hello and welcome to my channel Spiceler.
This is Gauss Bazaz and today I’m in Paharganj and Paharganj is basically
known as the backpackers heaven when the tourists are traveling across Delhi this
is the place where they prefer to stay and this is the reason you have a lot of
great amazing food options in Paharganj. Since it is morning and we wanted to
have our breakfast, So we’ll be heading to this
really amazing and a really popular place that is Sitaram diwan chand chola bhatura. so I’ve reached the metro station and I
will be meeting a friend let’s going we’ll be taking the rickshaw
up till Holland and we could have walked it’s close by but it has been raining in
Delhi for quite some time we’ll be taking direction we are at see Bella Devon and apparently
the rules are to be believed this is one of the moves
in Delhi a large number of customers with it especially to try the delivery
for breakfast and we have just this one time for breakfast will be starting at a
premier how will this shop and you are the progeny
your grandfather I’ve heard a lot of memories about your place and now
apparently amazing what is it yes and this is my first time to be trying here
as far as I can get the wipes the wipes are really really amazing and cents for
whole range is also a backpack it’s paradise and I hope a lot of warrant
and how do they respond to each other but over here despite in my
management management there are two counters one for the chole and one for
taper to it so you’re not clear about this is
basically a Stan and each restaurant and you’ve gotten a plate of this thing
halfway over to us you can see this is the bhatoora and this is the
Sholay that in the chickpea sliced this is holy serve along with some chutney on
it and this is the Indian boxwood pickle here which I showed you earlier as they
along with some onions and some green chilies wrong with it I’m just playing bite of the green
Chili’s spicy I thought right up in my little
black but the green trees are spiky spiky spiky the texture of the Barbuda
was slightly crispy on the outside and soft inside I could see some coriander
in there some cottage cheese I could also see low amount of oil in there so
it is dry since they’ve posted on that and after they have been fried so what I
could taste in the coal is a dry coriander dry mango powder I guess and
chilies and they were a whole lot of the dried spices involved in that so late so
they have their own recipe and they have their own style of Aduriz if the Indian
food I was talking about I’ve never tasted it but I’m gonna give you
it’s Indian Hawk was duct taped a little bit like
the mango that like the go mango they have a generous serving of these chilies
and onions and the pickle you can take multiple servings of those that are
unlimited one that bottle and it is a thumb drive from Seth well this one is absolutely amazing and use
the personality so after we have habitually betray we
are heading off to this next place that is quite popular as well in Balkans you
will be trying the two to none apparently last two to nine is quite
popular it has also started to drizzle at the
same time it has been raining since yesterday since last night
and I was a bit hesitant to try and cover this place so we’ll we’ll take her
we’ll close the old shelter and when travelling in Delhi you have to be very
cautious about the traffic and you have to even many of walking traffic see them on the trafficker I did a small
hole in the wall respond or a shop that is on main door of the paharganj this
gentleman here is 66 years old and he has been handling this shop where this
father named multi-label on – to none at first we’ll go and see how
to do non is prepared so what they do is they take the dough
some boiled potatoes along with the spices and some onions to make that
formulation of onion and potatoes be carefully this is the inside this under
and since it’s really hot it is burning hot you have to be really careful I
don’t know how he does it but then naan is done it is brought to the second
station where they apply a lot of butter and you can hear that swine crunch sound
after requesting on a plate is ready and we’ll be going ahead and trying the
onion and potato children on I’m gonna paid up to
sort of funny really what if she’s very weak
along with vengeance I guess and this is the dal makhni and along with some onion
along with some chutney to complete with engine-driver the parrot on art absolutely saturated
with water so I’ll destroy head to to me I explained of my first bite and this birthright would be funny an incomplete a woman who digger for this by
and of that photo that is the old insiders
non I must say this is absolutely absolutely
am wearing it’s so flavorful so fragrant the two to not-so-subtle it
with butter and the portal is pointing to me to switch it off alone is to the
huge task so I have a complete a friend along with me so he’s going to help me
eat in all those places that I wanted to try that is really really saturated butter
loaded with some onions here by the Petrelli
I’m gonna we’re gonna cheer them down the dead
right now so we have got a bit exhausted from all
the reading so we are heading back to this rooftop cafe if you’re planning to
budget Delhi suddenly do try and come and stay here
there are a lot of culture there are a lot of cheap accommodations as well
north eating options here these are the Indian make this trip to sit event on
the go they would be whole kissing gay things of the space inside the oven and
then the baked so they were persecuted in daycare this is semolina flour and some gram
flour and sugar that’s it justified on the outside really really nice and we’ll
be going in and sitting at this amazing rooftop join let’s join we couldn’t get
the sleep on the balcony senators pretty occupier and people said for now
we have all of the potato shipping almost to you know just get a feel of
public places we’re really tired she’s got a fat is
you have any store in your neighborhoods quite some time and I think this place
requires another day to fully cover the page we have you know covered up a bit
and to get a hold of other places we will be trying just the steam checking
normal stuff set so along with them almost they have
ordered some lemon mint green tea they took a few this of men added it and then
to finish it off she added a bit of honey and that’s given us this tea bag if the chief favor this is this has been
mint lemon any tea I think this should be a good combination they’ve gone that flavor into it and the
chicken and everything looks fresh but I feel the cost that give they’ve given us
to our company with the most is spicy mild which should have been very spicy
it shares it down with this lemon minty this is really refreshing to cool down
that all that food or that oil would be bad
throughout the day enjoying my cup of tea we just did it
from exotic rooftop cafe and I fill the places recommend only if you planning to
you know sit and relax nothing much we just had a little time to relax and
digest all the food we’ve had throughout the day but for me it is just okay and
the food was average it has been quite a bit and
we’re waiting for a Tanaka momentum over that finished for fresh batch of samosas
are being made here and we have been watching how the process goes on and so
far freshly served along with each order and
the chutney and look at the huge raging liner will be ready for a turnip
sandwiches as for the crowd I could make out patient really really
popular I saw somewhere there’s a port that says approximately 60 year-old
solve the fish so I’m keeping my fingers crossed
oh this would be an amazing experience sure he keeps on giving ish this is its
mother a canonical momentum so Moses crashing huh and gonna take my
first bite he which is my first time frança samosa and
this is absolutely an amazing what was English Navajo name for this
matchup we have to cut this journey short
because of the heavy rainfall we wanted to continue over three more places we
would be ending this fall and series for now and we can do it you mean
don’t forget to bike driving see you in the next box bye-bye


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