PAHELI IN HINDI || RIDDLES #Bloopers || Aayu and Pihu Show

We are back with a new video Do you like to solve riddles I enjoy to solve riddles I ask riddles with all my friends Even I ask riddles to my parents also I also enjoy asking new questions and answers Today we will ask 5 paheliyan – riddles You will get 10 seconds for each paheli Out of those 5 riddles, how many you solved… you have to write in comment Hope you understood Lest START WELCOME TO AAYU AND PIHU SHOW RIDDLE NO 1 NAME A TABLE WITHOUT LEGS? Table without legs ??? Solve it countdown begens 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 please count a bit slowly 9 Now tell me answer of this riddle TIME TABLE Pihu is a looser Aayu is a winner and pihu didi is a looser Paheli No. 2 You ask this riddle Who is your favorite cricketer? My favorite is MAHENDRA SINGH DHONI DHONI DHONI Now tell….. WHY M.S. DHONI DOES NOT SWEAT ?? What everybody in this world sweat… But he does not sweat… Solve it now…. Do you know the answer Please somebody help me in solving this riddle Please call Dhoni Uncle and ask him Countdown begins – 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 OK Pihu Didi… tell me the answer Tell me the name of powder / talc he use Because he has so many “FANS” GIGGLES Even I am having a fan I have only 2 fans Now solve this paheli What loses its head in the morning and gets it back in night ??? What is that ??? Solve it TIC TIC – 1 TIC TIC – 2 TIC TIC – 3 Slowly TIC TIC – 5 – 6 TIC TIC – 8 9 10 What is that thing ??? PILLOW When we sleep pillow gets a head and morning head is gone… PILLOW – IS THE ANSWER AAYU IS DANCING !!! RIDDLE NO 4 What has to be broken before you can use it ??? Chocolate Break it and eat it 1 — CHOCOLATE 2 — CHOCOLATE 3 — CHOCOLATE 4 — CHOCOLATE 5 — CHOCOLATE 6 — CHOCOLATE 7 — CHOCOLATE 8 — CHOCOLATE 9 — CHOCOLATE ANSWER IS CHOCOLATE EGG – is the answer EGG – You have to break the egg and only you can use it. Same with chocolate also…. Break like this and eat You can also have it Now this is the last riddle… give correct answer Yes ask Do you know ABCD WHICH LETTER FEELS COLD EVERY TIME ??? EVEN IN SUMMERS how can some body feel cold in summers That is the question… give the answer Count down begins ….. Slowly answer is letter ” B ” Why B Because it lives closest to A C If someone lives with AC always… he will feel cold How many puzzles did you solved… I was not able to answer any one Be Honest… Write how many you solved in comments Next week we will come again on Thursday Come we will watch – BLOOPERS You have to answer that paheli / riddle no answer aayu please start aayu we will play later… can we shoot now I am the winner COME WATCH – BLOOPERS NOW WE HAVE TO SHOOT ANOTHER VIDEO… LETS GO

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