Natural Remedy for Hemorrhoids – home remedies for piles ( hemorrhoids)- natural treatment

This natural herbal remedy to treat hemorrhoids
is very simple to do, and its effectiveness is guaranteed. Many people have hemorrhoids problems, and
they do not want to go to the doctor because they are ashamed. Therefore, we bring this natural remedy, which
will certainly help you deal with this unpleasant problem. Here’s what you’ll need:
300 g Succulent plants, 1 lemon,
1 tablespoon baking soda, 750 g of pure honey,
Add the baking soda in a cup of water and Place the lemon in it. Let stand it for 1 hour. After that wash the lemon well and chop it
in circles. Wash the leaves of succulent plants well and
put it in a blender along with the lemon, mix until obtaining a smooth mixture. Strain and add to the honey mixture well. Pour the mixture into glass jars or glass
bottles. Keep in the refrigerator. Consume a tablespoon of this mixture on an
empty stomach every morning. Use a plastic or wooden spoon. Use this mixture every day until you eat completely,
without interruption. Problems with hemorrhoids will disappear.

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