Natural Home Remedies – Ayurveda Treatments – Herbs: How To Reverse Premature White & Gray Hair

Hi there, Marc here from Iím going to talk about home remedies for
treating gray and white hair today, something that is occurring more often with younger
adults these days. Itís so common to see those under 35, even
those under 30, both men and women, to be having premature gray and white hair. There are a number of reasons why… One of the main reason is because your hair
stops producing melanin. Melanin is the pigment that gives your hair
its color. The pigment in your hair is actually melanin,
like the pigment in your skin. And the white hairs are simply ones that donít
have that pigment. Genetics may also play an active role in this. Because it is your genes that actually determine
when your production of melanin stops, so yeah, if anyone in your family has got premature
greying hair, chances are you might get them too. The next reason youíre growing gray hair
is because you lack Vitamin B. But if youíre sure that youíre eating a
balanced diet and don’t suffer from any form of malnutrition, then there might be a chance
that you may have pernicious anemia. This type of anemia makes your body unable
to absorb Vitamin B-12 from the bloodstream. If this is you, then Iíd strongly recommend
for you to pay your doctor a visit for a more detailed inspection. Now that being saidÖ Its also a well known fact that stress is
one of the main causes for gray hair cases these days too. In fact, researchers at the University of
Bradford in the UK have clearly demonstrated how over time, accumulated oxidative stress
leads to the overproduction of hydrogen peroxide in the hair follicles. This causes the hair to bleach itself from
the inside out. The buildup of hydrogen peroxide then begins
to block the production of melanin, the pigment that gives hair its blonde, red or brown color. Now as BIG BELIEVERS in the powers of natural
home remedies, the following are the various ways in which you can turn your hair back
to itís original color again. And they are: No. 1 ñ Above anything else, you need to
get your foundations right, which is to maintain a consistent, balanced diet that includes
lots of foods rich in iron, minerals, vitamin A and B. Green vegetables, yellow fruits, tomatoes,
cereals, cauliflower, yogurt are rich sources of these nutrients. Drink plenty of water each day, at least 7
full glasses. Try to take iodine rich foods like banana,
carrots, fish, etc everyday. Take foods rich in anti-oxidants for destroying
the free radicals which damage hair cells. Avoid oily ,fried , fatty , and spicy foods
. No.2 ñ Using Onion Juice – Onion juice has
been used for centuries as a topical treatment for grey hair. Catalase enzyme neutralizes hydrogen peroxide
and reverses grey hair. So rubbing onions and onion juice on your
scalp everyday is a potent grey hair natural remedy. No.3 ñ This one has been proven to be very
effective. And the ìmagic potionî Iím referring to
here is called ìAmlaî (or as most people call Indian gooseberry). Amla has been well known over time as a valuable
hair tonic for enriching hair growth & hair pigmentation. What you do is this. Take a teaspoon of amla juice, mix it with
almond oil and apply it on your scalp. The other method for amla use is this: Boil
dried Amla in coconut oil until it turns black. Wait for it to cool off and then take that
paste and apply it on your scalp. No.4 ñ Using Amla and a henna pack ñ This
oneís also a very popular one. And this is what you do ñ first, make a hair
pack with fresh paste of henna and add 3 teaspoons full of amla powder into it. You can also add 1 teaspoon of coffee powder
into the hair pack. Mix all of them with a little amount of water
to get a paste consistency. When itís done, apply it on your hair and
wait until it dries. Then wash it off with a normal shampoo. No.5 ñ You can also use curry leaves and
coconut oil. Curry leaves contain a natural pigment to
retain the natural color of your hair. They are useful as a hair tonic for hair loss
and bringing back the hair pigmentation. This is what you do: Take 8-10 crushed curry
leaves. Add 3 table spoon fulls of coconut oil. Heat this mixture for between 5-7 min. Mix is nicely and well. When that is done,
take that paste and massage it on your scalp when itís cooled off. No.6 ñ You can use both lemon juice and almond
oil. What you do here is you take 1 teaspoon of
lemon juice. Add 2 teaspoons of almond oil. Mix them well and when they are mixed nicely,
use that to massage your scalp. No. 7 ñ Using sage water treatment. Sage leaves (salvis or sefakuss in Hindi),
is a popular ayurvedic remedy for greying hair. What you do is this: Take a small bunch of
sage leaves and boil it in water for about 4-5 mins. When youíre done, wait for it to cool down,
and then apply it on your scalp and hair roots. Then shampoo your hair after 2 hours. Any one of these remedies will do the job
ñ what you have to make sure is to be CONSISTENT in applying them everyday. Do it until you start seeing noticeable results
in your hair. Now if you find this to be a little inconvenient,
troublesome, or if youíre just not able to find the time to prepare these home remedies,
then the easier option will be for you to head on over to: And use our serums there and youíre done.
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