Natural Healing Tips : How to Make Aromatherapy Oil for a Steam Room

Did you know that aromatherapy is not just
for girls? Men can benefit from it too. Aromatherapy works by connecting your olfactory memory,
that is the memory in your sense of smell, to something that you may or may not even
know that you like. I’m going to show you how to make an aromatherapy oil to use in
a steam room. You need to be caution though because some essential oils that you might
use are not to be used by pregnant women at all. They can force labor and that would not
be good. So what you want to do is you’re in your steam room before you go, you can
take – I use carrier oils of olive oil because they have anti-inflammatory properties. And
I also use sweet almond oil which also has anti-inflammatory properties which help reduce
swelling. And you’re just going to take that and you’re going to take whatever essential
oil you want to use, most people like lavender because they understand the relaxation properties
of it. And you’re just going to take a couple of drops and you can put it in the carrier
oil. Then you can just take this and put it in the steam room with you. You don’t have
to pour it on the rocks, you don’t have to apply it to your body, you can just put it
in there because the heat of the room will help dissipate the lavender fragrance. If
you want to use other oils for different ailments, you can use a pain oil like sweet marjoram
or if you are looking to get rid of a cold you can use something like tea tree or essential
oil of orange. You can use an already prepared oil and just put a little bit in a bowl in
your sauna and enjoy the aromatherapy experience. This has been Lauren Roy of Sugar Hollow Farm
in Phillipston, Mass.

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