this,
this refresher is basically peppermint essential oil and water, and if I’m feeling tired, peppermint
will perk me up without having to take caffeine. So I just spray it on myself, I spray it on
my environment, or it could make some kind of mystery that is, you know, has lavender
and some kind of blend in and that’s good for stress and if somebody comes around me
and they really bother me, I could spray the air around me so that I could kind of word
off whatever stress that person brought in to my area. So that’s a really good thing
for work place too. This essential oil blend is basically a massage, a blend massage oil
and it has some essential oils in it. It’s a mixture of lavender and ginger and peppermint
and is very good for nausea, and you can take this and rub it on the belly, if somebody’s
nauseous and it will make their nausea go away. It’s, I used this for my mom when she
had chemotherapy and she felt very nauseous and it was a very successful blend. And some
aromatherapy books will tell you how to do this blends for yourself. This particular
blend is a lotion that you can put on your hands and feet and it’s basically made with
peppermint and a little bit of other essential oils and it’s really great if your hands and
feet are sore or swollen or tired because it just calms that feeling of inflammation
down and kind of cools it down. Peppermint is very cooling. Mints in general are very
cooling. This is a rosemary essential oil. It’s wonderful for all kinds of things but
it’s especially good for colds and flus. You can put a little bit into a diffuser like
this and like go into the air. You could put it into your bath water. And it’s also good
for sore muscles, sore, tired, bruised muscles. You can put rosemary into your bath water
and it will really help your body to feel really relax and kind of feel that you got
a massage. I like to blend this with other kinds of essential oils that are harmonious
smelling and also add more therapeutic effect when I’m making my sore muscle formula. And
then grief is another thing that you can treat with aromatherapies. This is a lemon grass
essential oil and if somebody is dying or if somebody is grieving, you can put just
a couple of drops into a diffuser and light a candle under that and that scent will go
into the air and it really helps with that grieving process. Pregnancy, sometimes women
has post-partum depression, and lavender can be very good for that. PMS symptoms, lavender
and geranium, is another essential oil that’s really good for PMS symptoms. Headaches can
be treated with essential oils. You know, if you’re feeling very exhausted, there are
certain essential oils that you could use to perk you up, for example, peppermint is
a good one to perk you up. So you can use essential oils for a lot of different things,
even shingles, I made a blend for someone who had shingles and I put it into a vase
of aloe vera as a carrier and their shingles started to go away and that was a beautiful
thing. You can use essential oils to treat quite a lot of ailments and concerns and if
nothing else, they make you feel uplifted if you use something that is agreeable to
you. But one very important thing to remember is that, they’re not necessarily a primary
form of treatment, so, you can get profound, wonderful effects from essential oils but
you really want to make sure that you seek medical attention when you need it and do
that first and use the essential oils as an adjunct.

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