Oriental Aromatherapy by Chi Yu Wellness Centre

Hello, I’m Mami Tsang, I’m the owner of
chi yu wellness centre and complementary therapy practitioner. In this video, I’m going to
introduce Oriental aromatherapy. Oriental Aromatherapy is an therapeutic integration of the use of aromatic essential oils and the wisdom of traditional oriental medicine. The essential oils are extracted from different part of plants, flowers and trees. The natural fragrance of the essential oils have therapeutic benefits to our vital energy called Qi, which influence our physical and emotional wellbeing. Before your first session, you will have a
consultation with your therapist to discuss your main health concerns as well as your
general wellbeing and lifestyle. So, your therapist will be able to treat you holistically. According to the energetic quality of natural fragrance based on traditional oriental principal, your therapist will select specific essential oils to create a unique massage oil to suit
your needs All essential oils used in our treatment are high quality and certified organic. The essential oils are diluted with base oil, such as sweet almond and apricot kernel oil. Customised oils are applied to your skin through the massage, which allows the oil molecules to be absorbed into bloodstream to influence the body function and the state of mind. Acupressure and meridian massage will be incorporated to the treatment to restore the flow of Qi and bring the harmony to the body and mind. After the treatment, you may be given self care advice and recommendation to use certain essential oils at home so you can continuously benefit from the effect of the treatment.

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