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hi good morning this is Dr. Hari Lal
welcome to the second edition of nagarjuna healthy life let us discuss
about psoriasis according to the world sorry assist a consortium 125 million
pupil worldwide have psoriasis that means two percentages to three
percentage of the total population what is psoriasis what are the
treatments available now in the conventional medicine psoriasis is a non
contagious chronic skin condition that produces flakes of thickened scaly skin
the dry flakes of skin scales results from the excessively rapid proliferation
of the skin cells psoriasis is considered an incurable long-term
chronic inflammatory skin condition it has a variable cost periodically
improving and worsening many people knots a worsening of their symptoms in
the colder winter months let us check out what are the symptoms loose silvery
scales itching or burning skin raised to pus fill the skin bumps skin redness
around pustules restricted joint motion emotional distress skin pain and
inflammation skin blisters dry skin patches and bleeding skin patches these
symptoms will appear in certain part of the body or sometimes affect the whole
body including scan according to Ayurveda psoriasis appears due to
imbalance of two doshas two important functional characters of human body that
is water and kapha vada and kapha manifest in the skin and causes
accumulation of toxins these toxins accumulate and cause contamination of
deeper tissue leading to psoriasis purification of blood and tissue is the
primary aim of Ayurvedic treatment in case of psoriasis toxins are cleansed
from the body and metabolism is restored to prevent further accumulation
nourishing herbs are then administered to strengthen and tone the tissue to
promote complete healing of the skin certain procedures like chakra Dhara
that is pouring of medicated buttermilk and Sneha Panem intake of medicated ghee
are very effective in psoriasis with periodic and regular Ayurvedic treatment
psoriasis can be completely eradicated in a period of two to three years hope
you have got enough information about psoriasis stay tuned I will be back with
more inputs if you are diagnosed with psoriasis prefer our Veda for
sustainable recovery by the way do let us know your queries two [email protected] thank you

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