Hey everyone! So as many of you know we have moved apartments and I’m really excited to share the new place with you. This apartment is just over three hundred square feet. It’s tiny. That being said even though our last place was larger, I do think we’re more comfortable here. I’m really excited to hear your thoughts. Which place did you like better, this one or the last one? Leave your comments down below. So on that note, let’s get started. From the front door we have a shoe cabinet just to the side. We still have the same home for our keys loose change and our sunglasses and wallet. We did remove a shelf in order to find a space to put our vacuum. We also use the extra space to put our clothing brushes, iron, and shoe spray. This is the washing machine. When we aren’t using it for washing, we just keep our laundry soap inside. We have a few other laundry related items we keep in this magnetic box on the side. This is the bathroom. One cool thing is this magnet which lifts out of the floor to hold the door in place. You can already see, compared to our last bathroom, we have really upgraded. From a minimalist perspective, I don’t like having these shelves around the mirror. It may seem like easy access, but I would much prefer a small cabinet behind the mirror where they didn’t have to be out on display. Underneath the sink we have hair stuff and makeup and behind that are some bins we purchased from Daiso. On the top tray are a few more items that I use once or twice a week. If you’ve never tried a shower sitting down, you don’t know what you’re missing. I know it’s an Asian thing, but the idea is to shower outside the bath to get clean and then relax inside the bathtub. Now there is one more thing really great about this room, and that is this device up here. You can use this to blow dry your clothes. You wash your clothes; you hang them on this rod. You turn on the device, and it sucks all the moisture out. Through the store you come into the main space. For the kitchen this was the area of the house where we had to make the biggest sacrifices, but after getting creative I think we are pretty comfortable with it in the end. We have our chopping board on top of the refrigerator and in order to keep this surface clear we have to keep our blender and toaster inside the cabinet. In here we also keep our glasses and dishes, as well as some potatoes and onions, and we keep our pan on the side. We created a drawer underneath to use to store some of the kitchen items that we don’t use very often. The important ones we keep in this drawer here. Down below is our water filter and some extra olive oil. As we move over here We have all the cleaning stuff on the right. Up front are the products I use to clean and behind them is pretty much all the stuff I use to make those products. The kettle usually hangs out here, but we did make a space for our pot and strainer up top. Our TV stand is new and we purchased this from IKEA for about fourteen dollars. We’re using the old one as a floor table. Floor tables are usually around 32 to 35 centimetres high, so this one still is a little tall and we plan to saw off the legs so it’s just right. Inside the footrest we had to put all of our books and papers, which does make it a little bit heavy. But it seemed like the best place to keep them. Our bedroom is a transitional space. During the day we have this rug and pillows for lounging. At night we fold the rug away and set our futons and bedding out. I’m so happy with these covers that I got from Muji. They’re really high quality, and they’re so comfy. I look forward to them every night. Tucked in the corner we have a set of drawers. On top is my essential oil diffuser. The top drawer has our medical supplies, essential oils, and stationery and office stuff. The middle drawer has most of our cords and this little organizer. In the bottom drawer we have hard drives, cameras, and memory cards. In the closet we have our two suitcases to the side. They have our carry-ons inside of them, as well as our packing cubes. The rest is pretty much the same as our last apartment. We have the capsule wardrobe here, all the lounge, and exercise gear and purses in this hanging rack. All the little bits in this yellow box up top. And the non seasonal clothing over here. I keep my backpack on the side when I’m not using it. Well, that’s it for this apartment tour. I hope I see you in the next video! Ask yourself , “How do I feel about it?” “Am I using it?” “Am I going to use it in the future?” If you’re looking to redefine your relationship with your smartphone, I would definitely give this a try.

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