Natural Remedies For Children’s Chickenpox (WITH ONLY ONE SUNNAH INGREDIENT!))

Should I get them vaccinated? Should I
go to the GP or should I go to the pharmacy? I get it. But don’t worry
because today I’m going to talk you through how you can use natural remedies
and perhaps even a little bit of sawab and shaallah. HI. I’m Erin, the founder of Salsii –
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sit comfortably because I have brought this video forward because recently my
little boy, a toddler has had chickenpox and he’s my first so it’s the first time
I’ve encountered chickenpox and how to manage that. So what I wanted to share
with you today is how through prophetic medicine and one ingredient in
particular I was able to support his recovery really quickly and through
natural mean. Okay, so the Hadith talks about the prophets (Sws) would never have a cut or a thorn in his skin where he wouldn’t
apply henna to it. So today, I’m referring to henna and
having studied a little bit around prophetic medicine really early days but
I’m learning the importance of henna and how it was applied to any skin condition.
But what I’m gonna do is kind of just give you a really quick summary because
obviously we’re talking about chickenpox here and how they’ve really helped my
son and then inshallah your child overcome
chickenpox really quickly. So firstly it’s anti inflammatory, so obviously when
they’ve got chickenpox, they’ve got really sensitive, red, itchy skin and they
pick at those spots and obviously it’s really really sore for them then
there’s the antiviral properties. Now this is where henna will come into its
own when you’ve got a skin viral infection. So for chickenpox and measles
or herpes, its antiviral properties will support
the recovery really quickly and effectively. And then it’s an astringent
so what that means is it would actually penetrate to the cells and repair that
tissue. So when they get to the stage of the… when it’s starting to scab over
which is obviously the preferred stage less itchy, they’re starting to recover
insha’Allah and they’re starting to pick at it and obviously you don’t want them
picking it off and you know they can actually be quite open to scarring so
the astringent properties within henna are excellent because it will actually
support the recovery and healing of the tissue. Okay,
so comment sooner below if you’re aware of the amazing properties that henna
brings. Okay. So there’s two methods in which you can
make your own DIY hemp oil. If you’re looking at making this as a preventative
so that you’ve got some on hand as and when, then
great, if you’re watching this because your little one has chickenpox or
measles or a skin infection of some sort, then of course you’re not gonna have
time to wait and to make your own, so I would absolutely recommend you go out go
to an online store and buy a henna oil. The wrong way in which you can make the
henna oil if you’ve got time on your side is fill up the jar so I’d say one
part henna, two parts oil and the oil I would suggest you use is a heat
resistant. So it’s not gonna be sensitive to heat. So olive oil is one of those and
you can have a look online others that are not heat sensitive. So generally
they’ll be full of antioxidants so they can actually and be heat
resistant to some degree and they retain that integrity of the oil. So olive oil
for obvious reasons is one that I would suggest. So what you do is one
part henna, two parts oil lid on top and then leave it in a cool, dry place for
one to two months, strain and then what you’ve got left is a gorgeous oil that’s
been extracted all of the medicinal properties from henna which is
amazing, so that’s number one if you’ve got time on your side. Number two is
another DIY option, however, you can actually make this if you’re willing to
wait 24 hours, 48 hours. Okay, so exactly the same as what you did
before you are absolutely gonna need a heat-resistant glass jar okay, so put the
same ratios into one part henna leaves and stems and two parts
heat-stable oil, per say you can actually just use a pan of boiling water and then
you can place the glass jar in there and then leave it on a really low heat for
two to three hours and then take it off the heat for an hour. You’re going to
repeat that for 24 hours. Okay, so there’s a couple of different options that I
really want to talk to you about. So you’ve got your oil whether you’ve
bought it from the store or you’ve made your own masha’Allah if you made your
own, I actually had some on hand because we made them originally for Salsii
because our first product was actually going to be a henna balm and I really
want to share it with you. So we had the henna oil that I just told you how to
make and then we added a wax, so it was more of a balm consistency and much
easier to apply so you can use a rice bran wax or you can use a beeswax,
there’s so many different options out there
