Massage Therapy Tips : Buying a Massage Table

Are you a massage therapist and you are curious
about how you are going to choose your massage table. What are all the things that you think
about. Well I’m going to give you three good tips today. I’m Sundae with Natural Sundae.
Now like I just said there are so many choices and so many options these days for buying
your massage table but the three most important ones are, you want to make sure that your
table is the right size and twenty eight inches in width to thirty two inches are the recommended
width for a massage table. If it’s too narrow your client is going to fall off and that’s
not good. And if it’s too wide, your therapist is going to have a hard time working around
it and end up probably injuring her back so twenty eight to thirty two inches is usually
the recommended width for a massage table. You also want to make sure you have the right
bolster which is the piece of equipment that supports your lower back. Now bolsters come
in many shapes and many sizes and many kinds of padding. You want to really test your bolster
out, make sure it doesn’t just come with the a little, bolster that is just free with the
table. You want to make sure it’s a quality bolster and not just something that the manufacturer
are just throwing in with your table. Make sure it’s nice, make sure you like your bolster
because you are going to get a lot of use out of it, and it’s important. And the third
piece of equipment to remember on your table is your locking mechanism on your face cradle.
First thing you want to make sure your cradle is going to support the weight of your head.
You want a really stable locking mechanism. You also want it to be very padded. So get
familiar with these things before you put your money on the table and buy it, cause
usually you can’t take them back. So locking mechanism very, very important. If your locking
mechanism goes out, that’s bad news. You can hurt your client’s neck and that’s never good.
Something can result from that, that you don’t even want to think about so good sturdy neck
rest. And then also it’s really important that, I didn’t even, wasn’t really aware about
until I bought my table, the owner of the shop suggested that I get a carrying case
which I never even heard of before. I didn’t even know they came with them. But a carrying
case is one of the most important tools because that case is going to keep your ability to
make a living. It’s going to increase it for you. It’s going to keep your table nice and
protected and clean. If your table is not protected and clean, nobody is going to want
to get on it and it’s going to get torn up and you are going to have to buy another one.
And they are pretty expensive so it’s a great way to keep your table protected and keep
your means of making a living protected. So those are just a few things to think about
when buying your massage table. The width is important, the bolster is very important,
the locking mechanism on your neck support is very important and you definitely need
a case. It will be so much easier to carry it around as well. So that’s what is important
to me, I hope it helped you out today. I’m Sundae with Natural Sundae.

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