MIOMAS UTERINOS remedios naturales UTERIN FIBROIDS natural remedies

dear and beloved herbonautas today we’ll talk about natural remedies for uterine fibroids it is not known exactly why it appears in women between 35 and 55 years old and why it diminish after menopause in women of high blood pressure and obesity the frecuency of fibroids is bigger but also quite important is the lifestyle by the consumption of simple carbohydrates in combination with gluten It occurs in the small intestine methanolic and ethanolic fermentation and these alcohols permeate the intestinal wall and this are spreaden in the body and become contaminate also the uterus one of the causes of uterine fibroids may be precisely this contamination with alcohols in the matrix the first rule is not to mix simple carbohydrates, means sugars directly with the gluten for example eat sweet breads or breads glazed with sugar, this can promote the growth of uterine fibroids Third rule: reduce the consumption of food from animal origin meat egg milk dairy cream cheese and all these foods that contain lots of fat of animal origin reduce or avoid the use of coffee alcohol and cigarettes ah we already knew this then why you not practice it? ah but how rich is take the cornflake with sugar and milk and coffee with a sweet bread full of sugar YUM! Fibroids are the result of pollution of the body and also because of acidifying and this is why the detoxifying plants like dandelion and milk thistle are so useful to cleanse the body and eliminate the possibility that toxins accumulate and forming as a reaction to the fibroids ginger consumption can increase blood flow to the uterus and help eliminate fibroids taking beet juice and carrot can support also but the most important plant in the fight against this disorder and we should tell the fibroid, it is not a disease but the result of what we put into our body the main herbal remedy It called Impatiens balsamina also they call balsam, belem alegria, gachupina, chachupina or Rose balsam in english a tea made of a few flowers per cup tcan be consumed at the rate of a daily cup this remedy is contraindicated in people with kidney failure with a tendency to form kidney stones with rheumatic diseases arthritis, acidity in the body and gout I also contraindicated in lactating and pregnant if you liked the video, pick on I like it, sign up for my channel If you are not yet registered and also leave comments with suggestions for topics of my next videos bye

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