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Hemorrhoids are swelled anal varicose veins. These veins can become so stretched that push
them with great force, break and bleed. Hemorrhoids cause rectal bleeding, pain, burning,
swelling, irritation and itching, since swollen tissues are difficult to keep clean. Hemorrhoids can be external or internal. External hemorrhoids can be seen and felt
like a soft bluish purplish lump. Internal hemorrhoids probably will not notice
them, because they are usually painless. There is another type called prolapsed hemorrhoids,
and it is an internal Hemorrhoid that collapses and protrudes out of the anus, accompanied
by mucous secretion and heavy bleeding. Varicose veins are terribly painful. The basic cause of hemorrhoids is chronic
congested liver or constipation. Other factors that can cause or contribute
to hemorrhoids include obesity, poor exercise, food allergies, lifting of heavy objects and
insufficient consumption of dietary fiber. In pregnancy, women can develop hemorrhoids
due to growing uterus pressure in the Veins. Constipation during pregnancy can make hemorrhoids
more painful, during bowel movement; Because of this, puts a lot of weight on the
veins around the area of the anus. It is also common after delivery. Causes of Hemorrhoids • Common causes of hemorrhoids include constipation,
pressure during bowel movements and the pregnancy. • Other causes of hemorrhoids include:
• Genetic predisposition • Constipation and pressure during bowel
movements • long sitting
• Diarrhea • Pressure and strain due to long periods
standing • Lifting too heavy weight
Vomiting • The pregnancy
• Cough • Sneezing Symptoms of hemorrhoids • Symptoms and signs of hemorrhoids include:
• Blood that covers stool or toilet paper after cleaning. • Incomplete bowel movements. • Extreme straining or constipation. • Painful swelling or hard lumps around
the anus Rectal itching Tips for Managing Hemorrhoids Naturally • Drink plenty of water
• Take fiber supplements • Do exercise regularly
• Have a bowel movement as soon as convenient when you feel the urge. • Eat dietary fiber. Natural remedies for hemorrhoids
1. The useful natural remedy for hemorrhoids
or piles is to boil 20 g of sesame seeds in 500 ml of water and drink. 2. It is beneficial to take the doses of 60-90
ml of white radish juice with a pinch of salt. 3. The very simple and efficient natural remedy
for hemorrhoids is to make a well-grounded radish paste with milk and apply on inflamed
piles for pain relief and swelling. 4. A cup of boiled milk with mashed banana and
taken three times a day is also beneficial for Hemorrhoids. 5. Make a paste of cumin seed powder with water
and apply to affected areas decrease pain naturally. This is one of the effective and useful natural
treatments for hemorrhoids. 6. The cold compress applied to the rectal area
for about one hour before going to sleep at night is also beneficial for hemorrhoids to
calm down naturally. 7. A cup of boiled milk with mashed banana and
taken three times a day. 8. Eat 3 to 4 azadirachta indica leaves with
water to get relief from Piles. Apply Aloe Vera gel directly In the anus,
it relieves pain and calms the burning sensation. 9. Use Bayberry, Myrrh, Goldenseal root, and
white oak in the form of balm to relieve pain in the hemorrhoids. 10. Brew a strong and hot tea with Lady’s Mantle
(yarrow), and apply to hemorrhoids With a cotton ball, several times a day or as needed. 11. Apply Witch Hazel with a cotton pad, 3 times
a day to reduce swollen veins. 12. Take the buckthorn bark, Collinsonia root,
parsley, red grape vine leaves or stone root In capsules or tea form. They are also suitable for the treatment of
hemorrhoids. 13. To keep bowels clean use Cayenne (capsicum)
or garlic enemas.

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