Making Aromatherapy Products : Using Essential Oil in Aromatherapy

So how much essential oil should you use of
your base note, your middle note, and your top note? How many drops do you use? It depends
what you are making. For a bath if you are going to make, say you are going to make bath
salts, and you are just going to pour them into your bath, you don’t want more than 18
to 20 drops altogether of all of the oils combined or if you just use one oil you don’t
want more than 18 to 20 drops total in your whole bath so I have a 16 ounce container
of salts. This is a blend of Epsom Salts and Sea Salts and you can get about 2 to 4 baths
out of this amount of salts and you only really want to add one to two drops of a base note
because even if you have one to two drops in there if you have 20 drops of something
else or even 40 drops of something else you will still smell the base note. It is very
strong and lasting so I’m going to add one to two drops of geranium and then I’m going
to add 12 drops of lavender. Lavender is a middle note but it is a strong middle note
and it has got kind of lasting scent and then I’m going to add four drops of my lemon grass
and the reason I’m adding only four drops of lemon grass even though it is a top note
and it kind of dissipates quickly, lemon grass is a very sweet, sweet smelling type of essential
oil so I am just going to use a little bit less with your top note. When you are pouring
drops from a dropper what you want to do is you want to count and you want to stop at
the drop before you want to stop so if I am pouring two drops I want to measure one drop
and then stop because I will probably get two if I try to pour one. Now another way
that you can blend the top, middle, and base note is you can take the usual one to two
drops of your base note and I’m going to do a slightly different blend. This is actually
going to be kind of an anti-stress blend so I am going to take one to two drops of geranium,
I’m going to take ten drops of lavender and I’m going to take six drops of peppermint
and I’m going to blend them the same way I demonstrated before and you can kind of play
around with how much you use of the middle note and the top note. It really depends on
what the qualities of that essential oil is. Is it very sweet smelling? Does it smell kind
of citrusy and clean, does it disappear, does the scent disappear really quickly and you
have to think about that when you are blending your aromatherapies and you have to kind of
experiment and see what you think. Some of the blends will be delicious and some will
be really bad and sometimes you just don’t know until you try.

11 thoughts on “Making Aromatherapy Products : Using Essential Oil in Aromatherapy

  • Oh my gosh, I recognize those brands of essential oils! I have the Jasmine and the Lime that look like the Lavender Oil bottle and I used to have Cassia that look like the Eucalyptus Oil bottle you have. That Jasmine is going a long way too!

  • For a hot bath, epsom salt and Lavender is very relaxing. Theives essential oil has also very attractive scent. Peppermint is good for study room.
    Thank you for a nice video.

  • As you said "you dont want 18 to 20 drops ,tell the world great your learning ,when you listen to your guide you can have as much as they inform you of, if you you have proven to trust who your listening to .The absortion rate on people is different and depends on where you put it on the body ,some areas are more sensitive to others and its dependent upon the oils concerntration

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  • My sister ordered me about 6 essential oils on ebay from India! I'm so excited i love cedarwood! Excited to try the rest! I have Lavendar, Rosemery, Rose Absolute Tea Tree (this one is not essential oil its just the oil) but thats all i got for now.

  • I want to share to you this Aromatherapy Therapy Massage Oil! This is very powerful!

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