so you could always mix it with a small amount of wax to get that kind of bomb
consistency and as I say it’s much easier to apply. Now you’ve got your bomb
or your oil whichever your preference is so what we did is we applied it twice a
day, so in the morning I will get some of the balm and just put it all over his
spots including his scalp because that’s really really tender place and always
scratching their head. So I would apply it all over where he was itching and
when there was redness inflammation and obviously the spots and then I would do
it in the evening. So I also gave him a bath and I wanted to talk to you about
what that bath included because I felt like that
really helped him for his bath. I would actually make a henna tea. So I’d make it
in the evening and this is as per the the prophetic medicine, so I would make
the henna tea and let that brew overnight and next day I would use that henna tea
and put it in his bath. Hi guys, so I just want to show you the henna tea that I
refer to. So obviously deep box and you can see the henna leaves. I think that’s
a couple of black seeds thrown in there as much actually. So there’s quite a
lot I don’t know if it actually expands. There’s gonna be three really good
tablespoons in there and this is probably a liter so I’d actually put the
whole liter of henna in the bath which really helped my son with chickenpox. You
can also as I say of the chamomile leaves in there or echinacea, anything
that has obviously the soothing benefits and antiviral as well and I would also
add two other things: bicarb is a baking soda not baking
powder, baking soda and because that also helps balance the pH on the skin is an
excellent anti inflammatory and then I also added some Himalayan salts, so
probably just half a cup of Himalayan salts because it’s full of minerals and
it actually helps your body cleanse so it will get rid of all of the nasties
and the build-up that you just don’t need when you’ve got delicate, exposed
skin. And then I’d add some olive oil of course because olive oil if you
haven’t seen my video, I’m going to add it above because you need to.
I took about all the benefits of olive oil and Suparna law it blew me away.
So of course I added some olive oil to his bath as well. Okay, so with the henna
tea that you’ve made that you’re going to obviously put in the bath, I
incorporated that into his food, so I would actually add so rather than say a
stock or water or milk or whatever the recipe called for, I add the henna tea
and yet it handle, so I would always recommend if you’ve got a poorly baby
that’s suffering from a skin infection, address it internally as well and the
henna inside actually supports that recovery and that’s proven by prophetic
medicine so give that a go. There’s three other
points that I really wanted to mention because I feel like there’s definitely
an opportunity to help inside out as I say and for me I kind of went all out
trying to help him recover really quickly from chickenpox and I really
want to share those three things with you. So number one, I actually gave my
son kefir. Now he has this everyday anyway I make raw milk kefir which is
full full of nutrients and is packed full of a lot of the nutrients that we
don’t get elsewhere, look into it you’ll be amazed it has to be the raw milk
kefir that really brings those additional benefits. Number two, is
actually the trusted black seed. Every night his dad would apply black seed and
of course diluted in a little bit of olive oil
onto his scalp and his face where he was really itchy, and also the final point
was honey, so obviously the raw honey and if you
are using stuff off the shelves isn’t raw, please I beg you, please invest in
raw honey because raw honey has all of those beneficial properties intact
all of the nutrients, all of the live enzymes that our body needs. Okay, so now
you know the Hadith and how it’s supported by prophetic medicine, henna as
an ingredient and those wonderful medicinal properties, how to make your
own balm or oil, how to use it and apply it and different ways in which you can
also support inside out. And if you like this video, give it the thumbs up, please
share the link, share the love and also if you would like to know anything in
particular from us on any subject on a particular ingredient, or if there’s any
skin problems that you’re experiencing, then comment below and we will do our
utmost to either come back to you with an answer directly or we will look to do
a video to discuss that in more detail. So thank you so much for watching today
and I hope it was helpful and I look forward to speaking to you next week and
sha Allah. Do you want genuine results with knit,
too bad the three additional additives, no additives, so they’re the
three additional practices that I included in with the external application.

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