Osteopathic Physician is now on our AMAZING TEAM!!

I’m Dr. Becky Coats with TMJ plus Wellness Center for many of you that are searching for TMJ type of relief or you don’t know if you have it yet some of the symptoms that you might be experience would be Jaw popping or clicking or you might be always wanting to massage your cheek right here, maybe down in through here headaches never feels like it goes away and maybe some other things that you haven’t really put your finger on the inner connections such as ringing of the ears or just general tightness neck pain and So the ways that I can help you is basically a couple of different ways either a type of orthotic something that can long-term transition you out of an orthotic such as TMJ orthodontics or The third version is basically working with this is Dr. Matt Parker to help with Alignment, so I’ll let him explain that So I’m an Osteopathic Physician and I have to kind of specialties that I’ve been trained in what is family medicine and the second is osteopathic manipulative medicine So I’m trained to use my hands to diagnose and treat a number of different problems and I treat things from head to toe in patients of all ages from newborns to you know, elderly patients and TMJ and other dental related disorders are some common things that I treat in my practice and I am trained in treating the cranial bones And so I do techniques both inside and outside of the mouth to help patients with TMJ So this is really important with what Dr Coats does because she’s fitting the patient with a splint or an orthotic to try to correct, the bite and to balance the the muscles and the ligaments and Often in TMJ patient’s these muscles and ligaments are just on fire. They’re flared up. They’re in spasm And so what I do is with my hands go in and calm those muscles down helped to realign those ligaments and really allow the orthotic or the splint to do what it’s intended to do. So a visit that you might be thinking is how would you have two professionals work with you, in one space or appointment would be something that we can talk to you together as a Patient to figure out exactly what needs you have and the best way to coordinate your care I’m all about collaborating. And so I’m so glad that Dr Coats has invited me into her practice to come on a regular basis I have my own practice here in Southlake close by but you can’t get the same collaboration if you’re not in the same space at the same time, and so it’s a very unique Patient-centered Operation here that we’re able to do with us working in the same space And I think that’s what ultimately patients are looking for is something different that you have an experience yet Which is the whole point of the Wellness Center? We look forward to meeting you soon For your consultation with myself, and Dr Barker and you can also find picture videos that we can explain to you more on our YouTube channel. Thanks for watching

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